Living document

He was hunched over the comm unit,  a cup of coffee going cold beside it.  His finger would follow a line of text and then stab down as though holding something living from escaping.  He would talk and make a memo or send off a short message before moving on.

Scotty watched him from the doorway for a few minutes before nodding to the waitress and ordering fresh coffees and some slices of pie.  He sat down next to the pilot and shoved a plate at him.  “Eat, you look like hell.”

Mike absently dug a fork into the pie and probably did not even taste it anymore than he noticed that his coffee was now hot.  “Been doing research into ancient history.”

“More Talocan stuff?”

“Nope.  CSM history.  The original document at their forming was called the ‘White Paper‘.  Was supposed to lay out who and what.”  Mike suddenly looked at the fork in his hand as though just realizing that it was there.  “So I have been going through it and finding that it is bad need of an address change.”

“Address change?”

“Belongs in a museum.  Most of the rules that were set way back then are no longer applicable or have drifted so far as to only bear a distant resemblance to the original form.”

“So?  Who cares?”

“Me.”  Mike set the fork down and looked Scotty straight in the eye.  “This is supposed to be the framework, the laws.  If we leave it behind then we are flying blind and all controls, checks and balances have been removed.”

“Isn’t that the sort of thing the people who were elected should be looking at?”  Scotty watched to see if the dig hit home.  It didn’t.

“Yup, and I am writing to remind them of the need to make some decisions about it.”

“Who are you writing to, the ones fool enough to answer you last time?”

“Nope, all of them.  Ain’t gonna play favorites.  Each gets questions, I have enough that each actually gets different questions.”

“Then what?”


“You do all this work, interview 13 people and collect the answers, if any come.  Then what?”

Mike looked off into the distance.  “Part of me is hoping that asking them questions will make them look and think about the document.  Maybe make it into something that grows and changes over time . . . a living document.  Oh I will let people know who answered and who did not, who responds to the public and who is ‘too busy’ to do so.  Mainly though, this is my way of helping or trying to help.  Of making the Council relevant and connecting to them.”

“Eat your pie.”



Last time I had a decent response, more than half the CSM answered.  This time the last person to respond was the first and very nice about it too.  Thanks Kelduum.

I doubt many of you have read the Paper.  Very academic for the first part but it had lots of fodder for changes and questions of application.

I’ll give the council some time to answer before I let you know what I asked and who and how the responses were

fly it like you can still afford to






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