Song-thing different and seasonal

To the tune of Oh baby It’s cold outside

I just want to play (Oh baby let’s go to bed)
There is a CTA (Oh baby lets go be bad)
Fleet’s been forming up (You been sitting there posting smut)
Since 10 this night (I’m not asking for much, just turn off the light)

The CEO is in a rush (It’s a game, so why don’t you hush)
My FC is calling for more- (He sounds like a nagging bore)
They count on me in the clutch (Honey you play much too much)
I’ve undocked and the I’m off top P4 (that cloud is pretty, show me some more)

My friends, they all think (baby, they mostly don’t)
That Eve has a stink (ooh that big ship just got pwnd)
They won’t let me explain (That rohk looks just like a train)
It’s worth the pain (How do you make a new account again?)

I don’t know if they’ll let you join (I’m talking to your FC now)
The enemy is all docked up    (What other trouble can we get into)
I guess I won’t play (baby I’m on a roam)
I guess we have to playyyy


Ever try to get your significant other to play?

I know a few of you have, with mixed success.

This is, in part an entry into a Holiday Eve contest . . . Minmatarts ftw and partrly my answer to some of the awesome songs done by others.  Sadly my voice is a bass and not suited to duets with anyone other than Cher (Call me, sweetie)

fly it like you won it


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4 Responses to Song-thing different and seasonal

  1. Deth Delkanara says:



  2. Gave me a good laugh.

    I’ve tried to get my girlfriend to play. She always smiles and says that she’s interested, but just not “right now” (TM). Oh well.

    • kry says:

      Wow she sounds totally fake. No offense but she probably gives u relationship manipulative answers and makes herse3lf sound nurturing and submissive to protect ur ego and remain attractive to you then bashes u behind ur back to her girlfriends. I don’t know you.. for all I know that’s the only kind of lady u like and anything more direct would bore you or turn u off. But U should find this study I read once that says gamer girls are more likey to be married and more likely to be happily married. Then u shud hook her up with some petty griefer corp. She reminds me of a girl I knew in college. The girl I knew would have enjoyed canflipping “idiots”. Or maybe corp spying. Cuz that type of girl thinks anyone who believes her lies is stupid and deserves it. Iether that or ur girl truly is that passive agressive she can’t tell her man “no” on the grounds that that’s too argumentative… and wud make a wonderful eve carebear.

  3. kry says:

    I’ve had 2 kids in my corp try 2 get their *moms* to play. First one refused to listen to me and ger her hooked on wow first. 2nd one has mom that plays some game with levelling up in a persistant world so good luck to him. Guys… please don’t buy ur wife a character with a hulk and order her about telling her how to play (mine in o.o specially in a pvp corp that frowns on mining but let’s her get away with it only cuz they want you to stay in the corp) ! How wud u like eve if, say, you are 15 years old and thus less experienced with gaming on the eve scale, and your older 22yr old brother did that to you… got u someone elses character and told you to mine with it… instead of letting u do the noob tutorial missions and enjoy each ship and skill upgrade and find your own way?

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