Doing all Sorts of things

Mike leaned back in the very small apartment and tried to relax.  The damn remote was not to be found but at least he had muted the screen flickering images across from him.  So much had gone on over the past few days.  He rubbed his face and tried to get some order.

Research for the A’J.  He had started perfecting his archeology skills and now had a fair pile of Talocan artifacts.  The Hurricane was proving to be a solid performer to hold the Rogue drones at bay while he used the analyzer.  The bonus of the ore they carried were allowing him to make his own reloads in the local factory.  The Devils Dig was a solid resource and he had yet to go further into it, happy to stay on the outskirts, for now.  He was slowly collecting the Ancient totems needed to open the relic of a gate to allow him deeper.  The days spent doing that had been almost relaxing, once he got into the routine.


The Sansha were still out there and a friend had requested a specific 6% implant so he turned his back on the dig and headed back into more busy parts of space.  Making the implant cleaned him out dropping his balance to just about 10 million.  This lead to trying to get back into an incursion fleet and earning some isk.


Every time he went to one incursion the calls for ships would be in the other.  Mike spent two days chasing fleets and not getting in any.  It wasn’t that he was going to the wrong places, just that he was going at the wrong times. He used the time to help connect researchers to each other, Riyu managed to find a Talocan site deep in wormhole space.  Connecting him with researchers they managed to run a few tests on the artifacts.Mike mainly listened in and wished he had taken Riyu up on the invite to come visit the wormhole so he could be closer to this discovery and the things learned from it.  Sadly his account balance demanded he keep looking for action a little closer to home.

Finally he found a fleet in need of a logistics pilot.  Things went well and they were beginning to mesh as a unit when the odd occurrence of ‘visitors’ in the middle of an incursion.  A Dominix and another ship joined them and flew close to the fleet before triggering full racks of smart bombs.  Sansha sympathizers.  Happily they were incompetent in their acts of terrorism and the most lost was ten t1 repair drones.

Something like that does make you talk a bit and does get the heart pumping.  One fleet lead to another which, in turn lead to battle against a Sansha Carrier.  With Serentity as an FC and a lot of pilots that Mike knew flying in the fleet things went fairly well and not a single ship was lost.  That is not to say that the fleet was not without the usual politics and  . . . well, inability to follow basic instructions.

‘Mom Fleets form in specific systems when the Sansha begin to withdraw.  BTL protocol has evolved over time and now the fleets recruit first from some core group already together followed by people who are IN SYSTEM.  So a rally point is called and the pool there is ‘picked through’.  The very sad part about this is that not everybody will make it into the fleet and you do need to have some patience and understand that you might not make it in, regardless of your fittings or skill.  When 80 pilots are depending on each other you want to fly with pilots you know so the call in fleet is for people to vouch for other pilots and not just take random folks who happen to be handy.

So you have jumped and raced to get there in time and then the channel fills with people posting fits and x’s and begging to be allowed in.  This is . . .well it is what it is.  But one player saw it as an opportunity to bring a little extra grief and frustration to the situation by continuing to call for fits after the fleet was full and saying there were still slots open.  He was asked to stop, when he did not he found that he was now one of the people NOT in the fleet.

That should have been the end of it.  It wasn’t.  The booted pilot then posted this.

Shield fleet lead by Serenity 159080 and  Doc Nielsen needs DPS and logis. Don’t X up, just convo them for invites.

Handled simply, said pilots just turned off auto accept on conversations.  Simpler is going to be the calculation of the likelihood of the offending pilot being in a fleet involving this specific FC ever again.

Mike was one of the last pilots picked joining when the fleet total was 77.  This was a little rough as he knew some pilots in the local he would love to see in the mom fleet but it was full before he could vouch for anybody.

Excellent fleet, not a single loss and they managed to beat out the ninja looters and scoop the drop. 63 million to the better mike could begin to relax.  He sent thank you notes to pilots who had donated to the GBA and Gallente Hero fund.  One pilot named Alice K sent a large sum that Mike immediately earmarked for buying some ships for pilots to use in the Kirith Kodachi event.



Would any of you want to see more specifics on how archeology works?

Yeah, I can make another 6% implant but they are wicked expensive to make and to buy.  If you have silly amounts of isk you wish to part with, let me know and I will make one for you.  This shows the list of what is out there but pretty well if there is a 4% one you can buy, there is a 6%.  Prices run just shy of 1 billion.  Yes, with a ‘b’. . . I know.

It is frustrating, trying to get into a fleet.  For some they would be better served to run a few last vanguards than sit in a system hoping to be picked.  But I was right there as well.

Kirith fleet.  IF you are interested in being a defender but you do not want to risk all your own stuff . . . I understand.  In a couple of posts from now I am going to ask for pilots willing to go into harms way.  Of those volunteers I will randomly assign ships that they may use/abuse/lose as the case may be. If they insure them, they might even turn a profit.  Stay tuned for more information to come.

Fly it like you won


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6 Responses to Doing all Sorts of things

  1. Keilidh says:

    I confess I am stumped as to how to get started with the whole A’J thing. Can’t find anything but vague references.

  2. Rocanegra says:

    Hi Mike, I’m very interested in learning more about archaeology (and al things about exploration), and would be very grateful id you could share your knowledge 🙂

  3. Re: BMTHOKK2 : I’m going to be taking an active part in the defense fleet this time as I suspect the defenders will not have such an easy go of it.

    See you in Pelille!

    • mikeazariah says:

      IO don’t know how many from my channel will show . . . RL always wins out in the end. But I have already handed out one BS and a fund to another to ‘bring something nice’


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