How old?

They sat on the concourse and watched their target haggling with a local produce vendor.  “I don’t get it.  They guy can buy and sell ships but he haggles over a 5 isk discount?”

“Old habits, no doubt.  Not all podders were born into money.”

“Old habits?  Guy doesn’t look a shade over 25.”

The elder of the trio sighed.  “I know it is hard to get anything through that adamantium plate you call a skull but listen up.  This time we have been hired to tail and report on a podder.  He is not some mark and he is not what he looks like.  They get to CHOOSE their freaking age.”

“Whadaya mean, choose?”

“They got clones, see?  When they order ’em up they get to set the age and hairstyle and hell, scars and tats, if dey want to.  They can change bodies the way you change clothes.  I heard some of them are so used to it that they ‘jump’ to go shopping in Jita.”

“Let me get this straight.  They leave one body on ice and transfer to another for a shopping trip?”

“Ayup.  They also switch so that their precious implants are protected when they is in a more dangerous situation.”

“So they plan to die but don’t sweat it cause they ain’t really gonna die.”

“Right, on the other hand, their crews ain’t got no such guarantees.  Me I would be checking to see what the podder had in his head before I got on board.  Comm in sick if he looked like this was a planned suicide mission.  He empties out his head and any right minded crew who knew would be emptying out their quarters.”

“Yeah well anybody willing ta work for one of those freaks already emptied out their own head.”

“Amen ta that.  Hey, he is on the move.  Log it in.  I’ll start close, you guys follow at usual distances.”



How old is your pilot?

How old does he look?

Do you assume he/she has Tatttoos on every body?  Is that part of the service?

Do you clone jump out of laziness or convenience or to switch heads when going into a more dangerous situation (I do)

fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to How old?

  1. Lightstar says:

    It’s arguable that there’s anything in my head at the best of times.

    I did wonder if I was the only one with a null-clone

    • Lightstar says:

      Phone took out half the text, it has an ai implant… Artificial idiocy.
      Looks about 35, no real markings, kinda want people like aiden to forget me as soon as I’ve snuck past!

      How do we measure years? I was created in around 2003 so what 8-9 hundred years old?

  2. skajit spey says:

    Why I clone jump….all of the above. Regarding crews…they don’t really fit into the premis of the game, as the pod also “protects the pilot from the rigors of space travel” as the pilot is suspended in pod Goo/liquid…the crew, not being in pods, would not be protected and my become Goo themselves maneuvering with the microwarp drive…lol. One must be free to use the imagination here whatever that may be, to keep believing they

  3. Noizy says:

    I’ve always questioned the whole aging and scarring thing for podders, especially since in the Empyrean Age when capsuleers emerge from a new clone they are young and scarless. I’ve really wondered about the Voluval for the Minmatar since it is such an important part of their culture. I can’t believe that it is performed for clones, so I would think that the lack of the marking really sets Minmatar capsuleers apart from the rest of their society. Of the two pilots I associate with one is a Vherokior mystic who is a bit conflicted about the whole thing and the other is his sister who’s a lot upset no one told her about that aspect of being a capsuleer.

  4. Mara Rinn says:

    I have a moderate back-story that would place me at about 25-30 years old, depending on how long I was serving on various ships. Since my capture into slavery involved the destruction of most of my clan, and due to the nature of the voluval mark, the loss of the same was a liberation to me.

    I can imagine that in a few decades time I would suffer with my visual age and possibly seek to age my clones a little. After the mortal human I associate with have passed on, I don’t know what I’ll feel about my apparent age. Perhaps I’ll seek to represent myself at the peak of physical wellbeing, like the vampires of myth and legend.

    My clones have distinct purposes: a mining head, an incursion head, a low/null head, etc. Each clone has a specific purpose and is located proximate to ships suited to that purpose. I don’t do Jita shopping. That’s for people with too much ISK and time on their hands 🙂

  5. Naoru Kozan says:

    Naoru looks like she is in her mid-twenties. Funnily enough, my standard portrait is a shaven head, multilple piercings pirate badass. But when I load CQ I default to an old apperance: cute, Achuran schoolgirl. Definitely does not inspire fear in my opponents!

  6. Jerod Trd says:

    It’ a common problem actually… Jerod’s portrait looks half-decent… But in the quarters… He looks like an absent-minded geek.

    We’re going to need to be able to set facial expressions for our avatars when they are roaming around stations with other podders, otherwise we’re gonna be a bunch of really goofy looking people.

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