Winning, losing, winning

He finished the draw and laughed.  Well he makes me look like a piker when it comes to giving things away or losing them.  Mike opened a channel.  “Kirith, you aboot?”

“I am . . . why?  You decide on an answer for the Head Games?”

Laughing Mike nodded.  “I’ll be there but it is gonna be kinda hard to convince some of the others.  Standing between you and NOIR sounds like an easy way to get flattened.  But I will be there just the same.  Making a few ships for volunteers to fly . . .to cut their costs.”

“Nice of you, looking forward to seeing you there, then.”

“Yeah, but that is not why I called.  If you check your contracts you will see a little something from me.”

“A Phantasm?  This a donation to the event?”

“Nope, it is yours, you won it fair and square.  The Draw?”

“Damn, almost forgot aboot that.”  Kirith chuckled.  “I am sure I will find someplace good to use it.”

“You do that, now I have some fitting to do for one of my ships.  Remember, fly it like you won it.”

“Kirith Oot”

Mike laughed and opened up the fittings settings.  It had been a while since he fitted a Jaguar and he was very rusty and in a bit of a hurry. The ship was an abomination.  It was sporting an empty high and mid slot and yet out he went to hunt for some artifacts.  Devils Dig . . . it took him a while to try to find where to go and what to do.  It took longer to do it in something resembling a system that might work.

The remains of the archeological digs was chaotic and overrun with Rogue drones.  He had been warned about this when he had started researching the Talocan.  The ancient race had, reportedly, been able to open wormholes at will and Mike was hoping that this line of study might lead to a better way to stop the Sansha in their tracks OR even take the fight back to them.

“Okay now, nice and easy . . . ”  He spun the Jag into a tight orbit around the artifact and started analysis.  “Oh good, something to do while the process is running.”

Drones targeted and started firing on him and he alternated between the cans and incoming attacks.  The artifacts started to gather in the small hold of the assault frigate and he grinned at the pile.  “This will help in my research and studies.”

Then he made the trio of mistakes . . . greed, speed, awareness.  His hold was almost full but there were a couple of more cans . . . he went in close to a huge asteroid to check some cans that almost seemed attached, and got caught on the rocks.  While focused on breaking free he did not notice the incoming group of drones till they had him webbed and scrammed and then it was a very short battle.


The velator in the hanger was almost a taunt . . . yeah, try to see what salvage you can get in this soap bubble.

Assets-battlecruisers-sort by jump . . . ah, Katrina was not far.  He made jump after jump imagining others looting his findings.  9 jumps to Katrina, the Hurricane, and 9 back.  Into the dig site racing past a Dominix to be there first.  His drones and guns shredded the ships still circling his wreckage and he managed to stand the rest of them off as he salvaged the remains of his badly fitted Jag.  A few pieces of scrap and less than a third of the things he had fitted or collected.  Sighing he went back to the hanger.

Idly he looked at the remains of the wreckage.  ‘What am I supposed to do wit these, anyhow?”  He called up the market and listed the items . . . 20 thousand, 45 thousand, 31 million . . . 31 . . . million.  One piece of wreckage was worth more than his whole ship had cost, fittings and all.  He sold it and used the proceeds to properly fit the Hurricane for its new job . . . and the archeology continued.



Always check to see what scrap is worth.  I still do not know how a wreck can be worth more than the ship cost.

I do plan on flying with Kirith, and I am Canadian  If you think you want to be part of the pavement that NOIR steamrollers, let me know.

As for why the sudden interest in Talocan . . . is what I am now looking at, if you have not watched the vid, you should.

Fly it like you won it,


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6 Responses to Winning, losing, winning

  1. Ty Delaney says:

    That… looks like something I want to be a part of. How can this little wormhole-living capsuleer find out more about this thing?

  2. Keilidh says:

    That is, indeed, very intriguing!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Next post should have some more about the A’J stuff, it is a very active project right now and I am just on the outskirts.


  3. Starfinder Smtih says:

    Love your blog! and “I’m to lazy to comment”

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