Moving day

As Mike sat, watching the de-construction of the POS he reflected on things he had learned in the ‘hole’.  His scanning was quicker and more efficient.  5 probes in a clover pattern (plus center) worked well for him though he knew others had other methods and better results.

Time . . . that was the killer and the cause.  He just did not seem to be where the action was when the action was.  As he woke others were going to sleep.  Fleets actions always happened other-when, other-where.  He followed comms and kept in touch but never seemed able to make things work.

He looked about and idly tapped the directional scan, almost reflex, now.  C5’s were not places to fly solo.  The ironic thing was his exit was to lowsec and that held few worries as the Iteron shuttles back and forth.  Local, pirates you could see coming.  Space that acted the way space should and didn’t twist the rules for its own amusement.

She was back, another reason to return to known space.  They had lost track of each other over the past year then out of the blue the stars once again aligned in his favor.  And Free had called, as well.  Odd thing was she was looking for a book, of all things.  He had offered her a copy and explained how he had had a batch of replicas made a while back, for friends and such.  She asked that he send her a copy and he would do that as soon as he was back in a station.

But now what?

Back to incursions?  Maybe represent Gallente in the ongoing Faction Warfare?  Apply to Noir academy or some other organization?  He was at loose ends and did not like the quiet.  He needed something going on and he needed to feel that he was making a difference.  Calling up a graphic he sighed and ran a finger across the options almost absently.  “It not be there is nuttin ta do . . . no way no how.”

A simple chime woke him from his reverie and he scooped the tower into his hold and turned for the exit he had already mapped.  Space was big but he would find something . . . of that he was sure.



Time synch is tough and there ARE some aspects of Eve that demand that you are on when the rest of the team is on.  Nothing but compliments for the folks I flew with in the c5  Riyu and company always made me feel welcome.  The incompatibility was all on my end.

Whatever happens next is up to what I can find to do.

If you or your group have need of a pilot with a few skills . . . let me know.  I am at loose ends right now, going into the summer.

fly it like you won it


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10 Responses to Moving day

  1. Norbert says:

    Are you interested in joining a sov holding nullsec corp/alliance?
    There is a huge war coming up if that sounds like your cup of tea 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      On which side would I be?

      I am NOT a cap pilot though logi V and HICs and such are within my skill set.

      Full on war is something I have yet to see.


      • Norbert says:

        On the side of -A- you would be.
        The war started yesterday evening…

      • Norbert says:

        A small corp in a sister alliance of -A- to be exact. So far the war is going very well for us, Goons and friends lost loads of ships already and hardly killed anything. But you can check that on the -A- killboard 🙂

  2. bobfenner says:

    Hey Mike. I too have decided it’s time I found something new to get my teeth into. Let me know if you need a wingman for any future exploits…..

  3. Bleys says:

    Moving time… you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here….

    Let me know if you are ready to make a go as Adam Selene or maybe The Professor. I am thinking of starting an undertaking.

  4. Pirate John says:

    join the darkside
    we have cookies (stolen)

    and while i believe there is a corp called darkside, thats not at all what im hinting at

  5. mikeazariah says:

    Norbert, contact me in-game if you guys are serious.


    • Norbert says:

      Ok, will do. You are on US timezone obviously, some US guy from my corp will contact you. Director or CEO. Very Probably this very evening. Hope to see you soon!

  6. If some quiet time in the Gallente militia might work for you, recruitment of Kadavr Crimson Guard is opening up.

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