Be the guy selling matches

. . . so most of the gang is all arguing about it but I figure that the politics of the pilots is so far above my pay grade that it barely touches me.  Except then I got to thinking.  Boss gave me some isk to work with and he expects me to be a good steward of that cash.  If I just leave it in the bank then it is not doing a damn thing.

I look about and start to pay attention to what is going on and maybe all of this politico stuff will be a chance to make some isk.  Lot of reading to catch up on, though and most of it is the usual dross.  As one person put it, the usual suspects are rehashing the usual attacks on each other.  Accusations of sexual deviancy, ad hominem attacks, each claiming someone else is throwing somoene under the bus (what bus?)

Stuff I have found out.  The Mittani tried to control his fall by stepping down from chair but keeping on the CSM.  The powers that be said no, off you go.  Needless to say he is also leader of the Goons and they are not happy with how their fearless leader has been treated.  This is where the isk comes in.

Word is that the Goons are gonna come out in force to make first Tenal and the Jita itself burn.  I went with the boss to Jita one time and all I can say is . . .great!  The place is a cesspool.  But if they plan on making Jita burn they are gonna need a lot of kindling and that is where the isk is to be made.  Ships and ammo, guns and basic mods.  Even gank ships have needs.  If I can make and deliver enough in the month till Jita ignition then maybe I can make the boss proud of me.

I know . . . it is all about being proud of myself but the man has trusted me, given me a position and let me spread my wings and take chances.  That sort of thing build loyalty.  Maybe that is what the Mittani did and why he has these rabid followers.  From the outside they look like fanatics but maybe he has earned that trust and loyalty, internally.  I dunno.

So my job right now I following the news and trying to make heads or tales about what is going on.  Damn I wish someone did a basic news show without having to take one side or the other.  Always hard to find the nuggets of truth in the mounds of bullshit.

I am sending some isk home because the boss gave me a raise and I really don’t need more stuff here.  He is all happy because he has been out flying again.  Still hasn’t lost a crew and the killboard says he has 16 to his name now.  Some of the other crews are giving us a hard time saying he must be a coward to not take the chances that would get him more kills and more losses.

Personally and I know a lot of the team he brought with him agree.  we can live with the ribbing because we know he actually does fly to fight and it is just a combination of dumb luck and good shooting.

I’ll write soon, time to go prep for the trading because like they say ‘In the time of riots, the winner is the guy selling the matches’



Seriously, how detailed do you want my take on the latest of the CSM stuff?

Oh and congratulations to Pirate John who won a ship to be contracted soon as I have a chat with him.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Be the guy selling matches

  1. satyrwood says:

    It’s an interesting turn of events, I must say. Still mostly distracted by other things these days. I hate threadnaughts.

    Mental note: Start a match factory.

  2. artiststechguy says:

    Didn’t vote for Mittens but kinda disappointed he’s off the CSM as I feel He was a good proponent for Titan nerfs and ship balancing. Oh well hans is now 1 step closer to a seat and i’m looking forward to see what they will do with FW.

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