CSM:  People been asking who I am.  This is part of the answer to that.

“So I got a few endorsements and a few near misses.”  Mike sighed and leaned back, looking at the comm screen with half closed eyes.

“Why dat matta to you, you be sure ta win dis time.”

Mike laughed at his aunt and shook his head.  “Part of the problem is the concept of ‘wasted votes’.  A few candidates are trying to spread the myth that unless you vote for someone who is sure to win then you are wasting the vote as it will count for nothing.”

“Dat not be a new idea, nor a good one.  Only vote wasted is the one not cast.”

“Or the one cast at random.  Funny thing is I really respected the guy who put this idea up until recently.  I have spoken highly of him and then he starts talking about tactical voting and making a ‘Voting guide'”

“Sa man be running in da ‘lection and writes up a guide, oh no, there be no bias there.”

Mike nodded.  “Trebor has earned a lot of respect, over the years, and it almost seems like he is trying to get rid of some of it.  His guide is biased and driving more voters away then towards him.  The thing that stung me personally was the labels he attached.”

“And what did he decide you label be?”

Mike grimaced.  “Newbie, which he defined as . . . ”

These are candidates running for the first time, often because they are concerned about a specific issue or set of issues and want to use the election to air their views. Because they don’t have broad support, they are unlikely to make it onto the CSM.

Mike sighed.  “Been a long time since I considered myself new at this game.”

“He not even take the time to check his facts?”

“Busy guy, I guess.  Just hope he checks facts better when he is in office.”

“Anybody else hanging labels on you?”

“A few . . . a well respected writer called said  . . .

Mike Azariah, even though he’s probably the strongest role-playing candidate and the strongest Incursion candidate

that he would not recommend me but that . . .

Still, I hope he gets an alternate seat this year.  I think it’s about the right time.

so there is that.”

“OK den, him I still like”

“A few others whom I respect have sent me words of support.  Podcasters and writers who I have chatted with in the past but the worst thing, for me, is the labels.”

“You worried about what others think?  I thought I raised you betta than dat.”

“Tanta . . . ”  Mike wiped his hand across his face.  “They see me chattin and bein what I am and they figure they have juuuust the box to set me in.  I write about incursions so I must be all that.  Then I write some fiction so I be wearin a wizard hat.  I write about what the CSM does and does not do and I maybe have that wizard hat made outa tinfoil.  They don’t see the whole ting just the part they want ta box.”

“Dat be their problem then.”

“Not when it comes to the vote.  Then it become my problem.  I gotta figure out a way ta make them see what I am.”

“No.  You be who you are and what you are and show them.  Iffen they follow what you do they will know you ain’t one to think or live in one little box.  If they don’t know that by now then nothing you gonna do is gonna change their minds.  Politics is sometimes about the preconceived notions of what is right.  Or what is, period.  There be people you could talk at till you was blue in the face and not budge them an inch.”

“Be who I is?”

“And if they don’t want that then it be their loss.  Iffen I could vote ya know I’d vote for you.”

“Ah, Tanta, if only I had about 3000 more of you.”



Newbie hurt. Seriously Trebor . . .

Ripard Teg was much nicer . . . and I appreciate that.

Who the high profile non candidates like will sway some of the folks who listen, read, play the meta game.  The forums . . . um, no.  That is less a campaign platform and more troll.

I have started dropping secure containers in appropriate systems with My name on the and CSM . . .the space equivalent of yard signage.

For those who wonder, yes I am a serious candidate.  I just like to write in character.  Ask anybody who has flown with me in a fleet and they will tell you I know what I am doing and I do not wear a wizard hat while flying logi or DPS



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11 Responses to Labels

  1. Gabriel's henchman says:


    What is wrong with tin-foil-wizard-hattery being serious??
    I play as 2 opposing personalities, one is a builder/trader/industrialist, the other is a dangerous, deadly, rock-munching killer… With a conscience.

    They both slip (depending on my mood) in and out of role play mode as time goes on… But NEVER to the detrement of the fleet, or my goals.

    Boxes are funny things… You put something in too small a box, or the wrong shaped box… It breaks and you have to start over, and as someone who has never deliberately adapted himself to fit into a box, all I can say is DOWN WITH THE BOXMAKERS!!

    Best of luck mike.

  2. Pirate John says:

    down with the boxes sounds all good and nice
    too bad humanity doesnt work that way
    the best you can hope for is that you get a box that you atleast helped shape

    i see it as very unlikely anyone vould vote for you without a sense of the shape of your box
    and if you dont want to shape it yourself, you just have to accept the box that others choose for you

    saying things like, i will listen to all and fight for the things you want me to
    that is not a clearly defined box at all, and leaves people confused as to what you really want, which means they go looking for things that you actually seems interrested in and pin those to you

    and if they think thats the only things you are about…
    whos responsibility is that?

  3. mikeazariah says:

    I understand what you are saying. Given no other references then a person might try to pigeonhole me with some simple label. The point is the people mentioned above did not take the basic effort to even look at the simplest available information.

    I have reported on the CSM doings for years and this is my third election. By his own definition of the term Trebor mislabeled me as a newbie.

    I write in character and I enjoy the storyline possibilities but I am not one who makes . . . questionable decisions based on that rp. (I am looking at you CVA) I run Incursions often enough to be considered an incursion runner. Most of the isk I make is given back to the community in the form of draws in this blog.

    My largest source of income has been the writing (Thank you Chocolate heaven for the 2.75 billion) so this works for me.

    What box should I make for myself? I am a cooperative player who wants to see the whole game made better. I am a player who has experience (of various levels) in high low and null. I currently spend most of my time flying my main in wormholes/incursions and my alt in low.

    I am a player of the game . . . like you. I find it unlikely that you read this and don’t play Eve (Except for maybe Mynxee, you still there?) I am an educated man with a good imagination and a wish to be a part of a larger aspect of the game, the CSM. I am NOT a Dev. I do not have solutions to fix ****-sec space. I do look beyond simple bandaids and try to see the ramifications, the exploits, the ripple and butterfly effects of a simple tweak.

    I am a player of Eve and I want to represent players like myself on the CSM. Not for tears, not for some huge group of players from some out of game forum . . . just the regular casual players . . . you know, the ones who don’t even know there is an election on? The ones who log on, hav esome fun in a small corp and log off. The sailors on the surface of the sea who hear stories of the depths but never dive. Them


    There is no wasted vote. There is no way to box a man or a woman in a few paragraphs. There is no spoon.

    Vote, for me or someone else. Read the platforms, do Dierdra Vaal and find someone who will represent you, not laugh at you or call you names. There are seven seats in the CSM, Fill them wisely as they are there for you.

    • Pirate John says:

      i enjoy your blog , IC aswell as OOC (thats why im here afterall)
      and while i think this is the first time i actually say anything here, ive followed you for a long time

      i dont demand that you put yourself in any kind of box
      im perfectly fine with how things are now
      but if you have trouble putting yourself in a box, how will anyone else have a chance at getting it right?
      but thats only important if you want votes from people who doesnt already know you

      • mikeazariah says:

        I hate to admit this but if I depend on the votes of people who know and like me . . .


  4. Bob Fenner says:

    Mike. As a friend I KNOW you are exactly what the CSM needs to represent the casual player better. If I had to put you in a box it would be as a long term player who has tried pretty much everything EvE has to offer and refuses to pinned down to just one play style. There are a lot of people out there that do the same – you just have to reach them…….

  5. Ferritos says:

    as per last year mike gets my vote, he is an eve friend and i believe he represents the majority of what i stand for in eve.

    It would also be exeedingly nice to have a fresh face in the CSM that realy isnt just another power block representative, there is after all much more to eve then just the sovereignty wars and nullsec. Thre is a whole universe of other stuff that power block parties just dont give a single fuck about. That given, there is also a whole other world that doesnt just include the corporate UI which realy does need a makeover, but isn’t the sort of thing that one should base his whole CSM campaign on (looking at you Mr. I wont engage an RvB fleet until…oh wait they are threatening to not vote for me for CSM!) He may stand for a complete separate part of eve, but again is only going to (probably?) get a seat in CSM because he is CEO of E-Uni…therefore not wasting a vote.

  6. Deth Delkanara says:

    Got my votes.


  7. Uistean says:

    I got a 52% match towards your views. It wasn’t the strongest, but I’ve lurked on your blog before and admire a character player who is concerned about the casual gamer like me. It should be refreshing for the council to have someone who has experienced New Eden and taken something meaningful from it, rather than just isk and alliance votes.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Thank you. I don’t know if you have read how some discovered that the vote match could be ‘gamed’ but I answered straight and true, which possibly cost me votes. But the ones I get I want to deserve


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