The Questions NOT Answered

“So, those were the ones who answered you but you said each one of them got a different question.  What didn’t get answered?”  Scotty leaned back as Mike nodded and set his coffee down.

“I asked Elise and Hans if the White paper should be a living document and change to reflect the times and changes within the Universe.”

“A simple yes/no question and you got no answer?”  Scotty frowned.

“From either of them . . . I know.  Greene I asked about number representation and the changes that have come about that ‘alts’ are considered full votes and the top 7 go to the summit.  Apparently he did not have an opinion on that.  Issler got a tougher one . . .

The White paper indicates that peoples stands on individual motions or issues are to be documented by the secretary along with the reasons for supporting or denying the measure.

What it doesn’t say is whether such information should be available to the public since it was assumed in the original document that all such deliberations would be in meetings

Should the voters see where people stood on issues within the csm?

‘Bit mean of you given how Issler has been asking folks to stand up and be counted.” Scotty drawled.

“Yup.  UaxDEATH I asked . . .

The CSM’s of late have been as much about helping CCP communicate and mold messages for the players.

Should that become a part of the mandate within the White Paper?

Can the CSM be part of the filtering of good idea/bad idea without actually becoming just a Public Relations tool?

how should such stands be published?

‘Now that one is a bit more focussed.  No answer heh?”

“None.  Darius I asked about the NDA and how it affects the CSM’s ability to communicate with players.  He declined to answer, maybe he thought it was a secret.”

“I thought for sure you would ask him about attendence and methods of removal from office.”

“Nope, not interested in taking cheap shots.  Meissa I begged to take part in adding to the history and rationale that makes up the preface of the White Paper.”

“Well, maybe an answer isn’t needed, just that it gets done.”

“Maybe so.  Ah well, couple more week and I will write to them again.”



You can talk/write to the CSM.  Doesn’t mean they will answer.

I do hope the White paper is well examined in the Summit coming up this week.

fly it like you won it


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