AAR Defense of Kirith

The pod slid into the station and the pilot  kicked out, laughing the whole time.  He kept comm channels open but it was all over, for the most part.  ‘Thank you all for taking part in the defense fleet, especially those from the Gallente Hero channel.”  He tapped a few buttons on his comm authorizing a few last transfers of isk to various pilots and then settled in to his temporary abode to decide what to do next.

*incoming call, GBA*

“Accept.  Yes sir, what can I do for you?”

“The defence of the carrier ended?”  The silhouette disguised the face but Mike recognized the speaker from the last time they had spoken

“As predicted.  It was impressive, the number of large fleets that showed up.”

“Yes, I see Dotlan is already updating the system to ‘very violent’.  Ships of the defense fleet were lost?”

“Yup, mine included.  Though I must say it is a bit of an honour to have so many alliances shooting at me all at the same time.”  Mike leaned back and grinned, pouring himself a drink.

“According to our transactions journal, you paid out a bit over 100 mill to pilots.”

“Plus a Dominix, don’t forget that one. Oh and I will be sending a Firetail along as soon as I get who the recipient is to be from Kirith.”

Rioordan consulted something to the side.  “Not all of that can be covered by the resources you have available to you  in the GBA funds.”

“It has been taken care of, for the most part.  I will do a bit of a corp donation run this evening and everything I earn can go over, 100% tax for a day, so to speak.  Lots of operations work that way.”  Mike grinned.  “It gives me a chance to fly my new Huginn with its lovely trio of Federation webs.  I call it ‘Huggy Bear.'”

Rioordin laughed.  “You told me when we first met that pilots always want ‘more’. Yet every time we talk you are discussing your accounts being depleted in the name of a group that seems to give nothing back to you.”

“Nothing?”  Mike smiled.  “I disagree.  You see the GBA is more than this face and nebulous people in the background.  The Gallente Hero channel has become somewhere that a lot of different folks drop by.  They may be silent, often, but I know if I have a question there is someone there to ask.  Mining?  I have the Queen of it covering those bases.  Wormholes?  Covered in spades.  Pirates drop by to say hello and stay to chat.  Sir, we are becoming proof that corporations or an alliances are nice but not the only way to form up.  Like minded folks can and do find each other and I am proud, sir, proud to be a part of that.  If it means that I spend some of my isk to support it, so be it.  I will not quibble about money where friends and community are concerned.”  Mike sat a bit straighter and his voice had taken on an edge usually lacking.  “If you look you will see the same sort of thing happening in other places.  Incursions are becoming a new way to meet people and channels become mixing grounds for pilots from all walks of life.”

“You are passionate about this, I see.”

Mike spread his hands and grinned.  “I am Gallente, did you expect anything else?”

“No, actually I expect it is why you were chosen for this position.”

“Well, I should be getting out there.”  Mike finished the drink. “Was there something else you needed?”

“We just wanted to make sure you were . . .alright.  Word was in previous events of ship loss you have been a bit . . set back.”

Mike nodded. “Oh, that.  I took a Gallente bomber for a few reasons.  It let me watch most of the action safely and I could fly it without crew risk.  One of the few ships automated enough that they only life at risk was mine.  Made for an easier loss, for me.”

“Well the last thing is we are glad that you chose to fly a Gallente ship, this time.  We have been hearing a lot of reports of you flying other ships.”

“I fly what fits the situation.  No more, no less.  IF the bloody scientists could get things like blasters to measure up to other weapon systems I might . . . ”  Mike waved his hands.  “Sorry, it is an old argument but one that still pushes all my buttons.”

“Understood.  You are doing what you can and you are still, in our opinion, the right ‘face’ for the job.”



Kill mail link in battleclinic  notice 5 alliances were in on my kill . . . that is just wow

The idea of undock only what you can afford to lose is still a mainstay philosophy.  None of the defense fleet expected to live and so we were totally okay with how things turned out.

Kudos to Ferr for scouting the lowsec for the latecomer, Keilidgh for bring a scorpion and Ferr a domi

Special thanks to Kirith for running this event.

I had a blast.

fly it like you won it



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5 Responses to AAR Defense of Kirith

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    I was supporting a totally different event, so I missed this one 😦 But glad to see that you had fun (and special shout-out to Kaylidg, just because)!

  2. mikeazariah says:


    well, I hope your event went well, too.

    I am sure there will be lots of other chances to die in Eve, someday


  3. Keilidh says:

    Damn it, Druur! You’re not allowed to jump in on that gag! Only Mike spells me wrong every gorram time!

    Also: Thanks for the donation. Between you and insurance, I lost very little. It was my first time being Alpha’d. I am both mildly proud and kind of annoyed… I didn’t get to Jam anybody.

  4. mikeazariah says:

    Given the incoming fire it would have been impressive if you did, how many ships were in on your kill, K?


  5. Keilidh says:

    Twenty Eight got hits on me before it blew. A frig (tackler, I assume) buzzed me and yellow boxed. I got jams on him and never noticed the rest of the yellow. Oops. :3

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