Eight is not enough

. . . and so no folks have been lost yet but the captain still says he wants to avoid losing any of us who have been with us a long time.  It ain’t that he isn’t getting out there yet.  He took out a Rifter and managed to get in on four kills then he did the same in a Thrasher, today.

Don’t tell nobody but I saw him getting out of the pod and, who boy, his hands were shaking. He tried to hide it but I saw him spill a bit of the celebratory drink one of his gantry guys handed him.

We ain’t making any isk at this but so far he also hasn’t managed to lose a ship.  I don’t know if that is dumb luck or what.  He has some lady hauling stuff over for him but she don’t talk much, just drops things of and has us sign for everything . . . with a real pen.  Wierd.

I decided I am gonna try to run his logistics and trade rather than fly things myself.  Jiorj just nodded at me like he knew all along I would go that way and then he handed me a credit line of 60 million.  Me . . . signing authority for 60 million isk. And, get this, he said if it runs low I am to let him know and he will arrange for more to be moved over to the account.  Going to try real hard not to let him down but man oh man, 60,000,000 isk is  . . .well its just wow.  For someone who ain’t a pilot it is more isk than I could ever imagine having, sheesh, even thinking about and MY hands are shaking.



Adrenaline, the rush is addictive but I could barely type after getting into a fight.

The so you may see a bit of a sideline of market pvp also happening courtesy of the dock guy.





fly it like you won it


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