Peace Dec

CSM:  Read it to the end and see if you manage to get part of the point.  But no, this is NOT a serious proposal, just a different way of looking at things.

The number of empties was growing at a slower rate, now that one of them had passed out.  The others were exchanging embarrassing tales of fails . . . as pilots do when together and under the influence.

“So Flash decides that if there are no guns in the local stations we can strip them from some local rats in the belts.  Here we are the big bad roam trying to scavenge ammo and guns.”

“Wait wait wait . . . for a Bestower?”  Mar asked in disbelief.

“Well yeah.”  Mike took another pull from a bottle.  “I had to be able to defend myself didn’t I?  Anyways, we warp to a belt and sure enough some rats start shooting at us.  The funny thing is, Flash cannot see them.”

“Why not?”

“He had set his overview to only indicate enemy podders.  It did not occur to him that he might want to shoot at simple fleet pirates.”

“So they are shooting him . . . ”

“And he cannot shoot back . . . it was very surreal.  Me, being the carebear mission type guy had them all set and targetted, but then, I did not have any guns to shoot them with.”

“So why the hell did you warp to the field with them?”

“Fleet stays together.  But that incid . . .  incad. . ..  time, it gave me a weird idea . . . a peace dec.”

“Peace Dec.”  Mar looked at him and muttered.  “I am afraid to ask”

“No, see, it is like a wardec only completely different.”  Mike drank again and nodded vigorously until he almost lost his balance.  “Wardec, you do and the other guy has to fight or button up for the duration, right?”

“Yeeeaah.”  Mar was looking at him as though he had drawn a weapon.

“So a Peace Dec forces you to do peaceful things or button up as well.  Unable to  initiate combat until x amount of ore is mined or y amount of basic rats are eliminated.”

“That.”  Zzzleepyhead said from where he lay, eyes not opening, “is pure evil.”

“I imagine some pilots would go into forced retirement out of protest for being made to ‘play’ a different game than they wanted.  The concept that one corp could demand another play to a style or pattern that they did not want to would be so wrong that they would leave the corp/alliance/ or space all together because of Peace Decs”  Mike looked blearily at the now empty bottle.  “Right, that is all of that, Hey Mar, slide some of that ‘hot chocolate’ over here.”



NO this is not a proposal, not even a joking one

If you miss the irony of the above . . . tough.

Just talking about how wardec currently worked and how my mind tries to see things ‘from the other side’ this thought came and I had to write it down or live with it bouncing around in my skull for days on end

Oh, winner . . . . 8 entries for the tier 3.  The winner is Ferritos


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8 Responses to Peace Dec

  1. Latrodanes says:

    Exceedingly good point well made.

  2. Gabriel's henchman says:

    Having been part of an alliance that could not fight to defend itself (arrogance and ineptitude are awful substitutes for experience) I see what you are referring to. Most ‘carebear’ corps and alliances, much as they want to learn how to pew, defend their POSes and generally ‘have a go’, are nothing short of easy pickings for dedicated ‘war-dec’ corps, who do little more than wardec an easy target, demand ISK, and threaten to tear down assets and disrupt life for the corp. last one I saw collapsed after the executor’s faction POS was torn down, and stripped for sale. The executor corp could not rally a defense, and those of us online were too few, too little, too late. The war-dec, bounty, and concord-approved warfare in general needs a review, because it is seriously broken. As it stands, the current war-dec system IS as disruptive as your ‘peace-dec’ would be. Now if only they would do something about the -10 high-sec gankers

  3. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    I made the blog. Awesomeness in a box! And serious or not, it sounds fun

  4. Bob Fenner says:

    Like your angle Mike. I totally agree that the current wardec system is broken but how would you go about replacing it?

  5. Lightstar says:

    dude, i’ve never been more proud of you than right now.

    can you imagine the look on Aiden’s face!?!?!

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