Arek’Jaalan, how to join

Keiligd pulled up a chair to the table in the faculty club and sat down.  “Took a bit of work to find you.  This place is bigger than it looks.”

Mike glanced around the room and nodded.  “For all the virtual education talk there are still a lot of folks willing to see a real person and be somewhere other than in their parents residence.”

“Amen to that.  So you told me you were doing some archeology and had some contacts in the Arek’Jaalan project?”

“Yeah, but before I get into that you should hear the standard warnings.  The easy stuff is usually not that easy to get and it is going to be a bit harder in the near future.”  He pushed across a news brief, highlighting one quote.

Sani Sabik will therefore, change our Military cooperative stance from Neutral to Hostile and add our council with support of Finances and professional Military assessment, empowering war decs and supporting our allied decisions against any AJ entity they see fit to act against.

“Thing is, the project is a loose collection of folks and they will be hard pressed to target everyone in it but I had ta tell you this up front.”

“Sani Sabik?  Sounds like a sewage treatment facility on a third world colony.  Whatever.”

Mike chuckled and sipped his coffee.  “Well I know you found the main gateway to A’J but I thought you might not have found the path to how and who to contact.  A listing of all the divisions are here but even this does not have the contacts, you have to be willing to dig a bit deeper.  But then, if you are into archeology that is what we do, eh?  So now you pick a path that is of interest to you . . . sayyyy Talocan History.  You see the project leads on that page but you actually have to open their portal to see the comm channel dedicated to them. . . it is here, on the right.”  Mike pointed into the Division Details box.  “AJ:TH”  He rubbed his face for a moment.  “I’d love to say that this is the standard and for the most part, it is.  AJ” and then the initials of the group, but a few are not set that way, yet.  Best if you check each one as you go.”

“So channel connections are listed on each division, got it.”

“In addition there is the main called Arek’Jaalan which is always a good place to start if you want to see what is going on and decide where you want to work”

“Well, that should give me a place to start.”  Keeleegdh made a moue.  “The information gathered already is very large and kind of intimidating.”

“Shows people care and that it is active.”  Mike agreed.

“Which division are you in?”

“Officially?  None of them.  I monitor a few channels and help where I can.”  Mike shrugged.  ‘What I am interested in is not one of the divisions and I don’t want to kick up too much of a fuss adding to the infrastructures bureaucracy.”

“What are you up to?”

‘Talocan were reputed to be able to open wormholes on command and control them.  Sound like anybody else in recent history?”

“You are going after the Sansha.”

‘Once I learn enough about the Talocan to know what I am looking at, yeah, I am going to see if any of the Sansha ships show similar design features and if I can make a bridge.  Say what you want, Kuvey-bear has and has had a lot of good minds working for him.  Maybe he broke the ancient tech rather than invented new.  Either way, if we figure out how he does it . . . ”  Mikes eyes narrowed.  “we can go pay him a visit.”



There is also a channel called A’J: OOC for out of character discussions.

I have, from time to time forgotten how to do the simple things, like join a mailing list or even get into a specific channel.

Mailing list, open your mail in game and then look down at the bottom on the left, join mailing list.  This will allow Even people like Angus to keep up with things.

Now if you are looking to join a channel you start from any open chat box . . . hit the little bubble in the upper right corner and then enter in the name of the channel you want to join in the box that opens.






Oh and with this knowledge you are also welcome to join the Gallente Hero channel as well.  We have no grand scheme, just folks from different gaming paths chatting.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to Arek’Jaalan, how to join

  1. Keilidh says:

    Keilidh tapped at her display a few times. “I’ll be the first to admit that Kuvakei is a genius, and managed to inspire the loyalty of others like him… You’re not worried the Ethics Committee will have issue with using the controlled wormholes for moving military forces? Seems to me that might be a technology best left lost.”

    She leaned back in her chair, looking over the divisions. “This is all very … scholarly. I might be in over my head… Any suggested starting points?”

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  3. sakjit spey says:

    Skajit was looking for something to do between battles repping his Sansha smashing bretherins’ shield’s. He eyed the sleeper technology skillbook. Its price made him swallow. But then again, CONCORD always did pay well. He thought of his days in the institute….how he was not the most scholarly of students…more of a ‘man of action’ he was. Perhaps this would be a nice change….”Perhaps?” his inner monologue escaped his lips as he made the purchase. He dialed in a few new comm frequencies while piloting his shuttle back from Jita. They came to life immediately. He was pointed in the right direction…….Ani

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