I don’t yell ‘Free Stuff” in local

Mike closed the contract and smiled.  “OK, remmeber to insure it.  That way when it blows up you’ll get some isk.”

“What makes you think it will . . . ”

“Kirith expects to die.  We plan on making that a slightly more lengthy process.  I am fairly sure it means we die . . . first.”

Ferr joined in on the conversation.  “So what am I supposed to buy with this?”

“Surprise me.”  Mike replied.  “Better yet, surprise THEM.  You both are members of the GBA and the Channel so I am trusting you lot in advance.  I need a few more pilots to step up and I will either toss them a ship or some isk to cover expenses.”

“Just like that?  No draw?  No, pay you IF you show up?”

Mike smiled.  “I am not a complete fool.  But yes, to a certain extent I am providing fleet support for Kirith, kind of a prize for even thinking of showing.  After all, the more the merrier.”

“They honestly let you do this?  Hand out isk and ships?”

“We passed a billion a few months back.  I am working on making it two.  But not in this event alone.  So if folks figure they would like to come on out to it and help out . . . they need to contact me.  That limits it to people who already know about the GBA and the Gallente Hero channel as I am NOT broadcasting ‘free stuff’ in any local.”  Mike grimaced.  “The people need to ask me when I am about and in the specific channel.  Just as you two are.”



yup, what it says

Kiriths post with location and time

fly it like you won it and want to lose it


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2 Responses to I don’t yell ‘Free Stuff” in local

  1. Bleys says:

    Come one, come all! To your ships and your pods! Answer the GBA call! Fight men who think they are gods; Spit in their eye before you fall!

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