Silence Screams

The investigator took the advice to heart and was well gone from the station when the results were released . . . such as they were.  He had decided to remove a lot of the details that were normally present in such a report and promised that ‘perhaps further details would be released at the end of the year’.

This, of course went over about as one would expect.  To hide results ALWAYS gets some people screaming ‘conspiracy’ and this was no exception.  In the absence of fact fiction can become the new truth.  Of course the investigator was well clear and insulated from the reaction his lack of information created.


Back at the station fiction began to grow and angers flared once again.  Too soon after other losses, too soon after other botched official communications.  Trouble grew like a distant thunderhead roiling on the horizon.



Honest, I am working on writing longer things but stuff like THIS, really?  The best you can do is clam up AFTER all of the internal leaks you have had lately?


fly it like you won it


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