Meeting I

Mike stood and leaned forward, palms on the table as the last of the guests sat down.  “Good, I think this is all of us, for now.  I’d like to thank you for being able to come here to discuss the pair of issues before us.”

He tapped a control and the screen that dominated one wall lit up and displayed an advertisement for the Death Race.  He grinned as they took it in and sighed as a collective.

“I see your name is already up there.”  Mar pointed out dryly.

“Well, I used some of the GBA funds to put forward some prizes for the race.  The first Gallente ship or pilot to cross the line will win a trio of Comets.  It is to hep keep the Gallente name to the forefront.  In addition I am going to be entering the race again and this is the first brain storming session to decide what I will be flying.

“You don’t plan on taking Party Boat II?”  Dee Carson asked.

“It is on the table as a possibility but I don’t want to eliminate anything just yet.  I am willing to reopen the books on other ship types.  I was even looking at an interdictor.  But if we learned anythig it was that a good fast ship could and did win the race.  Of course, it all depends on your definition of ‘winning’.”

Riyu rolled his eyes.  “Are ravers allowed to shoot other racers?”

“Oh yes, anytime after the first gate.”

“The only counter to a ‘ceptor is another ‘ceptor.  I am going to assume stealth bombers are not allowed.”

“No warping cloaked.”  Mike nodded.  “No T3’s either so no interdiction nullifiers.”

II am tempted to go with a wurm.”  Riyu mused.

Redlack asked.  “So you have to be Gallente to win your prize?”

“Nah, just if you are NOT Gallente you need to be in a Gallente ship.  Oh and you will receive our heartfelt pity in regards to your unfortunate birthright.”  Mike laughed.  “If you guys are actually thinking of flying along we might form a team.  Of course there would be the strict requirements.”

“Like what?”  Redlack asked cautiously.

“You would have to be fitted for a really cool team jacket.”

“Got a logo in mind?”

“Batting a few idea around . . .   what do you think of this one?”



This post will be continued . . .I had things to add but I want to get this part out right away.

Death Race . . . . what can I say?  Proof that player made content works in the sandbox.

Oh, if you want to donate to the team (yet to be named OR logo’d)  Pinping a target is a fun thing to do and makes me a huge pinata prize for some lucky gatecamp.  Come on, isn’t there some old faction or officer bit somewhere in a closet?  Toss it into the pot and watch it go boom.

fly it like you don’t expect to come home in it


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