Same old same old

The wormhole flashed once and a moment later a ship twisted into reality and sped through lowsec, heading for high.

Mike grinned as the stars took on familiar patterns and he pointed the ship towards ‘home’.  Opening the channels he searched through the usual news and commentaries. Burn Jita. Hulkageddon, drones adapting, Sansha changing tactics.  “Same old same old.”  Mike sighed.

He knew he was a member of a minority and a majority, depending on who was counting what.  His actions in the comm channels known as the ‘Forums’ made him part of a select few.  While some thought it was a way of keeping a finger on the pulse of the pilots of New Eden it was more true to say that it was it kept an eye on what the noisy 5.5% of the pilots preferred to yell about.

“A shade over 1 in 20 and we act like they are the voice of reason or of the people.”  He grumbled as he skimmed through a thread and winced at the abuse the poor language took.  “Huh, still arguing about Mittens . . . thought that horse was dead and buried.”

He scrolled back over some files trying to find the quote from Mittens himself, something about taking control of the message if you have a few thousand people all pointed in the same direction.  After a few minutes he stopped trying as prolonged exposure to that sort of information flow always made him want to take some time away from piloting and do something more sedate and calming, like working in a preschool for hyperactive children with Tourette’s syndrome.

“Ah, something non-Goon”  He brightened and read that the new CSM would soon be meeting to discuss new directions for New Eden.  “Time to write the members and ask a few questions.”  He looked over at his incoming message queue and saw that he had finally gotten a belated message from Kelduum.    “Well, it is time to do the research and ask the questions . . . ”



Once a month I write the CSM and ask them questions about what is on my mind, hoping some of it makes a dent.

Yes, I am going to write more about Free, soon

I never made it to Jita to see the smoke and flames but I did spend some quality time watching DaOpa’s feed of it.

Why am I not surprised both sides claimed victory and ‘op success’?

With market prices being what they are, maybe I am becoming the only sensible way to get a new ship.  Free one coming connected to the next post.

fly it like you won it


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