Parade logic

“So have you been following the news about the ministry of . . . ”

“Stop.” Mike said, holding up a hand. “I don’t even want to start helping him, today.”


“I was interviewed a few days ago, about what I thought about the person you were abut to bring up.  I had a glib answer but the more I think about it, the more I think my joke was almost too accurate.”

“What was the joke?”

“I said he is like a parade balloon.  All puffed up and the centerpiece of  a paade.  Dragged along by lots of little people at the end of ling strings and to the casual eye, they are nothing, the balloon is the key attraction.  I said that the only thing the balloon has to worry about is when the parade ends and all those little people wander off to do their own things.  Then it is slowly deflated and put into storage.”

“So you are saying.”

“The balloon needs to invent new parades.  Wars, scandal, whatever.  Anything to keep the people towing it around.  But a parade needs something else besides the people pulling it about . . . a parade is also about the crowd lining the streets, oohing and ahing.  I am not gonna stay and watch the parade anymore.  There are other fun things to do.  I have seen the balloon and so has everybody else.  I have watched the parade but it is enough, now.  I read after action reports of the people who do the towing spending hours in fleets and getting nothing from it.  I hear all the claims and counterclaims and the politics and realize . . . as long as we stand here, watching, we are the parade as well.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a parade just fine.  Love the music, the atmosphere, the pageantry.  But the time comes for a parade to end and maybe, juuuust maybe.  If we leave then the folks IN the parade might also realize that as well.”

Scotty looked at him and smiled.  “All that from a bad joke in an interview, eh?”

“Yup.  Now help me work out this rig here because I have to be ready for the next opening.”



Nope, didn’t use any names of organizations or CEO’s

Yup, I have been involved in a couple of parades lately.  This came to me as I watched a balloon catch a sudden gust of wind and dive straight down.  The crowd loved it because we sometimes like to watch the fall more than we do the majestic passage.

So maybe if we all focus on something like the tournament, something FUN, or our own stories.  This too, shall pass.

fly it like you won it


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5 Responses to Parade logic

  1. Belloche says:

    You are 100% right. If we all leave maybe the ego of the unnamed might deflate.

  2. Clever article, but not applicable. Your balloon is passive, the asshole who is the topic of your allegory, is not. The ice interdiction wasn’t a parade. HA5 sponsorship wasn’t a parade. Permanent war decs aren’t a parade. Targeting online dissenters, isn’t a parade. Technetium monopolies aren’t a parade. Granted, he is doing all this and more because he loves fucking with people and it makes him the centre of their attention, but the problem is, he’s still fucking with people. He’s proactively looking for more ways to screw with Eve players. He isn’t passively floating along hoping people look at him. He knows he is causing grief, that is HIS “balloon”.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Oh I agree with you on some of that. There are activities but when peace comes look how fast ‘something else’ is found to do. The screwing with people IS the parade and he brags about how he does not even play (as in fly in game) so that is about as passive on a play level as you can get. He is active behind the scenes, connected by all the little strings but he DOES little in game. Just points and says . . . “kill them”


      • Bleys says:

        Everyone gives him to much credit. All he is doing is finding thing after thing for his minions to do. If he does not, they get bored. If they get bored, he loses power. Any other goals beyond preventing boredom and keeping morale high are secondary. Albeit he does have secondary goals.

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