“So I was moving the Kari R back to base and seeing what I could load into an orca.”

“Kari R?  Funny.  Don’t plan on using it for boosting, eh?”  Scotty added sugar to the coffee and joined Mike looking out over the concourse.

“Just something to give me better choices.  I loaded a scimi and a sliepnir into it and started off for the Odie infestation.  It is about 9 jumps over and so I opened up the usual channels to monitor and kept a weather eye out as I started off.”

“Usual channels?”

“I know some folks have a horrendous number of channels they somehow seem able to keep track of without fail.  Me, I watched an armor one, a shield one and a common.  Once I get close enough I also tap into the local incursion talk but that is slightly riskier as the folks there, I don’t know as well.

Anyways, I am about 5 jumps out when Pel comes on saying he is running a double van fleet.  Another pilot I don’t know puts a call out for DPS and logis for an assault fleet so I send in a question as to which he wants as I can bring either.  At this point I am about 6 jumps out and moving as fast as the Kari can carry.”


“Pel comes on and calls my name like I am some long lost brother.”

Pelea Ming > Mike!
Pelea Ming > dude, I’m running dual VG fleets and keeping both full, lol
Mike Azariah > nice Pel
Pelea Ming > with propa ship hulls/fits/rigs
Mike Azariah > well that lets me out then don’t it?  I just bought a orca so I could bring choices to the events but if you find room, let me know, I am patient
Pelea Ming > I gots room

“So an invite comes in and I see I am in a fleet with about 20 odd other pilots.  Then the chatter starts.”

Scotty snorted, “Dude?”

“Only the beginning.  Sexist, racist jokes.  Guys named ‘Moose’ and B-man.  They asked I bring the gunnery shit but then change their minds 3 minutes later.  The funny thing was, for all the chatter I could hear they were not  . . .  well how can I say this . . . disorganized.  Trash talk aside they would warp as a fleet rather than some groups ‘get there when you get there’.  So I trans-ship to the scimitar and head there at best speed.”

I arrive and they tell me to come on in, I do and there is the group making mincemeat of the Sansha in an almost offhand way.  I settle into the groove and ask the usual things about anchor and tagging and they all just laugh.  Moose calls out ‘whats an anchor?'”

“Not a good sign, they sound very undisciplined.”

“On first blush, yeah.  But you had to watch them for a moment to realize the tightness of the group and the fire discipline that was almost second nature to them.  I brought up my watch list and started repping where needed and nobody even bothered with calls for shields.  It was like each knew what they had to do and assumed everyone else was of equal competence.  In three incursion sites there were a total of four calls for shields.  Everything else was handled before the pilot even noticed he was being hit.”

“So, you knew your job and did it.”

Mike nodded then frowned.  “Yeah but there was something more to it.  I did my job and tried damn hard to be good enough for the respect trust they put in me.  It was almost like the casual atmosphere made me work even harder than a ‘by the numbers’ fc would have.”

“You said he was running double vans, what does that mean, anyway?”

“Just another example of the level of controlled chaos Pel had set up.  We had one fleet hitting the Sansha at two different sites and the cross chatter was fun on a whole other level.  We even would accidentally hit each others locations and double team the Sansha and wipe them off the map almost instantly.”

Frowning, Scotty asked. “Doesn’t that cut the reward?”

“Yup.”  Mike grinned. “But nobody seemed to mind and we all just would move onto the next.  Sadly a lot of the pilots had been flying for a fair while beofre I got there and they were getting tired.  Moose left and he had been fc’ing out team of muppets.  So they told me I was the new fc.”

“You.  In a logi.  F. flippin C?”

“I know.  I thought the same thing.  We pasted a couple of mining sites in nothing flat and I don’t know whether to be proud I had FC’d a team whose gate jump order was someone yelling ‘Leeeroy’ and the rest pouring in after him or that we did not even come close to losing anybody.”

“So you are an FC now?”

“I have been one but I still want to learn more.  Guy named Ammzi has said he is gonna be willing to show a few tricks of the trade to me, sometime soon.  I am looking forward to that.”

“So you flew with a buncha meatballs and didn’t die.  Then you became head noodle of the pasta for a few flights and still didn’t die.  What did you learn there?”

“That some pilots are like a brotherhood, others are a fraternity.  They were coarse, loud, and laughing.  True Gallente all the way.  Pel invited me to add another channel to my list so I could get in touch with them again, sometime.”

“Ya gonna?”

Mike roared with laughter.  “In a the time it takes me to yell Leeeeroy Jennnnnkins, I’ll be there”



Do not judge a team at first blush, but at the same time if they are just a buncha goofballs be willing to put up with the jokes

Decide what you expect from a fleet and the odds are . . .you’ll get something else.  It might be better, might not be.  But if you are looking for perfection go back to running solo missions, a ninja will visit you shortly.  Please tip your server. (Tranquility)

Kari R is my brand spanking new orca.

Thanks to Keilidh and Jerod for their ‘day donations’ to the GBA.  That, combined with my own taxing of myself have put us back to where prizes and corp sponsorship of the race will be possible.  More on that soon.

fly it like you won it




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4 Responses to Fraternity

  1. Keilidh says:

    Kari R. I chuckled and groaned, and I’m not sure in which order.

    You know how you can tell if the pun is good? 50% love, 50% pained groans. Good one!


  2. Kiva Cerebus says:

    The beauty of a pun is in the “oy!” of the beholder. 🙂

  3. Ty Delaney says:

    I’ve got a little alt I’m training up to fly an Orca carrier for me. My master plan is to put in a Catalyst for salvaging, a Scimitar, and a couple buzzards for scanning, then fly a Myrm myself and swap in and out of the ship as needed for missions, complexes, or wormhole sites.

    In another MMO I play, the folks in my kin have a term for those times when you don’t “plan” the assault so much as beat it to death thanks to everyone just doing their jobs really well. We call it “Brute competence.”

    • mikeazariah says:

      I really like that term, gonna have to remember it.

      As for the puns, I have a bad habit of doing those . . . no apologies, it is how I write


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