Line up for silliness

There are times, Mike reflected, when being bored could be a very dangerous thing.  Moving ships to chase incursion brought out a ‘wagon train’ attitude as one invasion of Sansha were beaten back and another popped up.  For some this was like being a migrant fruit picker.  Their job was wherever the work lay and moving was just part of it.

“Not me.”  Mike grumbled but he loaded up the Orca and followed the crowd across 19 jumps to the next set of fields.  He sighed.  He couldnt’ even convince himself this was true and he usually trusted what he told himself.

The nice thing is that moving an Orca 19 (17, now) jumps gave you time to catch up with friends and contacts.  He reconnected with his dangerous redhead and touched base with a professor.  Double checked his skill queue and looked at fits.  Considered a side trip to buy something new in Jita.    (14 Jumps)  He checked in and started chatting with the usual folks in Gallente Hero.  Kry was happy that the Goon war had caused a delay of Hulkageddon.  This gave more time to canvas for donations for Griefergeddon.  He sent another note to the GBA in support of this effort and smiled as they sent her a small donation.

“Trouble is, Mike”  Kry explained.  “It is not the size of the donation . . . I wuld appreciate if more people donated just small things, a cruiser, a set of miners, a basic mining ship for the losing or saving.  It doesn’t all have to be in the billions or hundreds of millions.  small donations and word of mouth will go a log further.”

“Well, if I get a chance to mention it I will pass the word along.” ¤

Ideas were tossed about then Mark came onto the channel.  “Mike, I have a proposition for you.”

“Propose away”  (8 jumps)

Mark explained how some lines of research had been bugging him for a while and that he would need help to do them right.  “I tried it solo and got my face melted.  Wondering if you would be willing to come along.”

Mike did not have time to answer before other people started chiming in.  Questions were floated about where, when, what to bring.  Mike grinned knowing that this was a place where the almost surety of being destroyed cheered up the participants and a time was set for a second foray.  This time Mark would have support in his mission.  This time the Gallente Heroes would be there. ζ


Messages sent ahead had a team waiting for the inevitable docking of the Orca so their surveillance could begin again.  The pilot was so predictable that the routine of following him and filing reports was considered easy isk.  Except now he did not show up.  Checking his route showed that he had docked the orca and then flown out in a shuttle to some distant port.

The next report read ‘Pattern has changed, he is no longer following the fields.  Unknown new project.  Recommend increased monitoring.’



Shake things up or risk burnout

¤  Seriously, look up Griefergeddon and if you have even a t1 cruiser you can afford there is a donation link.  How to help is there.

If Mark had not come along I was about to go hunting bots in ice belts.  Having a 5.0 standing means I can do dumb things.

ζ  No, I am not going to give details until we do this both for operational security and because I don’t want the ‘I told you it was dumb’ happening.

OK I need a good reason to fly one of the new tier 3 battlecruisers, this isn’t it . . .so what are they being flown for?  Expensive pinãtas?

fly it like you won it





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2 Responses to Line up for silliness

  1. Jerod Trd says:

    Boredom is truely a dangerous thing…

    As for what the tier 3 BCs are being used for…
    Bait (rarely) suicide Ganking (about a quarter of the cost of a battleship, with cruiser-like tracking, expect to see them being used extensively in place of the suicide battleships where a single hulk is the target) and heavy DPS for small gang warfare.

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