End game

“So, heard the results yet?”

Mike was damn tired of that question but he smiled and shook his head.  “Last ta know, me.  Comes with being out here in a hole and probably not being one of the winners.”

“Know that for sure?”

“Oh odd things can happen but I ain’t holding my breath.  I know a few folks here and there voted for me but I know a few good people who voted for others with a damn good reason to do so.”

The POS manager nodded.  “Not trying to make things difficult for you or anything.  Just asking.”

“You are in charge of my POS, everything you do makes things difficult for me.  Comes with the job description, no doubt.”

The manage nodded and smiled.  “Probably does.  So what do you expect to happen next?”

“Well, they will announce the winners.  Mittani will take a bow along with the rest of the re-electees and the two or three new faces.”

‘That’s all you expect?”

“Yup, they were elected last time for a good reason and not much has changed.  Oh one or two might be replaced, Darius, for example, but for the most part it is gonne be ‘meet the new boss‘”

“So if you don’t think you could win why did you try?”

“Buncha reasons.  Ta let people know that it was okay ta be yourself and play your own way.  To meet some new folks and try to convince them to vote and maybe even vote for me.  To spotlight one of the really big myths.”

“That you are monogamous?”

Mike laughed.  “No, the myth that there is an endgame.  Folks always think that there is a finale to flying . . .maybe a Titan or running a corp or alliance in Null.  I say that just ain’t so.  There are lots of people for whom that is the goal but I betcha that for every one of them there are a dozen who think that that sort of finish would be a punishment.”

“Flying a Titan is a punishment?  Being the boss?”

“Ayup.  Being the boss in an untrusting universe is scary.  You always wonder if you should trust and delegate or keep it all to your fool self and try to do everything.  I know for a fact that pilots like Mar would rather fly an assualt frig than a Titan any day of the week.  For a lot of folks ‘end game’ is when the universe finally messes things up once to often and they quit piloting in disgust”

“What will your endgame be?”

“Dunno.  It is quiet here in the hole and I think I have a lot to learn about this part of space before I feel like movin on.  There be so much ta do and so many folks still to meet.  And then there is the CSM.”

“I thought you have resigned yourself to having lost.”

“Lost ain’t the endgame, it is the changing of the rules and roles.  If I cannot play on the inside then damn if I ain’t gonna be fairly noisy on the outside.  The last CSM ticked me off with their silent treatment and so I plan on making a racket for them, with them, or at them.  Anybody who thinks that people outside of the CSM cannot make a difference ought ta meet folks like Ripard Teg, Seismic Stan, Arydanika.  Now I don’t figure I am gonna be like them in fame or skill but I will do what I can . . . ”

“Just like you were saying you would try for if elected.”

“Ayup, ‘cept I won’t have to sign no papers that might force me to keep secrets.”

“Do you even know the meaning of the phrase ‘give up’?”

“Yup, every time I try to rush something you are in charge of . . . ”



Of course, things may Gang aft agley, I may die, the king may die, the horse might learn to sing.

I have not given out a prize in some time.  Comments for some ship or other.

fly it like you won it


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18 Responses to End game

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    So many people miss the point and go along with the idiotic theory of don’t play is you won’t win. Sports teams around the world know this is bullshit, someone wins, someone loses and if you do it right, everyone is better off for it. If you make people think, if you show them another path, if you influence them in some way by running, who knows the effects that may have. The butterfly effect is not just in the sandbox of Eve but is really proven in the sandbox called life. You are a good man to try, you got my votes and I enjoy your blog. Keep giving them hell and keep reminding me that I can play Eve my way and still enjoy it.

    Fly because you love it.

    • mikeaazariah says:

      losing is not ending, it is about learning and trying a different thing the next time or trying to perfect what you were doing this time.

      imagine if players quit the first time they lost at pvp


  2. Marcus Janus says:

    Here’s to hoping, I just know I spent 45 bucks to re up 3 accounts to vote for you because I believe in what you are saying. And I’d spend it all over again win or lose.

  3. Gabriel's henchman says:

    Mike for shadow csm! Keep the CSM on it’s toes mike, hound ’em, question them, and above all else, keep in the news… Still think a ‘rep the monument’ rally would be a good promotional tool…

  4. Corelin says:

    I’ve loved that quote ever since I read Mote in God’s Eye. I think it’s perfect for your election bid.

    On the one hand you have a potentially huge group of supporters (incursioners, RPers, PvPers) on the other hand you have the concerns that your RP might turn off large segments of voters and the ridicule that some put on RPers (myself included at times)

    Also I had the same conversation with the guy that ran the POS back when Fancy Hats was in a wormhole.

  5. It was a tough campaign with a lot of good voices. I think you ran as good campaign as you could without a large null sec bloc backing.

  6. Tweedlefuzz Starkiller says:

    Keep at it Mike!

  7. quandry247 says:

    CCP announced their departure from gritty dark RP in their IP when they layed off Tony G.
    He would never have allowed the nonsense that has gone into the lore of the Fanfest gift items.
    That smacks of Soundwave humour.
    It is tragic, but like they say in the Impetus lore – they’re moving on and anyone who thinks otherwise is left to bop freakishly in the isolation of their captain’s quarters.
    I wish someone with an RP background did get into the CSM just to remind them of the importance of continuity. But, I’m afraid that this new era of EVE will be mainstream gamer and pop sci-fi without Tony’s direction.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Just because they have moved away does not mean we cannot drag and pull them back into a lore direction. Seisic Stan has had a chat with devs about this very subject.


  8. artiststechguy says:

    “Do you even know the meaning of the phrase ‘give up’?”

    “Yup, every time I try to rush something you are in charge of . . . “

    LOL, I must say I don’t do RP myself but I love your blog all the same!

  9. artiststechguy says:

    “Do you even know the meaning of the phrase ‘give up’?”

    “Yup, every time I try to rush something you are in charge of . . . “
    LOL, I must say I don’t do RP myself but I still love your blog all the same!

  10. Pirate John says:

    a bit sad that mostly 0,0 aliiances/blocs seems to be able to get on the CSM now =/
    makes me sad since non of them have a clue about MY endgame

    better luck next time

    • mikeazariah says:

      You won a ship, same name ingame?


      • Pirate John says:

        im Bemir ingame
        and while im grateful to anyone who wants to give me things, i feel i should warn you, it will be used with criminal intent 😉
        it wasnt a random alias choice

  11. Redlack says:

    Well mike if nothing else you have one more person who thinks you should be on the csm because you are inventive and really care about what happens to all of our universe. Don’t give up cause if you do I’m gonna have to run then all hell will break loose.

    Fly it through structure

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