“Ok, Ev, whatcha got to show me?”  Mike crossed the hanger floor calling ahead to the refit officer.

“Oh, you gonna be thankful you be a deep down Gallente man.”  Ev tapped some keys and a ship hologram rotated above them.


“Now dis be some working designs for the new ship comin outa the yards.  But you wanna know the sweeeeeet ting about it?”

Mike was barely listening, taking in the smooth symmetry of the vessel.  “What?”

Ev touched some more controls and the stats appeared below it.  It took a moment for Mike to spot it.  “Got ta be a typo.  Looks like you could fit large guns on that beauty.”

“It gits betta, mon.  Word is that they is finally gonna be upgrading the hybrids ta be a reasonable threat to ships other than themselves.  Combine these two together and you got. . . . ”

A huge grin spread across Mikes face.  “You got a world of pain wrapped up in a little glass box.  Battleship weapons in a BC hull is another way of praying the enemy does not return fire.  But if you get the right alpha in . . . ”

“Ain’t ever been return fire from wreckage.”  Ev nodded.  “Gonna be expensive, though.”

“I’ll start saving my empties.”  Mike laughed and clapped Ev on the back.  “I have to contact the GBA, when this comes out we have GOT to give one out to some lucky pilot.”

Battlecruiser Skill Bonus:
5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage
10% bonus to the velocity factor of stasis webifiers per level.

Role Bonus
95% reduction in the powergrid need of Large Hybrid Turrets
50% reduction in the CPU need of Large Hybrid Turrets

High slots: 8
Mid slots: 4
Low slots: 5

CPU: 400
PG: 1150
Calibration: 400
Turret Hardpoints: 8
Rig Slots: 3
Rig Size: 2

Structure HP: 2597
Capacity: 600 m3
Drone Capacity: 25 m3
Drone Bandwidth: 25 Mbit/s
Mass: 12,000,000
Volume: 270,000
Inertia Modifier: ?

Armor HP: 2272
Armor EM: 50%
Armor Exp: 10%
Armor Kin: 35%
Armor Therm: 35%

Shield HP: 2111
Shield Recharge: 140.00 s
Shield EM: 0%
Shield Exp: 50%
Shield Kin: 40%
Shield Therm: 20%

Capacitor: 3100
Recharge time: 775.00 s

Max Targeting Range: 70 km
Max Locked Targets: 7
Scan Res: 230 mm
Mag Sensor Strength: 20 pts
Signature Radius: 200

Agility: 0.56
Max Velocity: 210
Base Warp Speed: ?




wow, just . . .wow

I love the lines and the fact that this is not a win button but a more black and white win/lose choice.  Glass cannons are notorious for being wept about on both sides of the fence.  ‘too powerful’ ‘weak, I lost another one’

I don’t have a prize this week but I am saving (Thank you Alice K) for prizes in the future and I will almost absolutely be giving one of these away.

My question for you for the next post is armor or shield?  which is the better ship style?

fly it like you want to win another


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15 Responses to Talos

  1. Marcus Janus says:

    I currently fly shields, the drake is just to good of a ship for what I do to not do it ( mostly missions) but with the patch notes and the changes coming I’m starting to train up my armor and hybrid skills!

  2. mararinn says:

    Just remember that these stats are what is currently in the “chaos” build. They haven’t even made it to Singularity yet. Once the new tier-3 battlecruisers arrive on Singularity, we’ll have a better idea of what these ships will be like in-game.

  3. Bleys says:

    I would like to point something to speculate about. The CCP modified model has only four hard points that look correctly sized for large turrets. The other four (two on the wings, one on tail, one in front of four main guns) only look suitable for medium guns. Its worth pointing out that the tornado has not been shown yet by CCP artists. Its entirely possible to speculate this could mean a number limitation on large guns (potentially four).

    However, while this is possible I now feel its unlikely considering the good press 8 large turrets has been getting. Either the model is going to change slightly, or they are going to impose turret limits that we do not yet know about. That model just speaks volumes about the modelers (and CCP) never originally intending to use eight BS weapons.

  4. Bleys says:

    On the topic of shield vs armor…

    Armor suffers from its negatives a lot more in buffer setups then shields do. The amount of extra damage taken due to signature increases is largely countered by the passive regeneration and increased speed compared to armor fits. Armor buffers only have reduced signature sizes, and that is largely countered via slower speeds and less maneuverability. A closer look at numbers shows that shield moduals either need more signature negatives, or armor ships need reduced speed/agility penalties. Not much change is needed, but a little balancing is.

    On the side of active moduals, shields scale better when you throw money at them. This is largely due to the combinations of deadspace moduals, shield boost amps, crystal implants, and blue pill boosters. The shield boost amps are particularly powerful additions causing the amount repaired to skew toward shields.

    For a Myrm or Hyperion to tank over 1000 dps requires two to three armor repairers. A shield fit can do the same with a single booster. This is due to the fact that the next size up in shield boosters uses approximately twice the powergrid of its smaller counterpart. The results are you can save a slot by oversizing your shield booster, but you can not oversize armor Repairers. When combined with shield boost amps, the savings in slots scales vertically very fast.

    Its also worth noting that shield boosters are “instant repair” moduals while active armor have delayed repair.

    Now, I do understand the downsides of active shield tanks. Most notable is they are very capacitor inefficient. With low skills and no shield boost amps a normal ship (no shield boost amount) you are basically trading 1 cap for 1 shield. Armor repair is much more efficient use of capacitor to amount repaired at the baseline. My point is that above the baseline this becomes largely a mute point. A Nightmare with expensive moduals, implants, and combat boosters can tank upwards of 3000 dps. That is not possible with active armor repair, even on bonuses hulls.

    Which is better? Shields are for pansies, and real men hull tank.

  5. satyrwood says:

    Alright, we all know I’m coming down on the Armour side. But let’s be realistic: I’m Khanid. Bleys makes a lot of good sense. I always find that when Buffer tanking I can milk more EHP out of the armour, but that could very well be skills.

  6. Lolmer says:

    Armour, definitely. One mid for point, one mid for web, one mid for propulsion and you only have one slot left, which isn’t enough for a shield tank. Best use it for a second web! 🙂

  7. Bleys says:

    One thing I forgot to mention. Armor and Shields have vastly different skills.

    Shields require a larger mix of skills to get the most out of them. However, Shield Compensation skills are largely irrelevant. Armor has a lot fewer revelevant skills, but Armor Compensation skills are comparatively vastly more important in most fits.

    I think something that could go a long way toward balancing shields and armor would be to rebalanced the Rig negatives. I would also like to see a new skill that counters some of the speed/agility issues of armor plates.

  8. Kieran Tremzark says:

    ohgodno! not Tankism discussion, we see enough of this in BTL/TDF, just because you chose a certain tank type it doesnt matter what is on paper, the person is going to be a tankist bitch and declare that their tank is the best because they clicked a button when they started playing eve that determined which race they would fly and generally speaking what tank type they will follow

    Shield and armor both have positive and negative sides, and like bleys said, armor could do with a bit of balancing against shield but generally they both have a time and place where they excel or fail.

    • mikeazariah says:

      It is some of the btl/dot that prompted me to write the next post.


    • Bleys says:

      This is a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” that we call Eve Online. Armor tanks may very well be the Rock in this game, especially in certain ship classes. The sad part, however, is that Shield tanks can be Rock, Paper, or Scissors often two at the same time. I feel this statement sums up the tank debate.

  9. Tennebrosa says:

    Been a while since i commented on EVE (or did anything EVE related in fact)

    I’m actually looking forward to these new ships and if anything could get me back into EVE it would be a cross between my beloved Cane and Pest. the Talos looks awesome, the Tornado looks well… like a standard mimmy ship, and i think the concept is definitely aiming at the small gang pvp market that everyone mourns the loss of.

    I do have some problems with this idea though. while new ships are great, it’s going to be in direct competiton with the (already) crowded category of the facemelting blaster boat (the brutix- alright it was never going to beat this thing). in the Talos it’s pretty cut and dried since large gun tracking won’t matter with one or two webs put on it. the Tornado i find is a different matter.

    I’m worried that the Tornado will simply render the Hurricane Obsolete, except as anti-cruiser/frigate warfare. which is crap because the hurricane is a great boat and it deserves better than that. on the other hand i’m also worried that the Tornado will be crap unless it gets a sizeable tracking bonus- if not it’ll just be a tankless BS that can’t hit anything smaller than a BC but get’s pwned by every proper BS….

    on shields versus armor, I, like most Matar pilots use both. Both have their merits, and shielding is defs superior for most kinds of PvE, while in PVP it simply depends if you’re going solo or not. you really need the mid slots for small-gang/solo pvp to work, so armor, but for larger confrontations the Extra DPS is worth lack of point/web.
    In PvP though i’m an armor man. I like being able to hold you in place while i smack you down, armor buffer/close range rape cane for ever. But then again that’s probably because my armor skills are better than my shields…

    At the end of the day anyone who blatantly sings that one is more superior than the other is an idiot. Shields are way over hyped, simply because the majority of people use them. learn how to use both, and recognise when one performs better in a certain situation.


    • mikeazariah says:

      I think there we be the flurry of flavour of the month followed by the ships finding their slots.

      I am curious if they will be insurable properlu or whether it will be like flying t3’s


      • Bleys says:

        After some playing around on Sisi, I think all these ships will be fun to fly. They can almost get under the guns of Battleships, and have decent speed with an overheated MWD. Should certainly be fun.

        However, they so not seem to be the end all be all of ships. Piloted poorly they don’ t have enough EHP to brawl down a BS. Also against smaller ships they have damage mitigation issues and a lack of drones to counter it. If I can stay under the guns of a Thorax while webbed, how threatening will a Talos really be?

      • Bleys says:

        Talos got given its drone bay back. Full flight of light scout drones is a go.

  10. Beamer Grey says:

    These things will be prenerfed when they hit the actual server, and it will be a month before their prices stablize.

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