Opening the channels as his orca lumbered through another jump gate Mike muttered curses under his breath about how the Sansha clowns kept moving the circus.  His mail box was indicating that he had been lax in the reading and emptying so he opened it . . . junk, scam, junk, Blacklist.

“Always a good read.”  he said, “let’s see who has been naughty this week.”

Usually there was only a person or two who had crossed one line or another.  A Logi pilot who ‘intentionally failed to rep fleet’.  Or an FC who caused excessive ship losses.  But now the list had a new member.  A shield FC had had enough of the patience and slow development of Sansha battles and had gone after the ‘Mom’ in two seperate sites, one after another, in contravention of the agreements between armor and shield.  The third incursion site in hisec had been dropped by armor before the renegade could get to it.

“Ah, that is why I am hauling myself across a dozen systems.”

All who were identified as part of that fleet were being smeared with the same brush but, as the mails continued, some were being allowed back into the fold.  The leader, who knew what he was doing and what the result would be . . .

Today a group of shield pilots split off from btl and decided they wanted to kill all high sec moms. At this time BTL has TDF’s FULL support and acknowledgement that they are not invovled. All parties invovled leadership wise have been banned from both channels.

There is NO excuse to take isk away from pilots just because you get bored. TDF managed to kill the 3rd mom before the 3rd party could (btl gave permission).

We apologize for any issues isk wise this may cause players.

On a side note – all pilots who have asked if it is “okay” to submit war decs against certain players in the third party fleet we are not your bosses. Do what you will.

“Well, that sums it up fairly nicely.”  Mike tagged that one and continued reading but it returned to the usual additions and subtractions.  The list was getting large as slowly the fleets identified fools and scammers.  Mike shook his head.  “Best fleet work and isk flow and they try to ruin it.  Even if they succeed in dropping a fleet and looting the ships . . . they could make more by playing it straight than they ever will in a one shot betrayal.  I suppose some folks are not there for the isk but for the tears.”

He entered the changes to the blacklist into his contacts and moved on . . .



Just because you have an agreement does not mean all will abide by it.

But expect some folks to get kinda ticked if you negate said agreement.

Fly it like you earned it shooting bad guys



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8 Responses to Blacklist

  1. Ty Delaney says:

    “There is NO excuse to take isk away from pilots just because you get bored.”

    Wow. Just… wow.

    I’m not much of a PvP guy, but… wow. The whole of Lowsec and Nullsec and Anoikis is laughing at that line.

    • Bel Amar says:

      Exactly my thought Ty. Incursions are now repetitive, elitist farming sessions for the risk averse. Sounds like just the sort of thing to disrupt due to boredom…

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Please keep in mind that is a quote, not my words. The people who made the agreements and treaties felt betrayed by the way a small group decided to throw all the diplomacy out the window.

    I am curious,though. Are the low andnull sec incursions beingfarmed by sovholders ofthe area?

    If not, why not?


  3. Ty Delaney says:

    Oh, I know that wasn’t you, Mike. I just think it’s a hell of a quote.

    As far as I know, Lowsec’s not being farmed at all, though you do see groups that will go after a MoM site every so often, even WITH all the debuffs. Dunno if Null does at all, but I’ve never seen one that looks like it was getting advanced.

    As to why? Couldn’t tell you.

    • Serpentine Logic says:

      In null, an incursion is really only worth doing if it’s interfering with your cyno or jump bridge logistics, because the concentration of pilots is too great a temptation for hot drops or general harassment.

  4. mikeazariah says:

    Well, maybe not hotdrops because of the jamming effect of the Sansha incursion . . . but I understand what you mean. I was just wondering if it happened in deep territory where you could feel relatively ‘secure’. Yes, I know NO place is secure, but there is some relative safety isn’t there?


    • Serpentine Logic says:

      In safe nullsec, sure, I’ve been on one or two before (it highlighted how terrible my alliance was at pvp, since rolling with a pve fit ship was likely to end in tears), but again it was for strategic reasons rather than pure income.

      It highlighted the fact that incursions in Empire are a lot easier to parachute in and clean up sites for a few days than null, where nullsec populations are considerably more insular.

      However, nullsec incursions are, overall, a good thing, in that it’s a corp-level or alliance-level shared activity that promotes bonding and territoriality, but offers pvp opportunities as well.

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