Agents changing

Mike was moving down the corridor when he passed an office he once spent a fair amount of time waiting in.  His agent was standing off to one side as officials were moving cabinets and downloading files.  “What’s going on?”

She sighed.  “Securities commission has decided that we need to stop treating you pilots as do-whatever-mercs.  So we are surrendering files and they are going to have us ‘set’ what we are allowed to assign to you.  I am having my files examined and then they will let me know what sort of jobs I will be allowed to assign.  Given the past I think it will probably be assigning combat missions but it is not a sure thing.”

Mike ran his hand through his hair and sighed.  “You ok with this?”

She shook her head.  “You know how some of those missions went . . . fetch my lunch, finding dolls, and how many times did you haul that bimbos ass out of some casino?  All those files are coming under scrutiny.  An agent, a few systems over, has been transferred into being a tier one research and development agent.  Specializing in . . ”  She made a face.  “drones.”

He chuckled and reached out to give her a hug.  “Iffen you need a reference or anyting, you send ’em to me, eh?  I tell ’em you good enough to do any job you set yourself to because you always did right by me.”

She hesitated then hugged him back.  “Even after all the things I said and sent you on, you say that?”

“You deal with us demanding pilots, from wet behind the ears newbies up to drunks flying in ships worth more than any one person should properly own.  Of course you are going to get short tempered.  Of course you are going to have off days.  I don’t take that sorta ting personal-like.”  His shrug was expressive.  “I only hopes good tings for ya.”

“You are a very odd man.”

Mike laughed, hugged her again, and continued on down the corridor.



People skills.  Watch how a person treats the waiter, the dog, strangers.  A lot may be learned.

The next patch has a change coming.  As with any changes there will be people happy and other pissed off.  That is the nature of the game and the players in it.

Oh, Aqiz won a Comet, for coming in very very last in the GBA draw.

Fly it like you won it, Aqiz


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