1st rvb loss

. . . so no sooner is the delivery finished then he is coming back in a pod.

I asked him what happened and he told me that he lost a ship.  Seemed like he didn’t want to say much more right then so i started asking around to find out how he lost the ship.  Turns out that a few Blues had been standing off of the station, right on out doorstep.  out of reach of the ships at undock.  About four or five of the Red fleet were there, watching them but Captain Jiorj, he starts warping here and there.

Seems like they were far enough out to avoid being on any of the standard corp bookmarks for undocking but that didn’t seem to really bother Jiorj.  He would warp away and come back, each time a bit closer to one of the ships out there.  Don’t know how he was doing it but he always seemed to be weaving a web or a pattern that was zeroing in on them.  When he got to about 30 km off of the Rupture he sent a single message in his fleet channel that he was going for it.  According to the logs the next message was one word, ‘point’.  But he was already out of shield and armor was just flying off.  A thrasher is a nice ship but the Rupture was eating him alive.

He kept on trying to spiral in but none of his fleet was quick enough to get there in time.  They did chase the Rupture off after the point had been dropped but by then it was too late for the Thrasher.  Odd thing is he sent one more message before logging in and posting his loss . . . he sent a compliment to the Rupture pilot, thanking him for a good fight.

I know he wants to train up but taking a dessy against a cruiser . . . what was he thinking?

Well his current score is 20 and 1 so I guess he may know what he is doing sometimes.  Right now he is looking for a fitting for his new ship, a cane.  Seems that there is a nice ship supply program in the fleet and he got it for a steal.  Since I am handling his finances I know he only paid 12 mill for it.  12 million isk!  I just hope he doesn’t take this as permission to lose more ships and take more chances.

Love to the family,




It will.  I couldn’t stand to see two ships ‘corner’ a small fleet.  There is a fine art to warping to someone ‘out of reach’  I have not perfected it, yet, but I will be getting better at it in the days to come.

If you know tricks that do not involve a billion bookmarks . . let me know.  What I was doing was warping to celestials and back to set bookmarks at range, trying to line them up to drop on top of a guy 315 out from the station when all my bm’s were at 200.

What I didn’t do was bookmark each attempt to try to refine the pattern, that was my mistake.  Next time I will see if I can do better.  I did not tell the fleet what I was trying and so they were not expecting me to point and call, their reaction time was my own damn fault.  No worries.

I lost a ship but I had a huge grin on my face the whole time I was working at it.  Compliments to Hadji Ju’Hadji in the Rupture

Fly it like you won it (and are willing to lose it)


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2 Responses to 1st rvb loss

  1. Naoru Kozan says:

    Neutral probing alt.

    Does wonders for catching people sitting in safes. We have some fleets in my corp where alts outnumber mains in the fleet >_> Does give us a slight edge in combat though!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Call me old fashioned but I was trying to actually do it as a pilot without the outside assistance of neutrals.


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