In Bereye

‘This” he said, “is taking too long.”

“Agreed, sir.  But he does not stay still long enough for us to mount an effective action.  It is like trying to catch a butterfly.”

“Well clip his wings or wait till he lands.  I want it in my hands and him in the ground.  God grant us what we need.”

“As he wills.”

“Go in peace my son and be the sword in his right hand.”

The connection closed and the military man leaned back and looked to his communications tech.  “Where is he now?”


“Get us in system, then and we will watch the butterfly and pray.”


She ran down the alley, all soft curves and sharp edges.  A flick 0f the wrist tossed the bloody blade into a pile of refuse and she sped up.  “Tell me the bad news.”

“Security camera caught you on the way in, there must have been a silent alarm.  They are vectoring in on your position as we speak.”


“Go to ground or get outa dodge.”

“How far out?”

“Gallente or Caldari space,  they have too many people in our systems and you did just take a constellation level target.”

“We don’t have the isk to hide properly in Caldari space.  Gallente, then.  Sanctuary?”

“I’ll toss it up the chain, we are not on the list of ‘need to knows’ for those addresses.”

“Close up shop.  Take it up the chain personally.  I will find alternative accommodations with a friend.”

“A what?  Sorry . . . need to know.”

She sprinted across a thoroughfare to an Interbus office.  “Send word to Azariah I want to visit.  Do we know where he is right now?”

“Bereye.  I always wondered why you kept a track on him, was this why?”

She smiled.  “No.  I was worried about him.”

The pause on the far end spoke volumes.  “O-kayyy.  Well maybe you should know that someone in Amarr Prime is still sending orders out and dispatching ships in his direction.  We haven’t managed to break this encryption but heuristics show that your friend has a small fleet tailing him and each move initiates another burst of communications with the Homeworld.  I am not sure he is the safest place to go to ground.”

She paid the transport fees as she chewed on this latest news.  “All the more reason to go see him.  The man is damnably lucky but that will only last so long.  Get clear, I will be in space inside of the hour.”

“Roger, watch for our signal and we will reconnect with dead drops.  I have confirmation that he is in Bereye and looking forward to seeing you.  Said something about, and I quote, ‘whip you up a mess o’ home cookin’.  He is kidding, right?”

“It is hard to tell, the man is Gallente through and through.”


Mike closed the comms and grinned widely.  “What am I gonna make for her, eh?  I gotta have the riight ingredients.  It be time to go shopping I tink.”



What are or will be pod pilots relationships with normal fleet ships, ones not flown by pod?

Are there extradition laws between the major factions?

How lond does interbus take to ship someone across new Eden?

fly it like you was the bus driver

(oh and sorry, not a lot of ships in this one, but I have stories and characters screaming in my head trying to get out)


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4 Responses to In Bereye

  1. Bleys says:

    I enjoyed that one.

  2. Nicely done, a few answers for you as well

    1. The relationship can be whatever you make it, no established credence there.

    2. Extradition laws seem mostly hazy in the prime fiction I have read as they are mostly dealing with direct history or with capsuleers who sit, largely, above the law.

    3. Interbus takes a short amount of time to travel, kind of like having someone else auto-pilot you in a shuttle to your destination without landing at 15km off the gate.

  3. Loving your stories. You inspired me! Just finished from the start of your blog to this current entry, took ages, but worth the effort to see your characters evolve. Keep up the great fiction 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Good heavens, I thought I was the only one to force himself to read back. Coming up on post 200 and I wanted to try for some continuity

      Thanks for the compliments.


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