Caution, warning ahead

It is funny, Mike reflected, that he felt safer now that he was in a wormhole system with no hint of who else might be about.  He was ‘home’ and flying to the POS wondering when his perceptions had undergone the subtle shift.

To the rest of the world wormhole space was the most dangerous, no local to let you know if enemies were about, no Concord to punish.  Death could be swift and brutal and yet . . . it was home.  He had alliance mates and neighbors who kept a watch up.  People he could depend on to fly with.  Home.

*So*  His comm crackled.  *How was life outside?*

He grinned and responded.  “You have been listening to me beg for a route home for a week and you have to ask?  It is the same as always which is kind of surprising.”

*How so?  How can always the same be a surprise?*

“Well, there are all the things coming up and only a few rich folk seem to be paying any attention to them.  The Burn Jita, Hulkageddon, the markets are jumping and folks seem to be just ignoring it.  I started a few conversations about it and half the people would either not care or didn’t have a clue as to what was coming up.”


“Newbs don’t fly 3.5 billion Lokis.  No, it is something more than that.  It is insulation and isolation.  People only want to do what they are doing and don’t care about the world around them.”

*That is going to catch up with them, eventually.*

“Eventually is coming damn soon.  Ya know, when I was coming back home it occurred to me that Concord could and should take a hand in this.”

*What, like post their ships at belts and all the celestials?*

“Hell, no.  I am not looking to punish, I am more in favor of education.  You know when you make the jump into a wormhole you get a warning that you are taking a risk?  And if you undock while there are still killrights against you you get the same sort of thing?”

*I turned most of those messages off long ago.*

“But they exist.  I think if you are undocking into a free fire zone or trying to jump into a system that is tidi’d or experiencing far in excess of normal levels of combat there could be a similar warning.  Oh, not for systems like Anamake because for them, that IS the normal level of violence. But say there was a spike in kills exceeding 50% of the norms.  Concord simply places a warning as a courtesy to those who don’t follow the news.  It is the equivalent of ‘Slippery Road Ahead’.  People are still free to ignore them or even turn the warnings off but then when they do . . . ”

*It becomes their fault.*




I am surprised how few folks keep track of little ‘Player Events” that can and will have an impact on their gameplay.

fly it like you won it



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15 Responses to Caution, warning ahead

  1. Corelin says:

    I’d say it became there fault long before they tried to undock. It became their fault when they ignored the forums, when they ignored the blogs, when they ignored twitter, when they ignored all the chat channels. Information is available whether it’s excavated from the map statistics or posted all over the forums and web.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    To a certain extent I agree with you. But not everybody is a forum warrior, they want to play their game and think this meta portion is so many egos stroking themselves. I do think there needs to be one thing in game to really hammer it home.


  3. Luk says:

    It is egos stroking their dicks meta game. The problem is why should it stop me playing the game that I am paying for? The smart tactic would be not undock at all and let them kill each other from boredom, but that just another way to show them that they can control the way i play my game. So this is kinda catch 22, you do nothing they win, you play they win. Doesn’t sound like winnable situation here.

    • mikeazariah says:

      It is a huge universe and they cannot be everywhere. Unless your game IS composed of being in Jita then they should have little effect on your game. Me, I will most likely still be in a wormhole and this won’t even be distant thunder, to us.

      But the line about ‘the game I am paying for’ is a telling one and may actually worry CCP. IF there are a lot of rage quits and cancelled subscriptions (see summer of rage) then how will CCP respond? If they do something to ban/block the goons then the same might happen as the Goons decide ‘that’s it, we are out of here’. It might come down to where the losses will be smaller. Are there more Goon accounts or carebears? Does CCP want to be forced to do that sort of math?


  4. Deth Delkanara says:

    Nice post. If CCP is smart, they will let it fly for a day or maybe 2, pull people out of system if it becomes too laggy to deal with or endangers the whole universe and other than that, simply let the lasers fly. More than a day or so and it becomes a lot more than a nuisance and realistically, empires would not let people fly around blowing that many people up that long without a lot of political, military and financial weight being thrown around. Much much larger and more important events are on the horizon caused by CCP and most people don’t have a clue. No drone compounds, no meta 0 module drops, these are massive changes that will cause a lot more upset long run than goons blowing everything that moves out of Jita space.

    I just wonder how much kill mail whoring and pod hunting will go on. I know I have a 1 second lock sniping destroyer fit somewhere. . .

    Let them have their fun, sure some people will quit, heck, how many quit every day over some form of griefing or other?

    Fly it for fun,
    Deth Delkanara

    • mikeazariah says:

      I agree that there is a lot on the horizon. If I were wearing a tinfoil hat I would suspect collusion, and trying to disguise one major economical shift with the smoke and mirrors of another.


  5. Orea says:

    Jita burns is meant to only be a one day event. If this had not been so well advertised I would say there should be zero response from CCP. However, given this has been widely advertised I think there should be some action by CCP as it doesn’t really fit that CONCORD would not have acquired intelligence in New Eden that ‘something’ was about to happen.

    So, I think CCP should maybe have an increased CONCORD presence. I don’t mean fleets at every location or anything crazy. Maybe something along the lines of two (three?) CONCORD response fleets instead of one. The main point is to have some in-game response that ‘feels’ proportionate and realistic.

    To be clear, I think Jita burns is a great idea. My main problem with it is whether to killmail whore against freighters or Goons. I’m thinking turn about.

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  7. Always a pleasure to have you back home Mike.

    New Eden is a living breathing world that isn’t static. Just like in the real world if you don’t keep up with the news then you’re going to get burnt eventually. Considering the amount of blogs, the news feed, and the local chatter it’s amazing that people would not know about current events if they live in k-space. You would really have to try to keep yourself in the dark and at that point I don’t feel sorry if you get burnt.

  8. mikeazariah says:

    Problem is, I am preaching to the choir. You who read blogs KNOW there are bad things coming. The ones who don’t are the ones who don’t . . . if you get what I mean.


  9. satyrwood says:


    Bad things?!

    Why was I not informed? 😉

  10. satyrwood says:

    Probably shouldn’t have turned my warnings off. 😉

    I’ve been mostly ignoring the Burn Jita thing. I don’t spend much time there, so I’m going to duck and pretend the market isn’t going sideways. Hulkageddon impacts me, of course. That said, even with the inflating mineral prices the current risk vs. reward on hi-sec mining is … not good.

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