A Book and Details

He followed the ‘guide’ who could not have been more military if he tried.  When they arrived at her office he threw a salute at the guide and grinned as it was instinctively answered.

She watched from inside and sighed to herself.  “Come in.  I am quite busy as you no doubt know.”

“Yes, maintaining a decent cover as well as following the main mission can be difficult.  Almost doubles the workload right off the bat.”  Cory stretched and looked about the room.  “Not bad, but you still need to work on the details.”

“Details?”  She leaned forward and bridged her fingers.

“Little things that people notice, even if they do not know what they are seeing.  Look, I can offer you a contract to make your cover far more convincing but that we can negotiate another time, if you wish.  Today I came to talk to you about Azariah.”


“Madam.  If you plan on playing the fool do it with someone who does NOT know who and what you are.  If you insist on that sort of game then I will leave you to your chase and the frustrations that go with it.”

She grimaced and nodded.  “Very well.  I do know who we are speaking about but what I don’t know is your involvement.”

“I represent a group that facilitate matters.  We do not answer to any specific government nor allegiance.  We specialize in more quiet operations, unlike your fiasco on Cat.  We make sure that what is to be delivered is in the box, unlike your teams failure at the Hotel Cinnabar.”

She winced as the barbs hit home.  “What can you offer us, then?”

“You do not just want Azariah dead.  That much is obvious.  Tell me what it is you DO want and we will arrange that to come to pass.  Or you can continue marching from one bad attempt to another.  Your people seem quite good at marching.”

“And killing.”  She said slowly and distinctly, looking him in the eye.

He smiled.  Compared to Free this woman was a kitten when it came to threatening.  The worst she would do is kill him.  “Yes, I am sure you have people willing to do that for you, what you lack is people able to do what my organization can do.  Now, here is my comm contact.  If you decide you wish a quote for our services then give me a call.  I can supply a separate quote for the ‘details’ if you wish to blend in better than you have, so far.”  He stood.

“A book.”

“Pardon me?”

“He has, in his possession or stored somewhere, a book.  We want it before it is made public.”

Cory sat once more.  “Describe the book?”  She did and he took notes on his comm, nodding and making sure he would know it if he saw it.  ‘I will investigate and see what can be done and what it will cost.  Is his death a part of this or was he just considered collateral damage.”

She made a moue.  “He has irritated me but it is the book.”

“I will be in touch.”

“Wait, what sort of details?”

“I will put that package together under a new file and forward it to you by the end of the day.  Don’t bother calling the Lt.  I know my way out.”



Not much Eve but I have been needing to move this plot bit forward for a while.

Make sure you have your skill queue well stocked for the patch.

see you on the other side


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