Phantasm draw

“What the hell is THAT, mon?”

“You know what it is.  I want to practically take it apart and put it back together . . . I want to know what they are flying.  Consider it study time for a bit better targeting in the future.”

“Dat ting LOOK evil and I say in dis case da looks not be lyin ta me.  Where you get a ting like dat?”

“It is where I have been for the past week.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to fly one of those through hisec?”

Ev laughed.  “Get in many fights?”

Mike lifted his arm and pointed to the empty turrets.

“You is an idiot o the highest magnitude . . . you flew without gu . . . ”  He touched the fitting controls and brought up the diagnostic of the ship.  “Empty?  You flew THAT hull naked through hisec?”

Mik leaned back and looked up at the Phantasm.  “Yes, yes I did.  Figured we could brainstorm some of the fittings based on combat logs I have of the damn things shooting at me.  I Also have noted their speeds and a few other details.  Did you know that on the wreck of one we discovered they used a knock off version of Quafe?  One of those backwater versions.  Stuff could be used to clean electrical conduits.”

“Flew it without guns  . . . you is a a a damn fool.  I don’t know iffen I should be helping someone as foolish as you.  Whatcha gonna do with it wheh  you done wit studies?  Give it away?”

“Yup.  Already got it approved by the GBA to hand it over to people who contribute to the research project.”

“Ah, like a lottery.  Dey gots to buy tickets and all dat?”

“Hells no.  Just name a Sansha ship, maybe add some details of size and weaponry, that sort of thing . . . contribute as in help.  Oh some folks do still donate to the GBA and I do surely appreciate it.  This gent call Omen Nihilio was nice enough to help pay for this hull for research purposes.”

“Yeah, but did he fly guard over your sorry ass?”

“Didn’t ask him to.I don’t fly naked often . . . well I suppose in the pod I do.”

“Too much information, mon.  I be getting your data up so you can git this ugly mass o’ spikes outa my hangers.



It is Friday so I am giving away a ship, this time a Phantasm, the Sansha cruiser.

To enter, leave a comment that INCLUDES the name of a Sansha ship.  If you know some more details, like speed, weapons, etc, toss them in.

IF I think you added some valuable stuff I may even count your entry as double

One week from nowish, the draw.

Fly it like you won it



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21 Responses to Phantasm draw

  1. Paling says:

    The Succubus, Phantasm and Nightmare all get a massive bonus to the Energy Turret Damage, but you need to train the relevant Caldari skills to get the even more damage!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Since I fly all four races command ships . . . that isn’t a problem for me. There is a lot of debate at the nightmare level of Bhaalgorn vs Nightmare. Sadly the GBA is NOT rich enough to be giving one of those away anytime soon.


  2. I flew a Sansha Nightmare in missions once. The thing is a BEAST. Inspired me to write fiction about it, one of my favourite “Fighting Spacecraft” articles:

  3. Colm says:

    To get my paws on a shiny Phantasm of course I’ll leave a comment…
    But first apologies for never having commented before, one of the few Eve Blogs I really like reading is yours and thankfully not blocked by the overzealous internet patrol at my job… 😉
    Keep up the good work.

    A while ago a mate in game and out bought a nice shiny new Nightmare which was fun and looked
    very cool with all Navy Tachyons blazing but as having faction fits it was scanned and too much
    hassle to have against gankers so he sold it all to pursue other ships… I always envied it and
    had looked at the other Sansha ships to see if I could “adopt” the nightmares baby.
    Nightmare would be to expansive. Succubus seemed good but the Phantasm was “better”.
    Nothing like having the ship to fit it properly.

    Name and stats:
    3 light drones, Slots L3, M6, H5, 3 turrets, 425 tf.
    To start things off:
    3 Hobgoblin’s
    2 Heat Sink II’s
    1 Cap recharger II
    2 Large Shield Extenders / an EM Dissipation Field II and Therm deflection II + an invul II
    Heavy Modulated Energy Beam’s for pewpew
    Cap control circuit and Core Defence Field Purger x 2

    • mikeazariah says:

      Funny how the faction fit make peoples eyes light up. Both in terms of winning prizes AND making you primary in a battle. There are folks who hunt for the faction kill mails (damn you Roc)

      oh, if you win . . . .I will be asking you the name to contract the ship to. Folks don’t forget this.


  4. Davik Mannus says:


  5. Keilidh says:

    I’m going to break with the trend here, since the frigate, cruiser, and battleship are so popular.

    Revenant: Sansha designed supercarrier. Unlike most supers, the Rev doesn’t get any more fighters than a standard carrier. Instead, all fighters and fighter-bombers get a 100% bonus to damage output, which is more competetive than it sounds.

    Official stuffs:
    Special Ability:
    100% bonus to fighter, fighter-bomber damage and hitpoints

    Amarr Carrier Skill Bonuses:
    10% bonus to fighter and fighter-bomber max velocity per level
    Can fit 1 additional Warfare Link module per level

    Caldari Carrier Skill Bonuses:
    50% bonus to Capital Energy and Shield transfer range per level
    Can deploy 1 additional Fighters or Fighter Bombers or Drones per level

    Role Bonuses:
    99% reduction in CPU need for Warfare Link modules
    Can fit Projected Electronic Counter Measures
    200% bonus to Fighter or Fighter Bomber control range
    Immune to all forms of Electronic Warfare

  6. mikeazariah says:

    The key is that we have, in the live events, seen a much much more vicious version of the Rev. Resists like you wouldn’t believe and it stomped the crud out of a huge fleet.

    I guess the Sansha started reading failfit Fridays and learning
    Reading, learning . . . eve is just short hand for evil, evil I tell you


    • Keilidh says:

      When I get my Super I want Lisautton Paraychaya for my fighter-bombers too. Those things scare me.

      • mikeazariah says:

        As a logi pilot in most mom battles they scare me as well. Only time I look at the reds rather than the purples is when the ‘bombers’ call goes out. Then I look to see if they are targeting me. If not I return to the more immediate worries of trying to keep whichever poor sod did get their attention alive through the next sixty seconds.


  7. araziah says:

    Last night I had a terrible nightmare. A phantasm appeared before my eyes. Ghastly, pale, with fire in its eyes. As it drew near, I recognized it as the revenant of my former lover, come to take revenge! Could it be that she were a succubus, taking demonic pleasure from men in their most helpless state? As the darkness and flame began to engulf me, a silent scream forming in my throat….I woke up.

    (I think I got them all in there. Don’t complain about the ending. It ends as any proper dream story should.)

    • mikeazariah says:

      Wow, talk about covering all the bases . . . impressive

      But the rest of you, you ARE allowed to mention the ships that appear in incursions as well, so there is still a large list of ships left.


  8. Vsmit says:

    Got myself a big bad battleship from a former corpmate, the thing is what you’d call a rat’s Nightmare. Killer with T1 guns, even more so with T2. I can only assume that the cruiser grade spikey-ship would be the same.

  9. sxt7camaross says:

    So not exactly sansha but just to be different THE ECHELON but considering “CONCORD has remained silent on the origin of this design” I think it could kinda fit.

  10. sxt7camaross says:

    \o/ I thought sneaking “nightmare” in there just to be safe.

  11. Riyusone Haro says:

    Hrm… a Phantasm you say. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fly a faction ship. That thing should also be pretty decent at killing off frigates with its tracking bonus. Though what I really want is one of those Antem Neo to fly around. A Mara Paleo would also be acceptable…

  12. Jerod Trd says:

    Intaki Colliculus: Mid-Range Sansha Battleship, cruise missiles and some strange tech to reduce it’s signature radius. If you see this it’s gonna be fun, just don’t let it’s friends kill you.

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