Empirical Evidence

If you are looking for CSM stuff, skip this one or use the csm tags feature of this blog.  I write fiction, live with it.


She was beginning the think that the mission was hopeless when she was contacted by a broker.  -We have found someone who claims he may have a way to get to the target.-


-He laughed and refused.-

“Then why are you wasting my time with this?”

-He also described in detail how your interior teams was eliminated, the targets standard methods of evasion, and named two different clone facilities that we have confirmed occupancy.-

“But no credentials? Very well, commence negotiations and I will . . . ”

-No.  He has explained that he would only speak with you directly.  Ma’am, he named you, your ship, and your current system.  Could this be a counter by the target?-

“Mr. Azariah is a little more direct than that.  The last time one of our ships tried to get a lock on him it was . . . what is the term? . . .ganked.”  She paused.  “Put him off for two days, long enough to slap a tail on him and find out who he is connected with.  Then contact me again and we will see if he is what he says he is.”


“Ah say this is Science.”  Mike yodeled as the ship swung about to release more damage against the sleeper Battleships arrayed against the fleet

“And I say you ought to be dead three times over.  That paper bag should not be able to survive this.”  His fleet mate was protesting against the mounting evidence that a Tier 3 ship could fly in a C5 escallation.

“Well, ya can’t argue with the evidence.”  The last ships exploded in the distance as Mike orbited the sieged cap and grinned at the comms.  “I have got to be getting me a noctis in here.  Taint right that you all do the cleanin.”

Riyu laughed.  “Shut up and take your ISK.”

The wallet icon flashed and another 100 mill arrived, just in time to balance out recent expences and donations.



Being told it is too hard or cannot be done . . . prove it, empirical evidence

Like Jonny Pew’s adventures in null.  Very cool work.  GBA donated 150 mill to his further explorations and vids . . . that good.

Tier 3 ships?  love them.

fly it like you won it


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