What would you have flown?

There were only a few still about, some pilots had shown up later, for the party.  Most of the locals were not used to an all you can eat/drink/dance party and had consumed beyond their capacities.  The hanger floor looked like the aftermath of a battle where confetti and streamers replaced shrapnel and blood.  Bodies, some in pairs, filled the shadows and added to the effect but the pilots were busy and ignored the atmosphere to discuss something more important.

A smaller holo presented ship after ship between them as they drank and pointed out different features of each one.  From frigates, interceptors up to battle-cruisers and battleships.  ‘I dunno, maybe it be a good ting the race did not go on.”  Mike admitted.  “I never did make up my mind what ta fly.”

“Seriously?”  Keilidh asked.  “You never made up your mind?”

“I was close to it.  Had the fittings all chose out for each choice . . . cash laid aside to lose.  But deciding is alwasy so hard.”

“I know what I would have flown.”  Riyu muttered, tabbing the fittings back to an earlier considered ship.

“That?”  Ferr laughed derisively.  “Nah, this.”  Another image appeared.

“You are both idiots.”  Kry chimed in.  “We all know he was gonna fly this.”

They all laughed at the new image . . . of a pod.



Some times we do do spur of the moment things.  Other times it is planned out.

What do YOU think I woulda flown?  Comments are entrees into a draw for one of the possible ships I was considering.  You comment, you are in the draw.

There is a deadline . . . one week from the time of this post.  simple enough.

choose it and you might win something . . . .what would you have flown?

then fly it like you won it.


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34 Responses to What would you have flown?

  1. Keilidh says:

    It’s a bit expensive, but your Damnation, with a little tweaking could have worked. Enough tank to burn through the bubble, but small enough to get decent speed (with a little mid-slot help). But then I’m Khanid, so I’m biased. 😉

    As for myself, I can’t fly command ships. The Vengeance ‘can’ be a little terror, but I think I’d still catch an alpha somewhere. No, I was looking at a Hurricane. Passive tank (so cap is only used for MWD) and then see if I can buffer armour and shields both. I’m told this wouldn’t work. I wanted to try anyways.

    • mikeazariah says:

      The big kids laugh at you if you dual shield. Damnation would be interesting . . .it is fairly solid and can move well. FoF missiles would take care of the locking time issues, even if tyhey do do squat for damage the incoming would make lighter shjips back off


  2. Vsmit says:

    A stabbed and tanked Orca.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I honestly did consider that, but with the align and warp speed I would be the janitor at the end of a festival, pushing the broom and dustbin


  3. Zombieofice says:

    Caldari Navy Raven

    • mikeazariah says:

      Lol, I tried buying one but it seems like oh so many of them have a bad paint job and are actually just plain jane ravens so I gave up

  4. Doyce says:

    I doubt I’m *right* but I’d have liked to see you in something “mid range and violent” — let’s make it a Myrmidon.

    Me? Like Keilidh, I was planning on a Hurricane. Fitted for shields, an Afterburner, artillery, and a desire to attack the race’s gate camps. Either that, or a Vexor I have in my hangar already; shield tanked and fitted with lasers. I call her “Heresy”.

  5. Not completely sure. An interceptor in some ways seemed an obvious choice, but then too predicable. Maybe something a bit different like a command ship – a nasty tanked Damnation or Nighthawk maybe?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Seems like the command ships are gaining ground, but you are right in that the warp speed of interceptors makes them hard to beat. Again, it depends on how I defied my own ‘winning’. I feel like I almost won the last race. If I made it through the second camp I would have called it a complete success.


  6. Smokie says:

    Na it would have to be partybus#2
    a full fitted blockade runner.
    all tank no gank
    You probably would have died (again) but meh. Makes good readIng.

  7. Redlack says:

    Honestly mike it’s hard enough to decided what I would have taken much less you. I’m gonna guess a thorax.

  8. Ferritos says:

    I would have flown a vexor, armor tanked with maybe one stab, plus a MWD and and afterburner with a couple of smartbombs for drones, enough tank to survive back to gate whether scrammed or not, bombs for taking out pesky drones, and has a respectable align time to hope you dont get caught by (hopefully) half asleep inty pilots!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Ferr ferr ferr, you know that something that tries to be everything winds up being nothing great. Though dual fuel is alwasy a great plan.


  9. Riyusone Haro says:

    I think you would have taken a too-many-reps Eos. No heavy plates to slow you down and a triple rep is sure to regenerate your armor back to full by the time you reach the next gate.

    As for me I’d go with a warp speed rigged, sensor boosted, and double pointed Keres or Lachesis. Since I’d be unlikely to reach the end I’d try to take as many other racers down with me as possible and the long range points of the Keres / Lachesis should place just about everyone coming through a gate within my warp disruptor range.

  10. mikeazariah says:

    *chuckle* Not having flown that class of ship I actually had to go look up the Lachesis. Damn you . . . oooooh shiny.


  11. dante omegas says:

    I would vote the command ship. A crazy tanked nighthawk perhaps. Though this is more a hindsight/foresight decision considering hearing the would be plans for death race 2 had it occurred.

  12. HughKnight says:

    Knowing of your wanting a gallante ship to win I’d have to agree on a myrmidon, although there was talks of someone bringing a mega with a full scram mid to the race, which sounds like something I’d expect from the owner of party boat. 🙂 me…I would’ve been in a dramiel, which died two nights ago in a gate camp (shock horror drams doesn’t tank well against gate guns). Second choice would’ve been a vexor, for obvious reasons.

    • mikeazariah says:

      You know? I have yet to fly a dramiel. It was too flavor of the month and prices skyrocketd. I DO love fast, though


  13. Theroine says:

    I would have liked to join the race, but living in Japan makes it difficult to do things on EU or US time zones, so even though I thought it would be fun to join the Death Race, I knew I wouldn’t be able to. Anyway, if I were to participate, I’ve been having fun flying my Jaguar, so I think I would have chosen it. I probably would have died in the first gate camp, but at least I would have died in something cool. And you never know, I might have taken something with me.
    Thinking about what you might have flown, considering you mention you had set aside the cash, I would say the ship was maybe a little pricy. I think you were thinking about a Sleipnir. Just a hunch.

  14. noise says:

    I was planning on flying a Rifter. I didn’t enter to win but to take part and would have done in my favourite ship 😀

  15. mikeazariah says:

    And losing a rifter is not that bad a thing, eh?


    a dramiel would make you cry

  16. Lozyjoe says:

    I think that you would of flown a Deimos, you seem to like your gallante ships! Obviously I have no idea what I am talking about as I still don’t know sod all about ships, but then it’s worth a try! Lol

    • mikeazariah says:

      Not a guessing game, just an entry . . . I hardly ever fly deimos, not sure why, they just don’t light my fires.


  17. H says:

    Hmmmm. Gallente? Well, one of my favourite ships is the Ishkur (I still have one with large polycarb rigs on it). Surprised no one’s mentioned one. 39m sig radius. Good align time and reasonable base speed. Dual prop is a possibility. Goodly sized drone bay for damage and ECM, and a surprising amount of DPS for such a small hull. 6 AU base warp speed too 🙂

  18. Gabriel's Henchman says:

    Iteron I, fitted with warp Stabs, nano-fiber, and a WMD, go out in slow, Mike Azariah, style.

    I’d be flying the suicide cane personally, armor-tanked, with autocannons blazing, dual-prop to try and get clear of tacklers and bubbles, and take as many of the enemy with me as possible.

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