Incursion discussion (CSM)

Yes, this is what I think for the record and CSM elections


“So, before this you were running incursions?”

“Yup.”  Mike was adjusting the POS defenses and chatting with other alliance members.  “Lot of fun with the right folks, just like this is.”

“I hear they are thinking about petitioning Concord to alter the pay outs . . . nerf them”

“Idiots.  Probably been listening to Darius and the other SGF’s”

“What’s an SGF?”

“Sour Grape Fox, somoene who decides that something is not good based on the fact that they cannot have it themselves.  For all that we proclaim you can be whatever you want to be, in space . . . well the truth is a bit more flexible.  There are folks who think you can be anything you want to be as long as THEY approve of that activity.  Heaven forbid that you have fun without being a participant in THEIR career of choice.  So they look at carebears forming fleets, having fun, flying the bling ships and making isk and they decide that this is a wrong that must be righted.”

“Is it?”

“Well, yes and no.  There is some balance in payouts that needs work and I look forward to Kuvey-bear expanding his playbook a little to make the fleets more skill and less by rote.`But complaints that the payouts are two high are a combination of fear mongering and ignorance of facts.  You hear complaints of isk vs risk as though that were the Holy Grail of flying is to balance on a knife edge of win or lose.  This from people who prefer battles where they outnumber/gun their opponent each and everytime.  Where is the risk of running sanctums deep in your own territory?  Hell you could program automation to do it for you, bypassing the pilot completely.”  Mike snorted.

“But back to incursions.  Everybody brags about isk per hour ignoring organizational time, waiting between sites and competition.  Oh sure, get a quiet time and you can fly a good group but ask some pilots how long they wait to get into one of the non exclusive fleets and start making that mythic isk.  Every year we have an issue like this and I am sorry to say I screwed up a year or two back and took the ‘take-away’ side of one of those issues.”

“What issue was that?”

“Tech 2 BPO’s.  There are a few out there and others were complaining that if they cannot have one then neither should anybody else.  If you step back and listen to the tone instead of the words it sounds like five year olds fighting.  Just plain immature.”  Mike paused.  “Same here and now, I suppose.  The folks asking for nerfing of the sites were the ones turned down for showing up with active tanks or refused because of wardecs or the actions of their corp members.  They cannot have and are unwilling to do what is needed to get it so they decide that is is a ‘bad thing’ and ‘a faucet that needs to be stopped’.”

“Yeah I have heard that.  Isn’t it true in a way?”

First they came . .  . these people want their game to be the only one in town.  If they succeeded in closing down incursions how long do you think it would be before their eyes turned to the wormholes.  After all, we manage to make isk and hardly have to worry at all . . . ”

Laughter answered him but he plowed on.  “From their point of view, not from ours.  The Foxes do not taste the grapes but judge them from a distance.  They will do the same for wormholes, in time.  I am supposed to be out there doing the election thing and I soon will be.  But mush as I want ta get elected I am not gonna let certain myths and lies perpetuate.”

“Unwillling to lie?  You are NEVER gonna get elected.”  and the laughter doubled as they waited for the next wave of battleships in the escalation.

Mike brought his Tornado about and grinned, whispering to himself.  “I fly for the fun of it, not for someone elses concept of how I should do things.”



Some good incursion pilots and FC’s have great ideas about how incursions could be tweaked.  Dairy-us is not on that list though he would like to milk the concept.

Voices from the Void,  Episode 37.  Myself and Karrde.  We had a blast making it and the raw recording ran over 3 hours.  Looking forward to hearing the final cut, myself.

Next post I hand out a tier 3 from the comments list a few posts ago . . .I didn’t forget, just been busy

fly it like you will win another


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  1. Tweedlefuzz Starkiller says:

    I would love for you to post a similar topic on WH’s, now that you have moved your base of operations into one.

    Thanks 🙂

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