Theory with Ev, mon

“Yer mad, ya know dat mon.  A week before da race you oughta be fittin it out and practicin.  Not gallavantin off to all corners o eden.”  Ev shook a finger at Mike

“I know I know.  On the other hand you could call the run into null a practice for the race.  I hit a bubble, a gate camp and was chased by an Arazu.”  Mike grinned and flipped the screen so they could both look at the latest pastiche of fittings he was considering.

“Yeah, but you gonna be takin dat speeder in da race?  Lot easier to slip the traps when you ion a dual fuel interceptor.”

Mike nodded ruefully.  “You have a point there, and to be honest, it has occurred to me that flying one of those would be the smart thing to do.  Buuuuut.”

“Buuuut smart ain’t fun.  Why you doin this thing?”

“I read something Rixx wrote, recently.  About why people race.  I liked most of his reasons.  Fun and somethign different is a good start but the exciting is a lot closer to the truth for me.  I got hit to half armor in the gate camp and the Arazu managed to get a warp scramble on me, for a moment.  I was scared outa my wits and I couldn’t get the huge grin off of my face for half an hour after.”

“I heard there be prizes.”

“Pfffft, like I have a shot at winning anything.  There ought to be a prize for flying the dumbest ship.  I’d be a sure winner.”

“Won’t this interfere with your fight against the Sansha?”

Welllll, about that.  Seems like the local forces have decided not to play around as much and so they have been kicking the ass of any Sansha to show so fast that the ones who were in it for profit have been . . . well disappointed is putting it lightly.”

“Lot o isk is it?”

“I chatted with folks who were pulling down billions in a day or two.  Yeah, lot o isk.”  Mike shook his head.  “I made some, here and there, but not enough to afford any of the really big toys.  I saw folks in Vindicators, nigthmares, machariels, and bhaalgorns, flying them as if they were off the shelf tier one battleships.  I barely saved enough for an orca before it all went kablooie.”

“Awww, you po ting.  One little ship and you all outa isk again.  Your lords and masters no paying you enough?”

“I pay a corp tax and the GBA is doing juuuuust fine.  Matter of fact I am going to be contacting Rixx and letting him know that  a few of the racers fees will be paid for by us.”

“Lordy, ‘us’ now is it?  You gotta remember, boy, you just be their face.  They find someone else prettier and you gonna be out on the street again.”  Ev looked concerned, for all the joking.

Mike ran his hand through his hair and nodded.  “I know, I know.  But until then I plan on being upright and keeping the books clean.  Now lets look at the comparisons of ships and talk them through.  We got fast+ common sense . . . ”

“Aye, interceptors. Fastest are the Minnies but our own breed ain’t that far behind.”

Big + stupid

“Like the party boat . . . I only assume you were joking about taking an orca.”

Mid range+violent

“Two flavours of violence there and they depend on who you plan on being violent against.  I know the ‘disco’ fit looks like the cats meow but it only works if you have those soft targets sitting next you you.  They is gonna be long gone before you start the music.  You will just be sitting Billy Idol.  The other flavor is to take the fight to the nearest camp and see what damage you can do there.  I brought back the kill mail of the last time you got cauyght in a gate camp, iffen you recalls it was how you ended your last race.”

“I remember.”

“They took you down with three sabres, a hurricane, an Eris, two Ishkurs and some other frigate.  If you were wanting to bring pain to something like that you gonna have to be a bit bigger than an interceptor.”

Nodding , Mike keyed the displays and looked up.  “Gotta be fast acquisition, no time for fooling with drones.  If I plan on shooting I am gonna need to be boosting the targeting speed and having enough of a tank to get a few shots off.”

“Dat helps narrow the choices.  You committed to flying the home fleet or you willing to look at everyting?”

“I am Gallente.  So by association, anything I fly is Gallente as well.  Wide open for the choices, Ev, wide open.  Tell me whatcha got.”



You ever just spend time fooling with the side programs?  Evemon, Eve HQ, just looking at fits and wondering what would work?  Surfing the battleclinic and scrapheap (when it was about)  I do.  I think that is part of what makes the meta game . . . playing when you are not even logged on.

Of course I also am playing, I suppose, when I am doing this blog

As for the battle between the shield and armor folks in the incursions . . . there are a lot of reasonable people out there trying to calm things down.  Guys and gals, listen to them, please.  I didn’t earn enough, yet.

fly it like you won it


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