Reading the Comms

There are times, he thought, when you should take a step back and try to get some perspective.  Mike stirred the gumbo, tasting it now and again but then he set it to a low heat and walked away.  Let the flavors settle, mature, if you get too close to something then you might miss the big picture of the larger effects of the spices.

He looked at the comms idly while the meal cooked . . . . blinked . . . and started to read.

Things were happening on a lot of fronts.  Chribbas foray into nullsec was getting banged up by what looked like the Northern Coalition.  The Cottage Unity Station was now in the center of a system ranked by dotlan as THE most violent.  “Ooo la, dat boy be finding out what happens when the neighbours git bored.”

The kilboards spoke volumes of what had transpired but Mike started to laugh.  “Man has got his friends, he does.”  An SBU had been dropped and the kill included 111 Eve University pilots who had flown into null just to aid Chribba.  Mike had spoken with a pilot earlier who was complaining that they had all left fleet battles with RvB for deeperspace.

Mike was not sure what in the hells was going on with Eve Uni as they seemed to have dropped all forms of logic to purposely wardec groups that LIKED to fight.  The word filtering out was that they were employing the usual tactics of ‘show up with 3 times the opponents fleet’.  Mike had listened to a Blue Republic pilot moan about how ‘unfair’ that was especially since, ‘in a fair fight’ the Blues easily demolished the Unistas.  Mike had laughingly asked if the pilot thought the Unistas should continue to show up to die in the name of fairness or show up in large enough numbers so they would win, once in a while.

“Folks tink it funny ta shoot the new pilots then git all hot and snuffy if it actually becomes risky.”  He snorted and moved on to some mail from an old corpmate.

He laughed and read it a second time.  She had been in a corp that was starting to change goals and membership.  She had been the one to name the alliance but now it was beginning to let in known griefers.  She did the usual background checks and warned the other corps of the danger and was told to stop being such a whiny carebear who knew nothing about ship combat.  “so let us deal with it, u can stay in high sec, afk mine, get griefed, and go into low secs and get popped.  Mike snorted.  This for the pilot who coded programs for the fleet and supplied them free of charge to the alliance and built the front for the comm-site.

She had been right.  The ones she had warned them about betrayed the alliance once they were in null and then wardecced after being removed from the alliance.  By then she had left, at the encouragement of the corp leaders who pointed out the ‘open door’ policy meant she was free to leave.  She did take the time to write back and ask . .

You agreed with me that everything was about resources to you, not not about people. My arguments about character made no sense to you and you were “done” with me.

Do my arguments about character make more sense to you now that his corp left the allaince and dec’d you guys?

Only to be told that . . .

Your arguements still suck. We won the war dec. And We’re coming after you next… Hope your tanks are good on your hulks…

Mike sighed.  There were pilots who flew for the isk and then there were those who still thought of the others behind the pods as people.  She had accidentally mixed with her opposite and that sort would never learn that people were what made the flying worth doing.  Know the pilot more than you know the ship.  He laughed at her last note that said she told the corp that threatened her where she planned on mining for the next week or two, just to see if they were all talk.  As she put it . . .

In my experience griefers hate pvp more than I do and run the second someone shoots back at them. That is why griefers shoot miners. That is why I doubt that you personally will do anything to me. You wil probably hire mercs so that you don’t risk to add death by carebear to your kill board.

Mike shook his head at that last bit.  She had only met simple can flippers and not groups like the Ninjas who would rejoice if someone shot back at them.  But, from what he had read, that lifestyle was slowly dying out as more and more people learned the tactics and mistakes one could make in non-consensual combat.  Then he remembered that she had been the one carebear to train to be able to man pos guns and lead the charge against a griefer corp who had decced them hoping for ransom.  She had her ideals but she backed them up with firepower.

The pot lid rattled and Mike absently stirred it again, tasting the mix.  The heat had reduced the liquid and some might say it had made it less than it was before.  No.  It had brought it more together and the spices mingled and blended in new ways.  He grinned and served himself a bowl while opening a channel and inviting his crew chiefs to join him for supper.



So subscriptions and logins are off a bit.  Do not say we are dying, say were are being reduced.  Make sure if you stay you are blending and making the reduction better, not becoming a greasy floater on the surface.

Dammit check the api and think, people.  If you have a good ‘people person’ in your fleet make sure you listen to their gut reactions as well.

I am going to try to talk to Chribba, if I get a chance to see what the heck is going on in 9UY4-H.  If any of the rest of you can enlighten me, I would love to know more of that story.

fly it like you won it


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5 Responses to Reading the Comms

  1. mikeazariah says:

    Late update. After braving the forums (thanks for tweeted link) I found that a small corp put up 5 sbu`s. The ad hoc fleet dropped one of them and then NCdot swept the system clear and dropped the other 4. My apologies to the early misread of the killmails. Once again Chribba showed that an honest man can not only make a dfference but is respected by a l logt of less reputable scoundrels.


  2. mikeazariah says:

    Said people person named the alliance . . . not formed it. I stand corrected. She did not want anyone thinking she was putting on airs.

    Any mistakes are usually mine, not that of the relevant people being discussed.


  3. Kieran Tremzark says:

    wat, i wasnt complaining about being outnumbered, it makes it quite fun to go into die in a glorious fire, its what rvb is all about! i was complaining that they wont engage and run away even when they outnumber us 3/1…..which is why we went on to bash their POS, stop them hiding, unfortunatly they didnt take kindly to us breaking their house down!

    • mikeazariah says:

      I loev that you guys shifted to a tactical game and went after the pos. I thought that was a good move on the purples part. I think I am still trying to hammer home the concept of combat seldom being ‘fair’ unless you count set pieces like 1v1 within corp or the alliance tourney. The rest of the time it is ‘take what you can, give nothing back’ and maybe that is what the game is supposed to be. But you did say you guys had been wiping the local space of them and that if they showed up you would do it again. If I was on the other side I might not show up to allow you that victory. . . I’m kinda selfish that way.


      • Kieran Tremzark says:

        yea, we did try to ‘arrange’ a fleet fight with them (training purposes for their pilots) but they wouldn’t come out even though they outnumbered us by about 40 pilots, they chose to run away to protect chribba instead of face us which is why we went on to bash the pos which in turn created some drama, they accused us of using underhand tactics by attacking the POS while their fleet was away….yes we had been wiping the floor with them, but our fleets all died in a fire, we just took significant numbers of them with us, we were kinda playing the isk game, or just wanting to shoot shit….depends on how you want to look at it!

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