Old joke

Mike looked up as the nannypatch pumped painkillers and stabilizers into his blood stream. “A guy walking down a concourse sees a beggar selling pencils.; Figuring to gain some karma doing a small good deed he stops and asks ‘how much for one’. The beggar says ‘1.5 billion isk’. The guy replies ‘You sure aren’t going to sell a lot of pencils at that rate’. The beggar smiles and says ‘I only have to sell one’.

questions: if you have ANY you haven’t been paying attention.


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8 Responses to Old joke

  1. Kala says:

    Heh. Very true.

  2. Keilidh says:

    Hmmmm. Do I want that swanky skirt, or a Navy Geddon? Decisions, decisions…


  3. Druur Monakh says:

    I’d like fluffy dice for my interceptors!

  4. Noizy says:

    Fluffy dice swinging at the top of the screen? I’d buy that. As long as the dice don’t cost more than my Prowler.

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