The was a all back message on his office comm when he got back to what he currently considered ‘home base’.  He opened up a line and was soon talking to a freelance security specialist name Kriggani.

“So you all were hired by the GBA?”

“Correct.”  The Caldari agent nodded sharply

“And in spite of my asking that the ship be quarantined y’all already been aboard and know what was done?”

“Again, correct.”

Mike sighed.  “Nice to know that we hire good folks.  Well Mr Kriggani, whatchoo find out?”

“Sabotage.  The subsystems were systematically disabled and power looped into an ingenious little device.  By the looks of it, they wanted your ship to vanish during a battle.  But the key information is not what happened then.”

“Is ta me.”

“No, I think you will agree this is slightly more important.”

Mike watched as ship security footage showed the abandonment of the ship. “How did this system survive?”

“Separate power supply, totally isolated from the rest of the ship. Not a feature on standard vessels but the T3’s are already so subdivided that some manufacturers do it as a matter of course.  Not common knowledge so I assume your saboteur was unaware that the ‘cameras were still rolling’.

“Show me.”  Mike s voice was cold, calm.

Images flashed by then slowed as Mike watched a man plant the devices.  Flash forward again as he avoided the evac and stay aboard the dying vessel.  The last set was the most telling.  Kriggani spoke as they watched.  “I am afraid his sabotage was a bit more effective than he planned.  He managed to disable the life support and so was unable to complete what we think hos goals were.”

“I thought disabling the ship was the goal.”

“No, it was just the preliminary.  We followed the footage and found he spent the time after the evac searching all the vessel for something.  He spent the last hours of his life trying to break into your pod, itself.”

Mike snorted.  “Not gonna happen from the inside of the ship.  That was basic pod design, makes mutiny a shade more difficult.”

“Yes, he apparently discovered that for himself as he died still trying to get at you.  My complete files on this matter have been sent to you and my bill has been covered by your backers.”

‘Wait.  What was he searching for?”

“I would not know, that, sir.  I was hired to find out what happened, not why.”

“Are you amenable to a new contract?”

“Why is much harder to to find than how, sir.  This may take some time.”

Mike did not hesitate.  “Send a contract.  I want why and maybe that will give a me a clue as to who.”

Kriggani nodded and closed the connection.  Mike opened a new one with the GBA offices.  “Thank you.”

“We protect our investments, sir.  I see you have been accessing the largesse account again, but one of your ship gifts was not billed to us, why?”

“I sent a gift to some pirates.  It was a personal thanks for what they allow me to do.”

“But I am pleased to see that the assault friagtes you have sent out were all . . . ”

“Good Gallente ships, yes.  I plan on sending one of the new battlecruisers out as an end of the season gift.”

“Send 2.  One from random draw and one to someone you actually think should get it, we will cover both.  Oh and I see we are well represented in the Griefergeddon.”

Mike nodded.  “200 mill so far and I hope to get it up a bit more before it goes live.”

“You are doing well but, Mr. Azariah.  This most recent occurrence has us concerned.  Do you think the enemies you seem to have gathered are a result of your work here with us or  of a more personal nature.”

“Not a clue.  But I aims to find out.  I will keep you informed.”

“Well then the best of the holidays to you, sir.”

“And to you.”



And to you.

Ever wonder about mutiny?  How the crew would love to wring youor scrawny neck for the last time you ‘hulltanked’ or overheated till half of the ships components were slag?

fly it like you won it


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