Clearer Skies

The trouble with Captains quarters is the same as the trouble with being a podder.  You were in isolation.  Mike could not decide if he was a prisoner in a dungeon or the Lord, aloof from the peasants.  Either way, he didn’t like it.

All the crews is station received the open broadcast.

Gallente Benevolence Association’s celebration of Clear Skies

BBQ-Open bar-music-dancing

1600 6/5 until last man or woman standing

“Clear Skies?” was a common question he was asked and Mike just smiled and returned to ordering food up from the temperate planets and every hothouse he had contacts with.    He had the Party Boat set for music and several DJ’s standing by.  He had bought out the local bars of all on hand stock AND hired all their off duty staff at triple their usual rates.

The Hanger was cordoned off until one complete level was his and the music was piped across it through strategically placed media accesses.  One new ship dominated the north end of the hanger, a Maelstrom, one of the sails painted a matt black.  People milled about, drinking.  Not enough alcohol had been served yet for the real dancing to begin.  Mike was behind one of the bars, serving his people drinks and answering questions.

“Yes, I am rich enough to not have to do this, so what?”

“No, I am not retiring.”

“You’ll see why it is like that when the time comes, be patient.”

“If I told you what was in the drink I would have to revive you.”

“No, I am not mad at the Goons.”  He raised his voice a little and a few extra folks listened.  “They are one of the reasons we are celebrating tonight.  For the first time in a long while the Sansha are nearly completely beaten back.  The Goon fleet came up from wherever they lurk and swept the skies clear.”  A murmur of understanding filled the room and the number of folks listening increased.

“But don’t you make isk . . ”

Mike nodded.  “Fighting the Sansha?  Yup.  Good isk.  But if and when that becomes the reason for why I fly . . .I might as well change my name because I won’t be me anymore.  There are a LOT of things to do in Eve and if I ever get locked into one thing then the adventure is over.  Nah, they just gave me a reason to open my eyes and look around.  When they tire of hisec they will return to their depths, I am sure there are a lot of Incursions still to fight.”

“I heard the Death Race has been cancelled.”  This from a slightly nervous crew member who had obviously been put up to asking by his friends.

“Sadly that is true.  The skies will be clear of fools rushing to paint the stars red with their own blood.  I have given Rixx a Comet for the efforts he made in trying to put it together.”

Mike ignored the sighs of relief from members of crew of the various ships he had been considering for the race.  “Any other questions?”

“Sir?  People ask us if we are ‘shield fleet’ or ‘armor fleet’.  Which are we?”

Laughing Mike gestured to the Hanger.  “I am a pilot.  You are my crews.  We are not one thing or another.  Currently the Keri R is loaded with a Guardian and a Scimitar so I may help whoever needs it in an incursion.  A few of you know that we were in a very large battle earlier, fighting a Mothership.  What some of you might not have known was how many pilots were in that battle.”  Mike poured a drink for himself and knocked it back.  “Over 200 ships showed up to send the Sansha packing.  TEST, GOONS, BTL, and Ditanian fleets all arrived.  The Sansha never stood a chance.”

“Some say that it was a battle, local had the GOONS and TEST taunting.”

Mike roared with laughter.  Normally I don’t pay a lot of attentiong to local but when I did peek in . . .


 NegatedVoid > Hello, fellow pubbies
attackbee > i am gay
Boldinar > hows the waether?
NegatedVoid > how’s this incursion today
kevlar0 > what should I be shooting?
Sheol Duncan > howsw everyone doing?
EnderCapitalG > hey guyys
GraeArea > sakaali how’re you this fine evening?
Aelen Kendt > the weather is fine
Sakaali > rather nice weather dotday
Boldinar > im so wet
EnderCapitalG > what’s up?
soldaat 3 > o/
Boldinar > its raining so hard
Sheol Duncan > its sort of rainy here today
Sakaali > i would like to share with you
Sakaali > that i am gay
Scalar Angulargf > Shoot the LCA
Sakaali > are you gay?
kevlar0 > halp, I don’t know what to do
Intigious Stix > i too am gay

“Now I don’t know about you, but their open declarations of brotherly love do not seem to be taunting to me.  They helped push the Sansha back although, sadly, there was no rewards for their efforts.  The combined Ditanian and BTL fleet under the FC, HardinSalvor, managed to scoop a blueprint and auction off amongst themselves and also were credited by Concord for being responsible for the expulsion of the Incursion.”  Mike grinned.  “But we did appreciate the help our visitors offered and the time they took to come all the way up from their homes . . . ”

“Which are burning”  muttered one of Mikes strategic advisors.

“I only hope some of the local Khanids can find it in their hearts to take these gay adventurers into their arms and thank them properly.  I know that the thanks is sometimes more than enough.”  Mike chuckled.  “You know, before they came along the shields and armor would be squabbling over every little thing.  Now they have united and work fairly well together.  It helps when we start to identify the folks who care from the ones who just want discord.”

“So the party is because we have cleared the skies?”

“No.”  the capsuleer touch a control on his belt and the lights flickered, the music stopped.  His voice reverberated through the hanger.  “Grab some food, drink and get to where you can see the Black Sail.  I managed to get a full xtrEm copy of the latest Holo. I give you Clear Skies III!”



You make agreements and then external conditions change.  Shields and armor were having a hard time agreeing, then goons showed.  Now we are juust fine.

Guys?  When are you gonna get it through your head that sexual preference is not a troll-worthy topic?  I just take you at your word, shrug and move on.

Watch the movie.  If you don’t want to download it then follow the youtube link.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Clearer Skies

  1. Smokie says:

    Hi mike. Sorry for ruining your morning the other day.
    I promise I won’t post any more bad news.well except that… I promised I wouldn’t.

    Fly happy

  2. mikeazariah says:

    I have never been one to kill the messenger before . . . .but in your case I am willing to consider an exception.


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