Mike had spent most of the afternoon doing ship things and promotional efforts for the GBA.  She watched from the side as he would smile and chat with people from all walks of life, treating each with a mix of humor and manners.  She used a side comm to do a bit of research and check the stellar classifieds.  Her ‘control’ had made it to a safehouse and was now a few systems over.  She would not need him for this next project and was not even sure if the organization needed to know about what Mike was doing.

He was on the big screen taking an incoming call.  “Mahk, you busy?”

“Jube, hells no, whatchoo want?”

“Going to be taking a fleet into lowsec, Gallente space in a bit, you want in?”

“Scimi do?”

“Basi would be preferred.  But we’ll see when the time comes.  I do have another question for you, while I have you here.”

Mike leaned back and winked at Free on the side.  “Fire away.”

” Mind if I add you to a list of mine?”

Laughing, Mike asked.  “Depends, is it a list of people to kill?”

“No,”  Jube laughed back. “I’m finding pilots that are keen on lowsec incs and lowsec combat in general.  Are you keen for both or ?  When I run assaults I find out who’s keen for inc and combat and add them to my list to call upon when the time calls.”

“Add me . . . I am willing to take a risk, every now and again.”

“Which, Sansha, pirates or both?”

“Both, I have not done a roam in a long time but sometimes I want to fly things with guns attached.  Just remember, I fly a bit of everything.”

“Awesome, my list is getting bigger.  If my list was big enough you’d probably be in my mom fleet right now, killing that lowsec once and for all.”

Mike laughed when the conversation ended and looked over at Free.  “I’ll be heading out after dinner.  You okay here for a day or so?”

“I’ll manage.  I’ll do those errands on the surface while you are gone.”  Free stretched and rolled her head.  Mike got a brief glimpse of her black widow tattoo  and smiled. He could not forget that the first time he had seen her she had been a floating corpse in space.  She would do what was needed to get close to a target.  He could admire the form and the grace but he never forgot what she did for a living . . . killed slavers.

Over dinner (panfried steaks, cornbread, and okra) she asked him about Jube.  Mike leaned back and took a sip of water before answering.  “Diffrent FC’s start to get reputations just like diffrent pilots do.  He likes to run things a bit off the beaten path.  While other FC’s run for the Vanguards he takes on the assaults.  While others only are willing to fight in hisec against the Sansha he is forming up to go after them where they are ‘safer’ and we are not.”

“I’ve heard the media saying that a lot of the ‘brave defenders’ are not that brave.”

“Maybe so.  A lot of us defending the systems are ‘carebears’ and not ashamed to admit it.  If you are fighting the Sansha you do not have a lot of room for more enemies to show up looking for easy kills.  But then there are a few others who do know something about heading into where the wild things are.”

“Which are you?”

“I am a carebear who occasionally remembers that he has teeth and claws.  I am not a wild thing but I can hum the tune and fake the steps.”

“You said pilots have reps as well.  What is yours?”

“I have NO idea.  Long as they let me fly wit dem now and again I really don’t mind what they tink o me.  Fool most likely.”  He scooped up the plates and headed for the kitchen.  ‘You ever worry about your rep?”

“Only in that it gets me the assignments that I want and less argument from my superiors.  Yes, I have a reputation and I work to maintain it.”  She took the glasses into the kitchen, following him.  “Doesn’t your reputation matter?”

He paused, putting the dishes into the washer.  “Yer right, it does.  What Concord thinks of me, how I am treated by agents, right up to whether or not I am on blacklists.  All of it matters.  I know some folks play their reputations like a game itself, going up and down in other folks eyes.  Some try so hard to maintain what and who they are they almost become caricatures of themselves.”  He turned on the washer and wiped his hands.  “When I get back let me tell you about the Heroes and Villians.  I was talking to Chribba about that the other day.”

So they went  their separate ways, he to Gallente lowsec and she down to a planet, each causing their own types of death and destruction.  Three law firms experienced sudden losses and it became slightly harder for Amaar lobbyists to find representatives.

He joined a fleet and they moved to the lowsec system of Gallusiene where they proceeded to show the Sansha that it was NOT safer.  “You know what I just realized?”  Mike called as they watched the remnants of a Sansha force scurry away

“What?” A pilot on her second foray against the Sansha asked.

Mike grinned.  “Usually I am in the cheapest ship in the fleet, flying a Basi.  Today I am in the most expensive.”  It was true and the other pilots laughed as their fleet consisted of three basis, a scimi, three drakes, two hurricanes a myrmidon and a maelstrom for their anchor.  By the end of the flight almost all pilots had earned enough to be able to easily replace the ships that they had brought and they did not experience a single loss.  Jubes was . . .well, jubilant in that word had gotten out about what he was doing and he had a waiting list of pilots looking to join him.

Mike mentioned.  “Puts a bit of a lie to the idea that we only fly safe places if you can get this much interest this fast.”  He was right.  but he also thought to himself that a nucleus always seemed needed to get things started.  On person to stand up and lead . . .which brought him back to reputation and Heroes

They closed the fleet down and Mike put in to a local station for rest, returning home late the next day.



The biggest pair of selling points for this game are not graphics or depth.  It is the fact that this is a single server and so what you do is or can be known to all.  The other point is the players themselves making the histories, the events.

Do you have Heroes in this game?  Players/pilots who you look up to?  Do you try to be one?  How?

Before she left, Free drew Bleys’s name out of a hat . . .he gets the Hookbill.  Next post will be who won the Slicer, post after that will be a Firetail.  For a chance at the Firetail you comment here.

Lists of people you can trust.  At one time that was called a corp, or an alliance.  Then we saw how many spies can dance on the head of a pin.  So you fly with some, talk to them, they may still be spies but you are not a corporation to spy on, just a quick assembly of pilots with a common goal, a roam or an incursion.

fly it like you won it


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15 Responses to Reputation

  1. Marcus Janus says:

    Great story as always, for a long time I really didn’t think of anyone in eve as a hero, but really there are some out there fighting the good fight. Anyone that takes the time to stop and help, even if for a moment is a hero in eve. It’s great to see people like you and the others in project halibut doing that.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I do not take ANY credit for Project Halibut. That honor belongs to Eve Commune folks and Aideron Robotics. I do show up there and help, when I can but the heroes of that one . . .well, I will write about that in a post 200 . . . I actually am planning that post ahead of time.

      Come on, the rest of you, heroes? Villlians?


  2. Brett MacDonald says:

    I recently stumbled upon the wealth of entertainment and knowledge that is the EVE blog community. While I have many that I follow now, yours is in my top 10 favorites (I don’t rank beyond a tie for top ten 😀 ) As a new player my heroes in game are the ones who helped my get started, the ones who sent me 1mill isk when i lost my fist ship, and the ones who instead of killing me in their tengu while exploring in low sec, chose to teach me to be safer. Outside of eve they are the blogging community at large for their dedication to moving such a great game forward toward being even better.

    • mikeazariah says:

      wow, now I am up to 48 readers. I expect you are hitting the nail on the head with the people who help the game as a whole or the individual players as being the heroes. But there are other types of heroes out there. The ones who work in the background, the corp officers who make the payments and check the api’s. the hero tackle or the ‘run, I’ll hold them off’ I will be including my verisons of thos ein 200 as well


  3. Kry says:

    Mike, you know Chribba is my hero in eve, to have fully avoided pvp and remained both social and loved.
    I regret I have not managed to avoid pvp entirely, but I am also sure that I am not built to survive on Veldspar and General Discussion. I need my corp whom i can support and who sustain me in turn. Between an allaince where i can avoid pvp but must keep quiet, and a corp worth figthing for, I need a corp worth fighting for to remain engaged in eve.
    Just as I admire chribba for doing what i cannot do, I also admire all the 3rd party developers who do it without a reputation, in fact doing things in *teams* for FREE — things like eve-central and eve-mon, guys whose names i don’t know and never will.
    I admire them also for doing what I can’t find it in myself to do… code for free and without signing their names on their work. all better people than me.


    • mikeazariah says:

      Yup, I know that and more . . . promise, two more posts to 200


      • Kry says:

        The wait is killing me. I’m hoping it’s a good one or it might be a let down after all this wait!

        But at least I’m harassing YOU to blog about eve celbrities… instead of reading RL trash gossip columns about RL celebs. I maybe a crazy Chribba-fan (with a Chribba-autograhed Veldspar sitting on my desk at work ) but at least I don’t worship real-life actresses, popular musicians, or WWF wrestlers like some people i’ve met!

        i’m sure my choice of celbrieties to admire has got to count for something, no?

  4. Bleys says:

    Wait, what? I won something?

  5. Marv Velt says:

    Wow, a good question: who is my hero? I guess I always feel: the line between what makes heroes and villains is a really thin one. A lot has to do with perspective. Whom one person perceives being a hero is the other persons villain and the other way around…

    For example: I once was at the receiving end of the stick in a scam. I took a transport and paid the necessary 8.500.000,00 ISK, as a fee should I not deliver in time. The reward was a hefty 25.000.000,00 ISK. So I happily transported a truckload full of minerals across the galaxy (some 26 jumps). When I finally arrived at the drop-off point… well you probably know what happened. Let’s just say I still have the minerals worth squat but never received my 8.5 million back.

    Now in my eyes we are dealing with a villain here, someone who pulled my leg and made me pay dearly. Other people – my villains friends for example and a great deal of others within Eve – view this person as a hero: someone who made 8.5 million without having to do one minute of work. And of course it was I who took the bait and not the other way around.

    But then again that wasn’t the question… you asked who my heroes were. Maybe my ‘villain’ is also a bit my ‘hero’, he made me understand that nothing is free in Eve. He also showed me that things are hardly ever what they look like at first glance. I also thank him for this lesson well taught: Eve is all about heroes, villains and fools that step into perfectly placed traps. And they seem to trade places with every passing of every moon there is in this galaxy.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Excellent. I agree with you that one mans hero is anothers villian. But even when we are the target we can (if we are good sports) acknowledge the good job or good shot of the one that got us. You, sir are a good sport.


  6. Keilidh says:

    Good stuff, as always. I honestly don’t have a lot of in game heroes or villains. There are a few celebrities (such as yourself and Chribba) but it’s not quite ‘Hero’ status, if you follow. 😉

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