CSM Dream Team

“So”  He said, pulling up a chair in the coffee shop.  “Running again, are you?”

Mike grinned over at Scotty and nodded.  Number of open slots has been cut, gonna be interesting to see if the field of hopefuls diminishes in the same manner.”

“It won’t.  I’ve already seen some of the early hype.”

Mike laughed.  “Well for all the joke candidates there are also some good ones coming out to play as well.”

“If SHE catches you complimenting the competition again she is gonna line you up against an asteroid and shoot you.”

“Nah, she might get some organic matter on the rock and she wouldn’t want that.”

“Why do you compliment or give approval for the people who are supposed to be your competition?”

Mike looked off into the distance.  “Because . . . well partially because I like playing the long game.  I see the election as a short term thing followed by a much longer period of the elected having to work together.  Why would I want to burn bridges I hope to cross some day?  I was talking about that to some pilots the other day.  I asked them that if they could CHOOSE a CSM council of 7 and wanted to try to represent all of Eve who would they take?”

“Interesting way to look at it.”

“After the first answer I had to append that to limit the choices, seeing as Mynxee is not in the running.”


“That is what they said.  But it is an interesting exercise.  What aspects of New Eden would you try to represent.  What voices would you want to speak your needs?”

“Did you tell them your choices?”

“They didn’t ask.”

“Maybe SHE will let you live after all.”



OK< so you are trying to make a CSM that is not monolithic but a broad spectrum of players.  Read the platforms, if you have the patience.  Or at least let me know what you think are aspects of the game that need representation.  Do we more than one Null sec?  Would a bunch of Carebears ruin everything?

Who would you choose.  Give me a list and bet entered for a lovely Tier 3 BC of your choosing.

fly it like you won it


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19 Responses to CSM Dream Team

  1. Chan Omari says:

    I think a care bear could be helpful, missions really need an upgrade, the same ones have been around for at least the last 3 years. Eve needs broad representation due to the wide variety of play styles, the current null biased approach leaves a ton of players without a voice. I have two toons, a industrialist and a pvp, I’ll be voting for different delegates based on who ends up representing those two aspects best.

    • mikeazariah says:

      would you prefer new storylines to the mission or perhaps an extra random factor so they become less predictable for rote ‘eve survival’ check the boxes and move on?

      I would be interested in seeing who you decide is the best person to represent industry as I have yet to see somoene really step up for them. Being an insular lot perhaps they are not worth the effort (even if they do make damn near everything in the game) I do not claim to be one, myself as I only make things for myself to have the satisfaction of being in a ship I mined and assembled. and yes it was a battleship.


      • Chan Omari says:

        I’d like to see a watered down sleeper AI used for missions. Granted I haven’t run missions in awhile, but anything you can do afk seems to miss the mark in a video game (let’s not start on mining). As far as industry is concerned, I think the current click heavy / spreadsheet system is great for the “insular” community. But once agin it doesn’t provide enough variables for the Sandbox…..what if high level industry toons could actually produce mods with different attributes (invuls heavy on EM resist, etc)…and perhaps a makers mark so you know whos mods you’re using, might allow industry tycoons to set up chains….Walmart in space!

        Highsec is what brings people to low sec so I can shoot them, we need that new player conduit to be primed.

  2. Crash says:

    CSM 7 Dream Team: Hans Jagerblitzen and Two-Step, so far. I’m not a big fan of The Mittani, so if the remaining 5 seats could be filled with other candidates, I’d be satisfied. Hans is trying to run on a “High/Low Sec Reform” platform and Two-step is the protector of worm-hole space (working as intended).

    I agree with Chan; High Security space needs a little developer love.

  3. Anon says:

    One highsec candidate noone really seems to be mentioning is Iam Widdershins. I’m curious what you think of his platform.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I am still collecting info on all the candidates as they turn up on the ccp approved list. There will be an opinion post coming later in this month, I promise.


  4. Ferritos says:

    im definatly going to be voting for you if you run again, and if you dont ima be voting for mintrolio just because he will troll mittens face off 😀

  5. Cyclades Windu says:

    Surely if you’re going to design a “dream team” CSM then you’re going to want to have at least all major areas of EvE covered, so out of the 7 that will speak to CCP face-to-face you’ll want: 1 null-sec CSM (possibly 2 – with 1 with null indy experience and 1 with null PvP experience), 1 low-sec CSM, 1 WH CSM and 1 high-sec CSM.

    I would have this as a core team as this would (hopefully!) guard against 1 kind of play dominating over others, and should give most people in EvE a voice on the CSM.

    The additional CSM seats should be chosen with regards to how CCP wants to develop EvE during there time as CSM, and as the next theme for EvE will be “War” I’d say these should be additional low-sec/null-sec PvPers (ideally someone with a lot of experience with faction warfare as this area seems to be a problem – even to me a full-blooded carebear!) as these people are at War more than most! These “specialists” would change as CCP change the direction of EvE.

    The 7 who make up the 2nd layer of the CSM would be broadly similar to the first, although they would allow for a broader coverage of play styles which would hopefully cover anyone not represented by the 1st 7.

    An idea that might also be helpful is the idea of using the 2nd 7 CSM’s as a ‘reserve’ team for the 1st 7, so if there was someone who went quiet or had to leave EvE while a CSM then they could step in and represent the players to CCP face-to-face.

    Personally I’m not sure who would fill each position but if you had this as a guide then it might help people to decide who to vote for.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Yup, though you put it better that is exactly the sort of thing I was thinking about.

      Coverage as opposed to a solid wall and a group that refer to itself in the singular. ‘The CSM said’

      But I want a variety of talents beyond just where they fly in space. Trebor’s skills at crowd sourcing, I’d like Teadaze back for the speed he put up minutes, and yes dammit The Mittani for his back room deals and planning. You want somone who can be passionate and someone else who can be cold and calculating. You need a joker and somoene bordering on OCD serious.

      Alex and Roc and myself have all said it. WE ARE NOT ELECTING DEVS. stop looking to the CSM to design the solution to problems. Our job will be to convince the people who are DEVS and their bosses to do the right things.

      I liked this comment so much, CW, I transferred it to my election thread as well.


      • Cyclades Windu says:

        Thanks Mike, I’m glad I managed to get across what I was thinking!

        I definitely agree with you about OOC skills, and I believe that within the EvE playerbase we have what we need to put together a CSM that will help CCP to improve the game even further.

        And yes, if we are still picking our “dream team”, then it might not be enough to have people with the right in game knowledge, we’re going to need other skills too. This might mean that the people we like in game might not be right for the job (and I don’t mean any current, former or future CSMs), and some CSMs we might not like are (The Mittani being an example).

        Above all else I think that communication between the CSM and the playerbase must come first, and more importantly go both ways. As you rightly said above we’re not electing devs for CCP, BUT if they ask the CSM for an opinion, or maybe even a new game mechanic then surely the entire point of the CSM is to give CCP the opportunity to ask the playerbase these questions through the CSM. And it seems to me that this has been forgotten on both sides.

        Sorry if this comes across as a rant, I didn’t mean it that way – honest!

        And I’m glad that anything I’ve said will help you in the next election.

  6. DogArtist says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I’m barely tuned in to the CSM7 stuff, and a few drive-bys of Jita Park have been …. let’s just say “eyebrow raising”. Reading the posts there is a very good reminder of what I don’t miss about all of this.

    Gonna be an interesting election this time around. And a tough one for those who don’t have a bloc vote. Good luck in your quest for a seat, Mike.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Coming from you that means a lot.

      Yeah, some of the threads demand a bag of popcorn and a lawn chair to lean back and watch. You are right, it is tough when a person does not have a solid bloc vote backing them up. Doesn’t stop me from trying, though.

      I didn’t know you read my blog . . . wow, that bring the readership up to 39.


  7. As for a dream team….mmm

    Ide definily want to see twostep and trebor re-elected and probaly seleene.

    A dreamteam in my opinion is an team that lets itself be used as the mechanic that closes the gap between the player base and CCP, working in both directions, like you are suggesting aswell.

    It is also why i think someone like mittens should not be on the CSM, nothing personal, but he just does not meet the requirement i think is the only valid one, being able to stay neutral but have enough technical sense to know what is a topic that should be further discussed.


    Tiger Would

  8. My dream team would probably be: Mittens, Two Step, Selene, Trebor, Mike Azarial, T’Amber and White Tree.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Interesting mix. Lot of previous csm talent in there. Would you have the chair still Mittens if you could control that?


  9. Uskaanax says:

    I don’t see how carebears could ruin everything. CCP has already said that something like 75% or more is in HighSec all the time. What could ruin the game is the dev team not looking at how other games have failed.

    WoW is a huge game not because of the players or their input to the game, but because it’s accessible. The graphics and mechanics are everything that Eve isn’t: easy. I’ve invited several friends from other MMOs and they all have the same complaint, that Eve is too hard to understand and too open-ended. Most of the new players that I’ve met and helped in the past all want to know the same thing, “what can I do in Eve?” and there’s no structure in Eve to provide an answer for that question, which is why Eve is so great. At the same time, it also makes it very hard for the new players and without those new players joining in, the playerbase will never grow, and stagnation can occur. It’s also really easy for a player to spend 2 years playing Eve and never join a fleet of more than 4-5 players. Incursions really help to drive people to fleet more, but the word is that it’s going to be nerfed (which is stupid). Grouping and killing stuff in missions or incursions are the holy grail of MMOs and any good mechanic that brings people together in fleets, encouraging any social activity, should be strengthened.

    The CSM7 really needs to consider how the devs are implementing goals and what those goals are. This is really evident with some of the recent patches where items that had been long overdue were finally implemented (bookmarks, adjustable neocom, etc.). While that’s not really possible, and it sounds like the dev and design teams keep those design goals pretty closely held, the input of the CSM seems to be something that CCP values, or wants to tout as valued. If that’s the case, then the CSM needs to work on that by pushing home the low hanging fruit that’s always been out there, and has been asked for since day one, like a UI that’s customizable, paintable ships (which is being worked on), and more. If the CSM is to be effective, and represent the people of the game, then it needs to find those items, present them and get them pushed in to the design plan.

    MMOs are huge and there are many wonderful examples out there of some monumental failures. Take some time to find out where those games failed, and then move forward without following in their footsteps.

    • mikeazariah says:

      wow, a lot of stuff in there.

      Carebears are, by their very nature, an unorganized group as opposed to the null sec alliances that have been forced to form their own gated communities a political structure. Even if they outnumber the null alliance population I have serious reservations about whether they can ever win a vote again.

      I agree that the new player experience leaves a lot to be desired . . . and you should have seen it in the old days. The funny thing is that I am not sure that making it easy would improve anything. Surviving the harsh introduction to Eve is a sort of rite of passage that eliminates a lot of the people who would not have stuck anyways. More on that if I write the latest Blog Banter topic.

      Low hanging fruit is a good idea except we are in a flipping orchard. There are so many branches at eyes level that as we go for one fruit three others get bypassed.


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