Party Guests

The touch of his hand to the ID scanner had lit flags in more than one place.  Reactions were varied as to the news that he was still alive and kicking.  Though one might argue that the results were similar.  Armed personnel were dispatched to the hotel in question.

The Ricardo was not what you would call a five star hotel, not four, either.  Three would be stretching it but it might, on a good day, manage that.  What it lacked in amenities it made up in proximity to both the ‘strip’ and the port for normal crewed ships.  Its rates were reasonable, if varied, and it knew when to enforce rules and when to turn a blind eye.  And it had been fully booked from top to bottom by some podder who also had left a note that food would be covered as well, though the crew was on its own for booze.

Faster than light, faster than warp, faster then tachyons themselves, the news of a party where free things exist.  The Ricardo was the place to be because a crew had come in and had been paid a big bonus.  They all were happy and willing to share their largesse.  Doors were left open as the party floated from room to room and floor to floor.

)Ecko 1.  Sit rep.  Consierge confirms the rooms are all booked in targets name but he is not sure which room he is in.(

)Ecko 4 and 6.  I want access covered.  Check everyone going in or out.  2, 3, 5 start at the top and work your way down, room to room.  Hell, he is Gallente libertine, bed to bedamned bed if you have to.(


As they moved into position in what they considered a studiously casual fashion they did not know that another team was watching them.  “I count seven.”

“Which means at least 8.  I am betting a full 10.  The commander is somewhere nearby but offsite.  Too many for you, we just try to get word in and hope he can slip the net.”

“We tried getting word in.  They know how to guard doors and so he is trapped.  You’re right, too many for me to handle alone.  So you are coming in with me.”

“I am a tech, support, not an agent!  I have no idea how to . . .how to . . . you know, do what you do.”

“Did you train to be a tech or did you know it all before you joined?”

“About 3 years of support training, you know that.”

“Well then, school is in session for the next level of support.  The close ‘watch my back’ level.  Lesson one.  They are really easy to spot, you know why?”

He frowned.  “They walk like they have sticks up their asses?”

She nodded.  “Military goons don’t mix well in this situation.  On the other hand we are not going to sneak in.  We are just locals ready to party.”  She unbuttoned a three snaps on her blouse and mussed up his hair.  “Follow my lead.”


)Top three floors.  Nothing.(   The disgust was apparent in the voice.

)Five to go then, Keep sharp.(

“Keep sharp, he says.  he has NO idea what it is like in here.”  Ecko 2 stepped across the couple on the floor and tried not to kick over the stacked cups by the door.  He was not sure but he thought the fumes themselves were starting to get to him as he experienced a flash of disorientation.

Ecko 3 nodded and looked back to make sure 5 was well placed for overwatch.  “Next room.”

“We find this guy I am gonna hit him extra just for dragging us into this den of sybarites and hedonists.”

“Remember. alive until we know where the journal is.  Then long enough for us to have teams track down every one of his damned clones.  We are gonna erase this one so thoroughly only God,himself, will know what hell he was sent to.”

The couple on the floor stirred and the girl declaimed.  “I need to ‘powder my nose’, why don’t you go get us another bottle and we can find us someplace more,”  She sniffed at Ecko 2 and 3, “More private.”  She swayed as she went between them and the young man staggered down the hall in search of the bottle.

“Harlot Minmatar.”

“Don’t be redundant.”  They moved into the room after her.  Now very familiar with the standard layout of the hotel it took but a moment to check behind the furnishing, in the bedroom, leaving only the bathroom where they could hear her singing off key.

“We could ask if she was alone in there.”

“Would we trust her to tell the truth?”


“Wait for her to come out?”

“If she takes too long you want to explain to 10 why we are still on this floor?”


“Door’s locked.”

“I didn’t pay the damage deposit, did you?”

Interior doors are not meant to hold back a solid charge from a trained professional.  On the other hand, said professional is not trained to handle a tile floor that had been liberally soaked and soaped.  He skidded across the room and into the wall with a sickening crunch.  His partner had only a moment to take this in before the lid of the toilet connected with his skull and he lost consciousness.

She stepped out into the hall to find Ecko 5 laying on the floor, soaked in rum and sprinkled with broken glass.  The support tech stood above him.  “I found that bottle you sent me for.”

“Still think we are outnumbered?”

The tech reached down, picked up another bottle and hefted it grinning at Free.


)Ecko 2, respond.  Ecko 3, 5, respond(

“Nothing sir.”

“One is an accident, two coincidence.”

“Three, sir.  All three are out of contact.”

“I know, three is enemy action.  He is in there and somehow they gave themselves away.”

“We going in?”

“No, Cannot risk it.  He would make us kill him and we would be back to square one.  Signal all men to pull out quietly.  We can only hope that the other three will be recovered.”


Mike snoozed on the shuttle back to Bereye.



Ever wonder how many battlegroups have tripped across another roam and wound up in a fight they did not plan to have.  Is that  a bad thing or a good thing?

IF I get on tonight a few of you will find pressies (of the virtual type)

Oh and than k you for the words of encouragement.  This is off the beaten path for me as there is very little Eve in here other than as a backdrop.  But as one of you mentioned, it does make you think about that backdrop we move through.

fly it like you won it


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10 Responses to Party Guests

  1. Noizy says:

    There may not be a lot of Eve in the story, but I do see a lot of New Eden. Looks to me you are getting a jump on the whole attitude difference between us capsuleers and the “military goons” in DUST 514. Pity we won’t see toilet seat covers and rum bottles as weapons in the game.

  2. this is the kind of fiction i love, very little to do with actually being in space, but that makes it better. if i wanted ot read about ships flying in space id go read some battle reports, although i wouldnt mind seeing what an ic battle report looked like

    • mikeazariah says:

      Man I want to try to write a battle report for last nights incursion fleet I was in but I do not think I could do the comedy of errors justice. Amazingly we lost no ships but five had to dock for repairs (myself included due to overheating)

      My favorite part was getting all the way through a NMC (Mining vanguard site) only to find NONE of us had ore.

      For all of that, though it was more organic and less mechanical than some of the blitz fleets I have been in.


  3. mikeazariah says:

    The truth is, I thought it mattered – I thought that music mattered. But does it? Bollocks! Not compared to how people matter. (From the movie Brassed Off 1996)

    A good story should always be about the people. But damn it IS nice to have a decent background with depth, otherwise you are a scooby doo animation


  4. Jerod Trd says:

    Hey, you leave the talking mongrel alone, sacred ground man! 🙂 but no, this kind of thing is what I could imagine a seriously brassed off military contingent to try and pull… Given the lack of imagination they have shown so far in their tactics, I imagine they are probably gonna be much more… Direct in their efforts, that or look for a merc unit… But given how worried they are about keeping This under wraps, I don’t think they want Merc’s involved… Maybe CVA troops? Fantics will believe anything… As for ‘pressies’ I imagine a few of us are out of game for a while, 2 weeks in my case… And besides, you are writing good fiction, how good is your relationship to in-game security services and navies? Cause I imagine neither any navy is gonna be very happy with amarrian spec ops units kicking in doors in hotels looking for a podder… Could set a nasty precedent.

  5. Deth Delkanara says:

    It’s a good story with a solid backdrop and it does hint at the things that go around in Eve, thank you for writing it. How many times have you gotten the mission to kill some spy, traitor or smuggler? Ever wonder what is going on, what the back drop may be, what the consequences of certain actions might be, this touches on it. Missions are sometimes poorly written but the idea is to frame the usual MMO kill x targets or “get 20 bear asses” into some situation that provides a reason for you doing so and a reason that someone else is willing to pay to have it done and not go do it themselves. This story adds that and I appreciate the effort and have enjoyed reading it.

  6. Lightstar says:

    Makes you wonder if dust could overlap to station combat and cov ops vs capsulers. That’d be a pain, log in to find you’d been capped “in your sleep” new dimension to bounties…

    • Jerod Trd says:

      Oh hell, I hope not… If they wanna go down that road they’d better release a PC version, so that I can join the action… Biggest problem I’ve seen so far is that my sister owns the PS3 and she’s got no interest in fighting other people’s battles.

      On a side question though… Could the tech that provides the soldiers with the immortality so desired by generals for centuries be adapted for a ship’s crew?

  7. Pingback: A Change is Gonna Come | A Missioneer in Eve

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