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Go there if you are looking for something about me and my thoughts on the csm.


Use tags to see what I have had to say about the csm in the past . . . tag csm of course




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2 Responses to Campaign link

  1. kry says:

    As a noob corp ceo I do think casual players are underrepresented. This is a catch 22. Csm position is not a casual position. It takes much work to get elected and commitment to finish the job once elected. I fully trust mike to have the second quality. One cannot be a fully casual “I can put this game down any time I feel like player” and a csm. Yet… casual players need a voice. Yet the very people who would bebefit from mike as csm are likely to ask “what is csm?” Rather than know anything about any of the candidates. Csm may adequatly represent hardcore people who run for it and know to vote for it but not the people who try eve every day and tell me no corp wanted them except for mine. There should be perhaps a csm chair for every position.. a high sec one and a 0.0 one and one for worm holes and another for “unconventional gameplay”. so people can run for one position rather than csm in general.

  2. Hi Mike,

    I wish you the best of luck.
    You seem to adhire to the same kind of “morale” as i do, if morale is actually playing a part in regards to the CSM.

    You deserve a seat, more so than i would deserve a seat.

    Fly Safe, will see you around,

    Tiger Would

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