Returning to see red

. . . so we had to haul the damn thing out into space and vent it to get rid of the infestation.  I have no idea how all those bugs got on the ship while it was mothballed but there ya go.

The Captain seems in fine spirits but he is making it very clear that he will be going outside the home sources for crews for the next little while.  He is going to sign on with the Red federation if they will take him for what he calls “advanced training of a practical kind”.  I think that means he intends to lose a lot more ships.  Before joining he has been spending a lot of isk moving  ships into position and setting things up for the losses.  Mainly frigates right now but I think he is also planning on a set of dessies and some cruisers to boot.  

Get this . . . he is talking about maybe letting me train in industrials so I can help out in the supply lines.  He has given me the choice of that or working on station building the basic supply.  He told me to sleep on it and run some cost projections for what would be better in the long run.

Well, I have to go run some projections and decide what to do next.  All my love to the family . . . 


Sometimes you just want to go shoot things that shoot back.

Nothing  about the election here, move along.

fly it like you expect it to blow up


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6 Responses to Returning to see red

  1. Dracoth Simertet says:

    Welcome to RvB it does seem to be where all the cool kids are going these days ;o)

    Dracoth Simertet
    RvB Red Fed

  2. Zievarrenna says:

    Look forward to seeing you in RVB! o7

  3. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    Sweet! Welcome to RvB o7
    I hope I will get to blow you up some time. Or at least try

    For the Teapot! And blue victory!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Teapot indeed. Staid old thinking, that is the reason you sing the blues.

      Red fed and is still hungry


  4. Kieran Tremzark/Ferritos says:

    no no no no no! why you go redfed /0\ Blue Republic baby! we are going to eat your soul

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