When to step back, when to step forward

“Well you are a sight for sore eyes” Scotty waved him over.

“Yeah, stepped out of the hole while we ha da lowsec exit, was only a few jumps up to hisec.”  Mike sat down and nodded to the waitress.  “Coffee, miss.”

“Take a sneaky ship to cross the dangerous parts?”

“Nah, Lowsec’s rep is overblown.  The biggest danger comes from listening to your own fears.  OUCH taught me that a long time ago.”  Mike nodded thanks to the waitress and leaned back to look around.  “Is it just me or do things look a little busier?”

“Busier.  Smart money is shifting base and diversifying.”  Scotty enunciated each syllable.  “What with Jita and all.”

“You mean the end of the month?  Yeah that is gonna be something else, if it happens.”

“Why wouldn’t it happen?  It’s been announced and all.”

“By Goons, who are in need of something to keep them busy, bored goons are dangerous goons.  But they have kicked over a few nests of late and if I were a CEO I would love a pre-announced time when the ‘cat’ is going to be away.  Not to mention the advance notice has been public enough that Concord might just decide to do something.”

“Think they will?”

“No.  Concord has almost always been reactive rather than proactive.  They prefer to punish than to guide.  Kinda what got them into this in the first place.  If there had been firmer guidance . . . well that is all water under the bridge.  I came out to test a few ideas and contact a few folks in the CSM.”


“Well, I am going to try to keep better track of the CSM this year, both to keep their profile up and to keep to my own promise of trying to increase communication.”

“You don’t have to keep campaign promises when you lose, Mike.”

“Hell, folks know you don’t have to keep them when you win, either.  This isn’t about winning or losin, it is about doing what needs to be done, pure and simple.  I know a few other people may be trying to keep the lines open but every little bit helps.”

“So which council member you going to try to contact?”

“All of them.  No picking favorites.  Just because I haven’t met them or talked to them before don’t mean anything aside from a simple message and chance for them to answer.  I’ll ask a fe wquestions and then take it from there, pure and simple.”

“Talking to the folks in charge is NOT pure and simple.  Most people figure that grumbling about things that aren’t working is good enough.”

“Then folks be wrong.  If there is somthing you want to know, something you want done you talk to the folks who are manning the helm.  Grumbling in the benches don’t do nothin.”



The CSM folks who have answered so far were ALL great and welcoming of the contact.  They are our representatives and you CAN talk to them.  I will put what was asked and what was answered in another post soon, I want to give the ones who have not yet answered a chance to do so.

I am looking forward to what happens on the 28th.  I will be watching, from a distance.

In Gallente Hero channel the GBA told me to hand out ships, so two Claws went out this weekend and a single command ship (Claymore) to the winner of the draw from a few posts ago.

Prices are skyrocketing, maybe being in the channel or posting a comment here IS the best way to get a ship.

Fly it like you won it.


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5 Responses to When to step back, when to step forward

  1. Corelin says:

    Good on you to keep up contact with the CSM. I hope they continue to value your viewpoint and help with your agenda.

    • bobfenner says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Oh, I don’t know about value of the view. One of the reasons for doing this is to encourage the rest of you to do the same. IF you don’t want to talk to the mucky mucks then ask me and I’ll ask the questions that strike me as valid.

      ie. Not gonna ask about photos of ccp sunset


  2. Uskaanax says:

    Hulkageddon will be a little blip, but a great time for mining in the wormhole! Time to take advantage of prices before they fall again. Also, it’s interesting that Hulkageddon would occur after the bot slaughter, as prices were already on the rise from that, and now they’re skyrocketing. It’s worse than RL fuel prices!

  3. satyrwood says:

    They’re aiming for the sky, what can I say? Also, mining is getting … silly. Risk vs. reward is completely broken, at the moment. And oddly despite the ore prices, the miners are the ones getting screwed.

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