The draw

Scanning was a form of meditation, for Mike.  He called it ‘Space Sudoku’.  Finding things was almost secondary to just hunting for them and he was SURE that meant something about his philosophy in life but he was not sure what.

His comm chimed softly and he looked to see who was calling . . . nobody.  It was a reminder to make the draw for the current Gallente Hero prize.  He skimmed over the entrants and connected to a random number generator to determine the winner fairly.  He had a suspicion that Keilidh might have bribed a few of the operators so he ran it through a cut-out corporation and three false storefronts.  (Just in case)

The numbers were assigned and he compared it to his list . . . hmm, who was Snake Alted?  Ah well. He was now the proud owner of a set of four gallente ships.  Mike frowned at the draw results.  The win was for high number and one (only one) person managed to be a single digit.   Mike looked sadly at the name of the person who had lost by such a margin and then he looked to his prize lists . . . hmmmm



Yup, contract to Snake is out waiting to be accepted.

Nope, don’t care if he is new to the game or a bitter old vets alt . . . he won fair and square

Nope, no catch, no conditions and all it cost him was making a comment on the appropriate blog.

Yup, you shoulda coulda woulda . . . but you didn’t

fly it like you won it

(especially you, snake)

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3 Responses to The draw

  1. Keilidh says:

    I am amused that I’ve been promoted to an in-character personality, and yet somewhat saddened by the context.

    Oh well. Congrats, Snake! You won it, now fly the heck out of it!

  2. snake alted says:

    Wow this will make my time as a freshman that much more bearable! Can’t wait to get home from work and take one for a spin

    • Keilidh says:

      I’ve never flown a Mega but I hear good things. I can speak from experience when saying the Vexxor and the Myrmidon are both wonderful ships.

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