OOC Holiday Version

Well, I managed to get in some good fleets and some bad ones and earn enough isk to give gifts, probably later this day or tomorrow.  Some assault frigs are already send (Jerod if the contract expires before you can get online, let me know)

I would like some feedback at the end of this year as to whether I should continue in the mix of the sci fi story arc I a have been building or would some like a mix of fits and fleet advice and more ‘how to’ articles.

I read every comment.  Honest.

Off for a walk in the woods right now right after a walk in the mall.  Bipolar perambulation.

Have a good safe holiday season. folks.


(Who always flies it like he won it and is afraid to lose it)

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10 Responses to OOC Holiday Version

  1. definitely keep going with the sci-fi arc, its great to read. even if you do throw in a mix of other types of posts, keep going with the fiction

  2. Nash says:

    Great writing, keep up the story arc!

  3. Jerod Trd says:

    Fiction. Even if it tapers off to once a week, keep writing this.
    How-to posts are always cool of course, but to be honest, teaching people how to do stuff is often better done via chat windows to clarify the fittings to each persons mindset and to make sure they understand, rather than simply parroting what they are told.

    Besides, fiction is always enjoyed. 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    Loving the story, keep it up! Been reading your blog for quite a while now, always enjoyable. Fly safe!

  5. H says:

    environmental dissonance perhaps..?

  6. Orbadon says:

    pretty please with sugar on top continue the fiction! 🙂

  7. camlok says:

    Yeahm, fully agree with the posters above, keep the sci-fi.

  8. Bob Fenner says:

    Definitely keep up the scf-fi writing mate. I love science fiction and I love EvE so both in one blog is very good for me!

  9. Deth Delkanara says:

    Keep the fiction. Won’t mind a bit if you mix it up though, so no worries either way. I still vote for keeping the fiction if you can.

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