45 minutes

Mike left the meeting at a sprint, opening comms as he went.

Kailidh answered quickly with a complaint. “You told me, a while ago the ecm boats were the way to be popular.  I showed up and was laughed at for flying such a useless thing.”

“Times change, now it is down to how much you can throw and how well you can take it so there are really only two classes they are looking for now.”  Mike started laughing.  “But I may have a use for that ship of yours, bring it into orbit here.”  Mike keyed in coordinates “Passive lock the Amarr battleship and watch them.  If they open up for a ground strike I would appreciate your ruining their day.  I hope they won’t and I know you will lose the Scorpion if you but then Concord will be local and the Amarr will be a bit less willing to start a war.”

“Scorpions aren’t cheap.”  She reminded him.

“I am going to be what they are thinking of shooting at.”  replied Mike.  “I needs you there in less than an hour.”

Kaeilidh laughed.  “Oh, then no rush.  But if this goes well, you owe me a tour of some ships that won’t get me laughed out of a fleet.”

“Deal.”  Mike switched connections.  “I am going to need a rescue for an escape pod, have two ships standing by and a few coincidental ‘witness vehicles’ would be good as well.”

+Yes, coordinates of escape pod?+

“Well it hasn’t bloody escaped yet, has it?”  Mike closed connections as he entered his qurters and hit the old storage area.  “Guns guns camo . . .  Computer, open planet app and let me know what the . . . ”

+I am sorry, that app is not currently available+

“What? Why? Never mind, give me Dotlan readout on . . . ”

+I am sorry, that app is not currently available+

“huh, diagnostic and try again.”  Mike paused waiting the few seconds . . .

+I am sorry, that app is not currently available+

“What the hell?  Open a channel to Kry.”

“Kinda busy, Mike.  What do you need?”  Kry looked harried.

“You having any problems with  . . . ”

“The powers that be have instituted a huge tariff on apps and a lot of the developers are thinking of either a strike or a withdrawal.”

“It’s that bad?”

“I am on another channel with Helicity, we are working together and THAT should tell you how serious it is.”

Mike whistled.  “OK, keep me updated and send my love to Eve Indy.”  He closed the channel and looked into the storage, threw on a  a set of Gallente BDU’s, boots and after a slight pause he picked up his favorite guns and headed back to the dropship.



Seriously CCP?  We have the best community and community support in the games industry, we win AWARDS for it and you want this to be the next step?


Just No


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4 Responses to 45 minutes

  1. Keilidh says:

    “Yea… Yea, I like backup.”

    Keilidh sat back in her capsule, letting the data jacks connect before opening comms with her fleet supervisor, “Sio, warm up Nyarlathotep and get the team up. I’m uploading a bookmark.”

    “Confirmed. Is there a problem?” The response was quick and emotionless, as usual.

    “Yea, Azariah’s doing something planetside and expects some interference. On the off chance this turns ugly I want you all in system and aligned. Get Monique, Aesyra and Lai out there. Expected target is an Amarr battleship, so fit heavies.”

    Keilidh squirmed a bit as the capsule filled. She never quite got used to the sensation; always a moment of claustrophobia as the air pocket shrank on her. She exhaled hard, emptying her lungs before dunking her head under and taking a lung full of the umbilical fluid.

    Siobhan’s calm voice chimed in again, “We’re provoking a fight with Amarr, backing a Gallente national.”

    “Mike’s a bit loopy, but I trust him. He doesn’t pick fights without a good reason.” With her capsule sealed, and loadout confirmed, Kei undocked. “Hey, check if Mihari’s kissed and made up with Concord yet? We could use her on this one.”


    I am amused. Name popped up twice. Spelled differently each time. Both wrong. 😉

    • mikeazariah says:

      I think that may be my new hobby, discovering alternate spellings of your name.

      AWEsome reply, by the way, I think I may have to cut and paste it onto my next post so people who don’t read the comments get this . . . is that ok?


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