Prep before the chainer

“OK, remember what I’ve taught you.”  She brushed a bit of lint from one shoulder and smiled encouragingly at him.  “You offer her what you are willing to give, not what she wants to get.”

“Willing, not want.”  The tech said numbly.

“You can promise to deliver the target but you need to know why she hasn’t killed him when she had the chance.  What is it that they want?”

The tech looked at her again.  “How do we know they want something more?”

“Dead is easy.  If an organization this big just wanted Mike dead it would have been done long ago.  There is a secondary agenda in operation and we need to know what it is before we . . ”

“When you say we you mean me”

“Before we process our objective.  Intel is everything.  So you have to be willing to give a little to get a little.  If things start to look like she is suspicious then spin.”

“Spin.  Turn their offensive back against them?”

“Exactly, never look defenseless.  Last resort is you walk away taking what they want.  Make sure they know that you have their objective so they know what happens when you walk away.”

He sighed and nodded.

“What is wrong?”

“Why can’t I just go in and cap the chainer?  All this maneuvering and lies makes me feel dirty.”

“Because we are not fighting a battle, we are fighting a war.  One loss or one win does not define us.  Each day, each encounter makes a difference but if we don’t take the long view we may win more battles here and now but in the end they will win.  I won’t let that happen.  A sacrifice now means the next generation won’t have to ask these questions, won’t have to face this sort of morality.”  Free looked at him and smiled sadly.  “You know what I do to get close to my targets.  Are you under the impression that I enjoy or prefer that?  I don’t.  I do what needs to be done, end of story.”

“And I have to do what needs to be done, now, right?”

“Right.  Intel then the kill.  Oh we will finish this, but in our own time, on our own terms, and when we have the intel.”

He smiled and straightened up.  “I notice how you are not mentioning that by taking this contract we are helping your . . . what the hell is Azariah anyways?”

“My friend.  You are lucky you are about to go see the target or you would be curled up on the floor right now.  He is my friend.”

“Yes ma’am”  With a slight grin he exited while he could still walk upright.



Some one complained that Free hadn’t been mentioned, of late.

Infer vs, imply, always a slippery slope, eh?

Fly it like you won it




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