You can only stay in a small metal room so long before you get stir crazy.  The cabin on the ship was even less inviting than a Minmatar cell sometimes laughingly referred to as ‘Captains Quarters’.  So Mike wandered the ship as it lumbered back to port.

One hall of the third deck looked interesting and he stood by the door watching what only could be described as a  . . . no, he had no works for this sort of thing.  The workers were chopping up corpses, more specifically, the heads and necks.

“Don mean ta innerupt but whatcha all doin?”  Mike asked after they pulled the third corpse up onto the table.

“Headhuntin.”  The man with the saw carefully opened the top of the next skull.  “Seeing what we can get in the way of implants.”

Mike frowned.  “I was told the only way to remove an implant was to destroy it.”

“Close.  The only way to survive removal of an implant is to destroy it.  But if we get lucky and carefully cut out the surrounding tissue we sometimes mange to salvage something.”  He took a small ceramic scalpel and started to carve his way in.  “Most times it is just a bit of nanometals and that’s it but I heard one ship managed to get a ‘Snake’ outa some podders head.”

Mike rubbed the back of his neck and frowned.  “This common knowledge, then?  Cause I sure ain’t heard of it in my circles.”

A rough laugh answered him.  “I doubt the farmer explains the facts of life to the hog.  But this is just busy work.  The battle back there left thousands of wrecks and so we do what we can to make what we can.  An incursion takes a lot out of a systems but it leaves a lot behind, as well.”

Mike nodded and wandered on, thoughtfully.



How scary would it be IF they could scavenge your head? If you think about it, adding the pod contents into the killmails is a possible first step towards that.

Have you ever seen the deck plans of our ships?  I did for a couple of ships a long time ago and it was . . . staggering.  You could spend time wandering a BC and not get quickly bored or repeating yourself.

fly it like you won it



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