and a split personality psycho

The fleet members started to connect up and begin heading for the rendezvous.  Mike, more to get things started than anything else, began to form the fleet and collect the members out of the GH.  ♠

Mark726, famed for his almost exhaustive work on travelogues of New Eden.  Mike had been following the exploits of this pilot for years.  It was Mark who had asked for a hand doing something stupid and damn if people didn’t line up to join.  Mike thought that Mark might have even been a bit surprised at the almost instant response.

Seismic Stan, Freebooter, writer and audio personality  Mike had followed the dual between Stan and Kirith not sure whom to cheer for.  In the end Kirith won but the event was entertaining in every way.  The entire crew laughed when Stan claimed to not have any way to link up on voice channels.

Gabriels Henchman.  A long time member of the Gallente Hero channel and areliable person to ask information from.  This was a wormholer who thought that lowsec with its sissy ‘local’ was almost cheating.  Mike was depending on him for quick analysis offight or flight decisions.

Mechanoid Kryten.  One of the people Mike had known in New Eden the longest.  She was a pilot who chose a path different from most others.  She was the most worried about possible criminal recods as a result of this adventure and so she brought a Scimitar to help even if she was not directly involved in the shooting.  While she was helping along she discussed the project her and Eve Industrialist were engaged in, Griefergeddon.

So, Stan in a Drake, Kry in a Scimi, Mark in Basilisk, Gabe in a ‘Cane.  Mike looked at the list and fetched a nice ship he had not flown in quite a while.  The Sleipnir glided and swooped, autiocannons gleaming in the starlight.  As they waited for the furthest out to join them the chatter wandered, and so did Mike.  Rats evaporated belt after belt as he ‘tested out the guns’.

Mark scouted ahead, searching for the site he needed them to help him investigate.  Oddly, it was not to be found.  He double swept each sytem in the constellation looking for it but it was almost as if . . .

‘Look, if they don’t want to be found we can still make a short run in to look about, shake out the kinks, eh?”  Mike asked.

The others were enthusiastic except for Mark who was still cursing the lack of opportunity to check out the secret Concord Base.  “Unstable wormhole”  He cursed.

“What did you call me, Mark?”  Mike asked, grinning.

“Apparently a rip in einsteinian space-time.”

“Ah, well then, three bloggers, we will be safe as houses.”

“3 egotistic bloggers, the veldspar queen, and a split-personality psycho….”  Gabriel corrected.

“Even better!”  Mike crowed.  “Shall we gather at the gate into low?”

Three of them did, Gabriel jumped on contact.  “Leeeeroy”  He admitted in a abashed tone.

“Well I guess that makes you the scout.  How is the far side?”


“Then lady and gentlemen, let us proceed.”  Mike paused.  ‘I may be one of the most polite FC’s you will meet.

Laughter followed them into lowsec where they chased some of the scans mark had picked up looking for the elusive Concord secret base.  ‘Rats’ that engaged them melted under the combined fire of drake, ‘cane, and command ship.  Kry practiced gun mining on drones that engaged them and soon declared her hold full.

“Well then, gents.  We shall escort the lady to the gate.”

“No need . . . ”

“I know, Kry.  But it is the mannerly thing to do.”

It was a good thing that they did as the local pirates had noticed the activity in what they had considered their domain and they came out to play.  “Tengu, lachesis, nother Ten . . . ”

“Jump jump.”  Gabe called out, watching local and tallying the odds.

Mike looked down at his fitting and realized that he was not set up for more agressive pirates.  “I agree, do not shoot, just get through.”

Soon all were safley exconsed on the hisec side of a gate and chuckling.  “I am dead on my feet.”  Stan declared.  “I have to be going now.” ♦

As is the way with fleets one exit meant the others would wander off but not before promising Mark that if he found the hidden base they would all regather to try again.



If going into lowsec for heavens sake, fit a pvp fit.  I felt like an idiot without a scrambler or disruptor.

♦ Stan stayed up past three am his local time just to do this.

♠ GH is the Gallente Hero channel.  You are welcome to drop by and chat.  Someone did the other day telling me they had read all of this blog start to finish.  I did, of course, apologise profusely at that point.

Yes, I know we had too many logis for the trio of dps.  I know the ratio for incursions but not lowsec.  What is the good mix for there?

First of the crew to comment here (those who went) will receive the GBA sponsorship ship

Fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to and a split personality psycho

  1. Gabriel's henchman says:

    Not enough time in whs to be called that… And I was slow on the ball… Someone else picked the fleet composition, not me… I just saw what I believed to be a second T3 and decided to stay was suicide… Not sure I yelled to leave, but just that first tengu, I reckon our logi supported fleet could have killed him. 🙂

  2. mikeazariah says:

    The one trouble with using voice is that the record is less permanent than it is with text. Allow me my poetic licence with this one. BTW being first in with a comment does mean you win the GBA sponsored assault frig of your choice.


  3. mark726 says:

    More than a bit surprised, I assure you :-p. Scanned most of the Constellation again last night (though missed two systems), still didn’t see it!

  4. mikeazariah says:

    I think the channel has people who are a willing to try new things . . . and put up with my warped sense of humor. (ie puns)


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