More than a lot of my other posts, this one will be written in a split style.  RP and OOC . . . It is how my mind works, live with it.


Mike finished sending off the contract to Serpentine only to have the comm chime as if it was reacting to what he had just done.  “Heyas”  he drawled, opening the channel.

The silhouette that responded had a familiar voice.  “I think we had a bit of a disconnect, Mr. Azariah.  We sent you a Megathron to award.”

“Yup, just handed the ship out.”

“No, sir, you handed out a Megathron Navy issue . . . one of the flagship designs of the Gallente fleet.”  The shock was apparent in the GBA backers voice.

“Yup, I been working for a while and kinda stacked up some favors so I called them in for this.”

“We will be unable to reimburse you the difference . . . and you awarded it as though WE had given it out.”

Mike nodded.  “Yup.  That is how it should be.   Didn’t cost me much and it made the Gallente Benevolence Association look better . . . is that a problem?”

“no . . I just . . . um . . . no, thank you, I suppose.”  The channel closed on a very confused shadow.


I asked a lot of folks about who their heroes were in this game and got a variety of answers and then I started to sort them and realized that there was not as much variety as I thought.  A few names came up in both of my categories, which really says something about those players.

So one of the categories is the RL heroes of an online game.  People who do so much for the meta game, from the outside that their value spills into the game itself.  I asked vets and I asked relatively new players.  I spent a fair amount if time reviewing my history in the game and what I have seen.  Chribbas name came up a lot . . . for the file share and for what he does in game.

I asked Chribba who his hero was and he replied CCP RealX.  Issler Dainze added Petur and John T. at CCP to the list when I asked him.  Brett Macdonald  said that he admired the blogging and external media that has built around the game.  I would include programmers of the 3rd party apps in that list.  Pyjama sam and Roc, Mechanoid Kryton and The Aideron programmer Marcel Devereux .  I know I am missing names here but I am trying to keep to the people I had suggested to me.


She swayed into view as he closed the connection and sat on the other end of the couch.  “He really doesn’t get it, does he?”

“Probably never will.  He is the type who judges things by the balance at the bottom of the page.”  Mike leaned back.  “I wonder if he even has heroes?”

“Do you?”  She looked at his profile as he leaned back and stared at the ceiling.

“Tons of them.  Comes with meeting a lot of people, doing a lot of things.  I find folks in each walk of life I wish I could be more like.  Mechanoid Kryten, for instance.  I have seen her fight to keep a corp alive, station herself in a gunnery slot of a POS to stand off wardecs and do all the dirty chores of a corp without a murmur of complaint.  I know other pilots have the same admiration for their CEO’s and Directors”

He gestured at the screen that was advetrtising a new corp recruiting  “Asking about, I was told of great FC’s, CEO’s who built something special whenever they set their hands to it.   One person I spoke with mentioned Big Blue, another,  Eve University.  I have seen pilots form communities that thrived and others that never managed to get off of the ground.”  He sighed.

“One of the cruel truths of heroics is that they are only considered special if they are successful.  We remember the people who tried and won, forget those who took the same risks and failed.  I think a big part of it is that few heroes set out to be what they eventually became.  I was talking with Chribba and he said . . . ”

“Wait, Chribba, the guy who flies a Titan in hisec . . . that Chribba?”

“Yeah, though he has been making a try outside of hisec space and it kinda went south for a bit . . . ”

She rubbed her face.  “You were . . .chatting with him?”

“And trading messages, yeah.  How else am I going to find out what happened in 9UY?  I asked him a set of questions over a couple of days and he answered, just like last time.  Anyways this time he actually had to be told he was under attack.  He jumped right in a ship to head over to . . .how did he say it?”

I set course for 9UY, to be there for some memories, also posted in the SBU thread thanking people for allowing me to run the system.  The first FC was Obsidian Hawk, and the biggest alliances to join in was EVE University and NCDOT, all were pretty much on “my” side as everyone came to shoot the SBU’s – unsure if any of the actual aggressors were there trying to keep them safe.

“Ya see, he is so well known and liked and respected in the game that when folks take a poke at him a lot of power steps up to the plate to defend him.  Eve University scrambled a fleet and warped a long way just to defend the man and his social experiment in 9UY.”  He chuckled.

“So I figured I would take the time as to how he got started and whether he had set his golas to become this sort of icon early one.”

I didn’t really have any goals when I started at all, I was just looking for something that was like the old ‘Elite’ games. Everything else just grew over time and I am quite happy where I am today I don’t have any direct goals at the moment, I am pleased with what is going on and if something new happens to come up I will try go for that then, but right now I’m just enjoying the game and the community like I have all these years 🙂

“Ya see?  He didn’t set out to become household name of New Eden, it just happened.  Kinda the opposite of the other most well known name . . . The Mittani.”

“He’s not a hero.”  She said making a face pulling her long legs up under herself.

“Not to you, maybe, but he has a devoted following amongst a very large alliance.  He did manage to get elected to the CSM and somehow gets away with saying whatever he wants, proclaiming himself to be a sadistic bastard and there are still those who think he is the next best thing to sliced bread.  The BIG difference is that he has bought into his own cult of personality to the point that I think he has become a caricature of himself.  He was impressive, once, but now he hold a cartoon mask up where his face used to be.  Sad, in a way, because it will be really hard for him to manage to ever take the mask off again.”


There is a fine line between heroes and villains.  Some of the folks I talked to said they admired the ‘bad guys’ of Eve and had a problem thinking of many good guys who were famous.  There are small ‘h’ heroes but not Heroes.

In lieu of Heroes we get celebrities.  Them we have.  The Bad Bobby‘s and Istvaan Shogaatsu‘s.  Quite a few people I asked mentioned pilots who could melt the faces off of an opposing force . . . but they weren’t heroes.  Just celebrities.  In an earlier post the same point was made about villains sometimes can be admirable, but that does not make them Heroes, just admired.

“Your enemy is never a villain in his own eyes. Keep this in mind; it may offer a way to make him your friend. If not, you can kill him without hate — and quickly.”
Robert A. Heinlein

Just because someone is playing with a different set of goals or a different play style does not mean you cannot hold admiration for their accomplishments.  They are playing their game and I suppose, somewhere deep down they are heroic in their own right.  I have trouble imagining someone who was working and not feeling that something was accomplished.  In that direction lies burnout.

Is that it?  As long as we feel something is happening then we keep playing.  Since Eve is so player driven the something happening lasts far longer than a lot of other games where level cap is reachable and then what?  Raids?


“Who else?”  She leaned forward a little and he almost lost his train of thought.

“Well, entertainers are not Heroes but there are the folks that make a stand knowing it is not going to go well for them.  Fleets have a term ‘Hero Tackle’ and that pilot usually knows that he has a limited life expectancy.  Biggest Hero I have seen flying was a while back but it still sticks in my memory.  Divya was flying a jamming Scorpion and the fleet got overrun.  She jammed the enemy ships long enough for everybody else to get clear.  Her ship didn’t make it.  I have NEVER heard a fleet respond with such raw admiration as that day.”  He sighed.

“But then there are the folks like Bleys who try to raise the game for people around them.  Like Chainer”  He watched her tense.  “His name, not his profession.  He and Garheade built Project Halibut which is a great starting place AND a place for Vets to also visit and chat.  Kirith, who has given up two Capital ships to be a focal events.  The early leaders of the incursion response fleets like Hardin.  People who design fittings to the level that all other ships are compared to their designs like Wensley or Garmin.  The Renaissance Man, Roc Wieler.  The list could go on and on . . . some of the pilots have retired or cut way waaaaay back but still could rally others in a moment with the power of their names and reputations.  Pilots like Mynxee.”

He shook his head.  “Problem is I only know a small corner of New Eden.  There are pilots out there who don’t speak my language and probably have their own heroes whom I have never heard of.  That does not lessen their heroics, just indicates my ignorance.”

He paused and turned to look her square in the eye.  “When push comes to shove, you are also one of my heroes.  You cannot tell me you do what you do for the isk.  You do it because you care, because you are damn good at it, and because it needs to be done.  That is a pretty good description of a hero to me.”

She sat, stunned for a moment.  “Me?” the word was whispered.




And you, pilot.  I cannot imagine anybody NOT playing Eve reads this.  Are you a hero of your own story?  Are you a loyal sidekick?  This broadly connects to the recent blog banter discussing immersion but I am not asking how involved you are in the game but how much the game involves you.  Very Kennedy, eh?


Congratulations to Serpentine Logic, he got the Megathron (Navy issue, contrary to the GBAs intent)

In conclusion

fly it like you won it


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20 Responses to Heroes

  1. noise says:

    My heroes are those that can successfully maintain a good corporation. Keeping the players engaged and active, willing them to log in by promising them action that they will enjoy.

    Unfortunately, one by one my heroes seem to disappear hence my recent state of affairs.

    I also admire the meta gamers such as yourself. Persistently engaging us in your views and wonderful stories.

  2. i would have to say that i agree that mittens (the mittani) isnt a hero as such, you have ot admire the size of his balls to do some of the things hes done!.

    another very well written post

    • mikeazariah says:

      I keep thinking of the quote from Harry Potter.

      After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things — terrible, yes, but great.


  3. Gabriel's henchman says:

    The sad thing about heroes, is that they are mortal… Terribly so in fact. People I once almost respected for their ability to react well to a situation, in retrospect I realize that their reactions were bluster, others, having earned my respect from their reactions to a crisis in the corporation, (In the case I’m thinking of, a prima Dona who’s can of BPOs were misplaced during an evac and tried to hold the corp to ransom by seizing POS modules) then back up and leave for greener pastures when the corp numbers fall to the point where it’s little more than an alt-corp.

    I believe the poem ‘If’ by Kipling describes perhaps the mos accurate description of the heroic traits…. And simply calls it being a man. I do not know chibarra, but to hold him on a pedestal, I will avoid looking too closely at his achievements, for fear of finding another hollow shell, if, by some miracle our paths cross, and I find him to be what the myths around him claim him to be… I’d probably have to swear fealty to him and serve under him, whatever doomed social experiment he tried his hand to.

    More likely I’d just turn and continue to wander… There’s a nullsec industrial corp that I’ve flown with before… I’ll probably go join them rather than trying my hand in chibarra’s almost doomed experiment.

    Best of luck to the legend though.

  4. evehermit says:

    Congrats Serpentine – I enjoy following his blog. My EVE related heroes are actually those who have provided the 3rd party tools which help bring some structure, and even control over your interactions with the game. Ombey for his 2D EVE Maps, Wollari for his DOTLAN EVE Maps, Gripen for EFT, and the varied makers of EVEMon. I use their tools daily, they help me plan and set goals, and they have kept me playing longer than I might otherwise have.

  5. satyrwood says:

    Great post, as always. Grats to Serpentine!

    Ooh, yes. When you asked me about heroes I completely forgot the players that make things work behind the scenes. Much love for the out of game resources and programs.

  6. Marv Velt says:

    (Hey, the question is: What kind of role we play in this game ourselves? Instead I see we’re all answering the last posts’ question: naming our heroes once again… so let me go ahead and try to see if I can make some sense here with shedding some light on the part I try to play in EVE)

    I started playing EVE and took in the overwhelming possibilities a person has in terms of: what he wants to become. I felt that the part I would want to play was: trying to become a hardened combat veteran. A highly skilled pilot, deadly as a venomous snake. Someone who will fly in when calls of distress are made to knock out the enemies and save damsels (or gentlemen) in distress.

    So far for my own vision. In-game? Different story. I am slowly improving my skills but am still nowhere good at anything. I was in a mission-zone and suddenly found myself getting targeted by another vessel who had suddenly jumped into my zone (I didn’t know about ninja salvaging back then). I quickly targeted the other vessel and… instead of waiting to get my head blown off, I decided not to wait, but heroically, take the initiative.

    Well let us say I learned a thing or two about EVE’s game mechanics that night and yes Concord is surprisingly fast to respond in 0.9 space.

    Another lesson I learned is: I am still miles away of being able to help anyone, let alone myself, out there in EVE. So I am now focussing on a little less dramatic heroism. I am tagging along with other players in EVE, slowly learning the ropes and better understanding what needs to be done in order to succeed. A bit like a sidekick, yes.

    Taped to my Condor’s console is a small piece of paper with a quote. One that seems to fit me like a glove.

    Let me share it with you:

    “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.”
    – Arthur Ashe (professional tennis player,

    • mikeazariah says:

      I agree with the quote but NOT with you being too small to help. There are lots of places even a three week old veteran can help the 1 week old. You actually have the advantage over me as you have experienced the latest starting out quests and tutorials.


  7. Bleys says:

    My heroes are the new pilots. They are fighting outgunned, outclassed, with low knowledge bases. Their wallets are tiny, and they are resource and skill point starved. Yet they continue to play a game alongside skilled pilots and billionaire’s. People who throw their only battlecruiser against players in pirate battleships during briefer wardecs.

    Eve is a hard universe. Its even harder when starting out. Players who can buck the curve and come out on top, those are my heroes.

  8. kry says:

    Thanks for your admiration mike. Luckily you were too busy flying incursions too notice the really poor showing I’ve put forth since selflessly running and defending that noob corp you remember.

    Let’s just say while I still don’t understand why any female pilot wants to pvp… I have come to understand why one would want to grief. Luckily I had a friend with me when I reached this understanding who reminded me of my better nature. I remembered who my hero in eve was and managed to come to my senses before I switched sides. I read in the new york times yesterday that Aristotle used to call a very moral person a “measure” because you would be able to measure yourself by them. I have used Chribba as a measure in the Aristotelian sence. (Is that last one a geeky sentance or what?)

    Which is a reason you don’t want to name buildings after living people… u never know what they will do next.

    But I have also become more understanding toward the whiners and moaners in eve… maybe they just aren’t in the right environment for them. I am good at running a noob corp and I am again happily serving them selflessly. I am doing better at it because of my misadventures. But I seem to be a one-trick pony. Put me somewhere else … like a 0.0 alliance made of people who never heard of red dwarf… and I inpsire the opposite of admiration like yours. What’s worse i let not one but two 3rd party apps die in the process! But i’ll finish them eventually… ccp-soon!

    Another character that seems to inpire me to do well in eve is the service-droid from Red Dwarf I named my character after. If I role play serving humans I seem to get a eve corp that loves me. If I let it go to my head and get an ego things go boom quickly. (And I can’t belive I was going to make a rimmer when I first logged in!)

    Kry (mechanoid kryten).

    • mikeazariah says:

      You should specify which type of pilots you would like to help. I have been asked if you are recruiting and what you are looking for…


      • Kry says:

        LOL just send them to read corp description and convo me. i’ll take anything that isn’t a high sec griefer and doesn’t mind noob questions and occasionally me rattling on about coding and how great it is to run a corp w/o undocking for a week or some nonsense like that i take pride in. tho recently

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